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Permanent Resident Visa With Debt To Commonwealth

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I want to apply for a PR visa (subclass 187) as I have been offered a job as a lecturer in Queensland. However, I had an AusAid Scholarship from my Masters and after I finished it, I came back to Australia to do my PhD with another scholarship. In order to come back, I had to sign a deed of amendment with the Commonwealth specifying that I will not apply for a PR visa after I finish my PhD. So if I apply for this visa I will have to pay back the debt to the Commonwealth. So, I contacted DFAT and the Department of Immigration and Protection Border and they told me different information on how to proceed to re-pay the debt and have a "No objection" letter to be attached to my visa application. Based on the AusAid scholarship booklet I would have to contact DFAT, arrange the payment with them and once the first payment is received they will give me the "No objection" letter, so I can apply for the PR visa. However, the current information I got from DFAT is that I need to apply for the visa first, then once the Department of Immigration contact them, then DFAT will determine if I will be able to pay the debt and then the payment will be arranged. On the other hand, I contacted the Department of Immigration and they said they do not deal with debts to the Commonwealth that are related to Education, so I should contact debtors@border.gov.au for that matter. I am still waiting for them to reply.

aus-awards-scholarships-policy-handbook.pdfDoes anybody know what would be the right procedures I need to follow to apply for this visa and don't get rejected on the basis of this debt?



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You need to contact DFAT and agree a repayment plan, pay the first installment and then receive the No Objection Letter.


If you proceed directly to the visa, the system will tell DIBP that there IS AN OBJECTION from DFAT.  DIBP will then send you a letter asking you to sort it out.


Get the NO OBJECTION Letter first.


(my advice)

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I am following the discussion above and would really like to know vanesa quest outcome? 


Was she able get a reply from dfat? If yes,  what were the requirements from dfat in terms of repayment 



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