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Australian Partner Visa 2017 India Updates

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Hi there, I am a migration agent (soon to be lawyer) assisting a client who had a partner visa refusal.

I am collecting data on cases processing at the Australian High Commission, India.

If anyone on this forum would like to provide statistics only (I don't need your name or anything else), it would help with a complaint I am preparing.

I am interested to know about the cases that have been pending since 2015/2016. Are you a complex cases (meaning did the visa applicant have a previous period of unlawful stay in Australia, or a visa application refused?). I'd also like to know if the couples are same sex and whether the applicant was interviewed.

Feel free to contact me via this post or to email me (I work for Migration Angels). 

Thanks for reading.

Kristy (MARN 0850693)

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