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Proving Defacto For A Partner Visa

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I have loads of evidence of our relationship photo and airline tickets and hotels going back to 2013 our car insurance together.
Whenwe moved into together into my partners home as I don't earn as much as him the deal was I paid for food and nights out he covered bills .
I've been on electrol role since I moved in.
We have attending wedding,many many holidays abroad including Australia,party's many letters to myself from various correspondence to same address will this be enough.
Got letters from friends and photos that have come over from oz to stay with us and my children.
Will this be enough??

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The joint bills etc aren't the be all and end all. Of course they help but you can evidence your ongoing relationship in many there ways.


A good start is for you both to write an in depth statement explaining how your relationship works financially etc.


I wouldn't however rely too heavily on photo evidence.

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Hi Sue


You could also include any legal documents that show your long term commitment to each other. For example, documents showing that you have:

  • Nominated your partner as a beneficiary in your will
  • Made a binding nomination to your partner in your superannuation policy 
  • Nominated your partner as your enduring power of attorney (for medical or financial decisions etc) 

Kind regards




Disclaimer: Please note this message is general in nature and is not intended to constitute migration or legal advice. Migration laws and policies are subject to constant change and vary depending on your circumstances. If you wish to receive migration advice please email us to arrange an appointment.

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Another question if we come over and my partner is on a holiday visa and we apply for a partner visa once the ho,day visa expires it kicks into a bridging visa does this give him the right to work?

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