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stacey constantinou

Waiting For Partner Visa Uk- Tourist Visa Question!

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Looking for some advice....


I have lodged my partner visa in may 2016. My case is pretty straight forward I guess. Married to an aus citizen been together 9 years and can prove for half of this as I kept everything! I have had my medicals and police check, both cleared and have been assigned a senior case officer back in June. Haven't heard anything from them since! My husband and I are planning to visit family in January and i know i Can enter on a visitor visa.

two questions.... if my visa is granted whilst i am out there do they ask me to leave? if so how long do i have until i need to leave and how long for?


Any advice welcome!!

any one in the same boat about waiting for partner visa??




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I've applied from the UK but in September - still awaiting a CO.


If you've applied offshore then they can't grant it whilst you are onshore. By all accounts they'll tell you to leave and then grant it when you do.


You might get lucky and granted before January which means you can activate it then instead.

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Yeah I think average is about 6-8 weeks wait so hopefully not too long.


I've also done my medical and police check. Wasn't prompted to do the medical but saw the section online so just got it done.


I'm not sure how long they give, think if you're in they'll wait. Maybe email your CO and ask if they'll be able to grant prior to your holiday?

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Hi there,


I applied my visa (subclass 309/100) back in March 2016, got subclass 100 approved in July 2016 and recently migrated to Oz.


If your partner visa is not granted before your visit, just let your case officer know that you plan to visit Oz on tourist visa.


If your partner visa is ready to be granted while you are in Oz, the immi will ask you to leave the country for minimum of 3 days so that they can issue a visa grant letter while you are outside of Oz. Not sure how many days you'll be given to leave the country.


I planned to visit Oz in August or September on ETA provided that I didn't have partner visa by then. So I had informed my process officer in June about my intention. In July, she called me if I intended to go ahead with my plan (of visiting Oz on ETA) in the next 1-3 days time because if I did, then she couldn't have issued my visa grant letter. She sent me a visa grant letter a min after I confirmed I wasn't traveling to Oz for another few weeks.


So I think it's important for you to let the immi know about your intention of visiting Oz on tourist visa in advance.


Good luck and hope this helps.

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I applied online, no agent. Apparently if you are married to your sponsor for longer than 3 years or married for 2 years & have a child with the sponsor, then the immi may give you PR without a 2-year wait. I've been married for over 4 years and we have a child.

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