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Wanting To Relocate To Aus Permanently And Have No Idea Where To Start!

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Apologies in advance for the complete confusion! 


Me and my partner (he is 29 I am 27) are wanting to move to Australia permanently from the UK. He has a skilled trade and we have been together, not married or engaged for almost 7 years. I am currently unemployed and do not have a skilled trade. He did a quick skilled visa points test and passed with 70 - 75 points. Melbourne is looking like the place with the most job opportunities for him. 


We are really confused about what we should do first, do we apply for a visa first? do we job hunt first? do we need to go through a company? which visa do we need? 


We really don't want to spend unnecessary money if we can do it ourselves we just don't know where to start.  


If anyone out there has been through this process and wouldn't mind dumbing it down for us we would appreciate it massively! thank you in advance 

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