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Aussie Dude Please Help! Your Inbox Is Full!

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Hi Aussie Dude,

Apologies for the long message I know you must get thousands a day and I appreciate you are very busy. I was wondering if you could help me, I have searched the internet for weeks and you seem to be the guy to ask. Basically, I have just finished a 2 year working holiday visa in Australia. I had an amazing time, I spent 15 months working on an island for a 5 star resort in the Whitsundays. I had a great job, accommodation everything. The perfect life. I know you just hear this a lot but I fell in love with a beautiful Colombian girl there who has just received her permanent residency. She got sponsored by the resort on the regional sponsorship migration visa? She has actually currently left the company and looking to carry on her remaining 8 months in another regional area to get her citizenship.

Anyway, the company was going to sponsor me for the same visa but last minute realised that I didn't meet the requirements which left me devastated and I had to head home to the UK at the start of November 2016. I lost my whole perfect life, job, girl everything. I am desperate to return to Australia anyway I can and this is where I need your advice please! I spent the last 2 months in the UK trying to figure out a way back, the Colombian girl went home to Colombia to visit for the holidays and I am now here too in Colombia visiting her for a month until she returns to Australia on the 24th Jan 2017 to continue working the rest of her sponsorship visa (8 months to go).

Do you know of any way I can return to Australia to be with her and get my own residency? I have looked at all options and I just can't find a way. I can easily find work when I am there, I have experience in hospitality now from working at this resort, I have a diploma in media production and used to be Film & Video Editor when I finished university 10 years ago. The problem is that occupation is on the CSOL and not the SOL so I can't get a skilled migration visa as its not on the right list and its been a long time since I did that job anyway.

I have an Aunty and Uncle who are Australian Citizens who I lived with for a few months in Brisbane, they are very well off with a nice house etc and can always support me. Although I don't know if they can sponsor me or anything as they are now living in Rome, Italy for a few years as part of my Uncles job.

I am really struggling to find an option or a way in here, its so frustrating as I had a great job, I am a hard worker I would be perfectly fine if I was just allowed to continue to work in Australia. The only way I can think of is a tourist visa which is no good because I can't work, a student visa which is also no good as I need the job to afford to study and I need to study to get the job. Catch 22. And although I would love to marry this girl one day I don't think marrying her just to get a visa is a good idea am I right?

Please help, as I said I am in Colombia right now trying everything I can to be able to come back with her to Australia at the end of Jan. I have an approved New Zealand working holiday visa ready to go but thats no good and too far from the love of my love and the country I want to live and work in forever!

Thanks Aussie Dude, any help will be greatly appreciated and I will owe you BIG TIME.

Thanks Again,

Adam Pearce

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