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Hi there


My girlfriend and i have been in a serious relationship for 8 months now and been living together with her parents in a country outside of Australia for 6 months.


Shes an Australian national and moved back to go study in Tas where her parents bought her a house to live in and naturally i want to move with but because i'm a South African National i can only go over on a visitors visa, get a sponsor for a subclass 457 or then the partner visa subclass 309.


the visitors visa wont work for our goal to continue to live together in Aus. So my only option i know of is the 457 or the 309.


Is there anyone that can clarify for me the 309 as I've red we must be in a du facto for at least 12 months prior to applying for said 309. Are there any cases similar or anyone that knows of some case similar to ours that applied and got the 309 granted? 


If i can get a sponsor for a 457 id even do that as I am really wanting to move so we can continue living together. We are thinking of getting engaged by next year but dont want to live apart and only see each other a few times a year.


any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Any saffas thats been through this?





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