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Sibling With Mental Challenge

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Hi all,


My husband and me are currently considering to migrate to Australia but was made aware that there may be difficulty in granting PR status to family member who has forms of disability.


My husband have a brother who is mentally challenged due to his child birth but he is perfectly normal. He is just a bit slow in learning and has no other forms of physical disability.


He is currently working in a church as a social worker. Previously he used to work in a factory and he is able to converse normally.


We will be his direct guardian since now my mother in law is not around and our father is getting aged. That's why we are hoping to bring him along to Australia in the future.


Would appreciate if anyone here can advice on how should we go about this?





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It will be down to a detailed medical assessment by a suitable specialist, who will provide a report to DIBP. This is at your cost.


Then DIBP will assess the long term costs to the Australian Public (medicare) to ensure that this potential citizen has appropriate care.


There is no simple answer, it all based on the severity of the disability, and the long term medicare Burden.


I would seek the advice of a MARA agent with expertise in this area.

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