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Eligible For Pr After Pmv 300 Application Date Or Partner Visa Application Date

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Hi guys,


I applied for PMV300 online on 16-Sep-15 and once applied it showed a small statement that "this application maybe eligible for PR 2 years from the date of lodgement (commencement date)". I got this PMV300 on 15-Mar-16.


So once married my visa changed to provisional resident i.e. 820. Applied online on 6-Aug-16 and received on 5-Oct-16. The same statement as mentioned above is now showing on my 820.


So my confusion is: will i be eligible for PR on 16-Sep-17 or 6-Aug-18 if i calculate 2 years from the date of lodgement for both visas?


Thanks for the help

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Hi Nooni


Yes, generally you will become eligible for the permanent residency partner visa two years from the date you lodged the combined 820/801 partner visa application.


Just remember this is when you become ELIGIBLE. Once you are eligible it still takes the Department time to process the permanent residency partner visa - approximately 8 months at moment. 


Kind regards





Disclaimer: Please note this message is general in nature and is not intended to constitute migration or legal advice. Migration laws and policies are subject to constant change and vary depending on your circumstances. If you wish to receive migration advice please email us to arrange an appointment.

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