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Prospective Marriage Visa Online Questions. How To Pay

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As a sponsor can I apply online for a prospective marriage visa on behalf of my fiancée who is outside Australia ?


If so do I sign up with her name and detail's as the applicant or do I sign up as myself the sponsor where I will have an option to lodge and pay for the visa for the applicant ?


It would be a lot easier for me to get the documents from my fiancée then do the application online here when ready as she lives in rural area with slow inconsistent internet.


Thank you for your time.

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Hey there,


What happens is that ur fiancee is the main applicant therefore she has to create an online immiaccount & then from there onwards u can use her user name & password to upload all the documents from ur part of application & also upload documents on behalf of ur fiancee.


I did the same i submitted all the docs which were suppose to be submitted by my sponsor. Just make sure if the docs r not color scanned then they must be ceritified.

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Once you have finalized the application & click submit it will take u to the payment page. Which will have 3 options:


1. Pay by credit / debit card

2. Draft

3. Bpay

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