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Prospective Marriage Visa ( Online Application ) Philippines

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I lodged my application for PMV online last January 24, 2017.


We just had our medicals 1st week of March.


This application included my 2 kids from my previous relationship.


I am a single mom and never been married. CO contacted us through email last March 14, 2017 to asked further documents which we uploaded in a minute.


I was at worked yesterday when my fiancee' informed me that our case officer would like me to call them.


I'm not so sure if some applications gone through some request like mine which i need to phone them today.


Ladies and gents let me know if you experienced the same process from Australian Embassy ( Manila ).

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My fiancé and I put the aplication in early January also from Philippines got contacted to do Medicals and get bit extra things we done all that around same time we don't have a case officer yet so if you have a case officer and they want you to contact them your lucky it means there going over your case contact them ASAP the faster and easier you do your part the faster and easier they can do there job let us know how you go

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Thank you I used a agent but I haven't herd any news yet after we submitted our extra things they asked and medical but you said you got a message to call them that's what I was thinking about though if you had to call they might mean your process if coming along good

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