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Working Visa - Request For Information

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I've been in Australia 2013th on Visitor visa and I know how it works. Now I'm planning to get back on working visa. I'm 21-year-old from Croatia. My question is if I have someone there who would give me an accomodation and support me while I'm in Australia and while I work there...are my chances for getting Work visa bigger or what? And of course, if I attach their pay slips, letter and everything that's needed? Or is it easier if I get a letter from company that is hiring me? Just explain me both ways. Cuz I've been reading on forums and pages and it doesn't write anywhere anything for sollution that you already have accomodation and stuff, it just writes that its obligate to have money on account to support yourself. 

Please help me, I don't know where to look anymore.

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