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I have a query and I have tried reaching out to both SkillSelect and ACS(Assessment authority) and they said that they cannot help. Could you please help me with the following or atleast direct me to the right authorities?

I have all documents for all the 8 (almost) years of my experience. However, I missed out on a few while sending them to the assessing authority and they could verify only the most recent 3.5 (approximately) years. For the rest they have marked it as "UNABLE TO VERIFY BECAUSE OF INSUFFICIENT DOCUMENTS"

I have entered all 8 years in my EOI and claimed a total of 70 points. I am worried that the immigration authorities would consider it as a false claim against the assessment certificate according to which I can claim only 65 points.

Should I lose the years of experience that hasn't been verified by ACS (Assessment authority) from the EOI or wait till I am asked for additional documents to verify my claim?

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