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Australian Student Visa

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Hello everyone iam syed osman from india. I applied for Australian student visa subclass 500 4 days ago and yesterday i got a call from united states number +1xxxxxxxxxx my agent told me that i will get call only from Australia or Delhi high commission and from 9 am to 5 pm but i got call from u.s number at 5:30 pm he told me he is from Australia and he wants to take my interview i was riding my bike he told its dangerous to take your interview if your riding he told he will call in 2-3 days my agent and everyone are telling it was a fake call i want to know that do i get call from other then Australian or indian number for interview and was that call true or fake ?

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Hi there


That sounds like a fake call. If they do call again make sure you don't provide them with any of your details. Scammers can be very sophisticated these days!


Kind regards





Disclaimer: This message is general in nature does not constitute migration or legal advice. Migration laws and policies are subject to constant change and vary depending on your circumstances. If you wish to receive migration advice please email us to arrange an appointment. 


Lisa Wulfsohn (LLB, BA, GDLP)
Principal Migration Agent (MARN 1467616)
Email: lisa@proxymigration.com.au
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Book a Skype or in-person consultation at www.proxymigration.com.au

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Australia, the world’s smallest continent and often referred to as the “lucky country” with political stability and a quality of life with pulsating economy. Australia attracts huge number of students from all parts of world and is one among the top immigration destinations. Whereas visa approval depends upon the skills, work experience and qualification of students.
For a student, Australia is a great county to study, live and settle with enviable reputation. So find information on visiting, working and studying in Australia, by getting in touch with us.
Besides this, we will enlighten various immigration pathways and visa categories whatever your reason for coming to Australia, because there are various reasons to clarify why Australia is favourite destination for students to study, live and work.
1) 10th ,12th and Graduation/Masters Degree
2) Valid Passport
3)IELTS with Overall Brand Score 6.0

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