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*urgent* Applying For Eta Or Evisistor While Waiting On Student Visa 500 Grant?

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I am a Norwegian travelling to Melbourne for an exchange semester.

My flight leaves tomorrow afternoon and is not changable. Due to a combination of bad planning and bad luck, my student visa is still not granted. I'm currently waiting for the medicals to be cleared, which I expect them to be tomorrow. However, I fear that the visa wont be granted before my flight leaves because there probably has to happen som processing after the medicals are cleared. If the visa is not granted before the flight leaves, I think I'll be unable to board the flight according to the Air Travel page on border . gov . au. 

The visa grant is right around the corner as the processing times for the non-award sector is very quick (my buddies who didn't need a medical got theirs after a day), which makes this a very frustrating situation.

My question is if I can apply for an eVisitor 651 or an ETA 601 now, which I have read will be granted very quickly, so that I either 1) can board my flight, and maybe the student visa will be granted by the time I arrive (27 hour flight) so I in fact can arrive on the student visa or 2) board the flight and enter on the 651 or 601, and then just get my 500 after a copule of days and sort of "convert" to that. 

The thing that makes me unsure about the 2) is that I really don't have a tourist purpose, as I am going to study. However I know that you can study for up to 3 months on these visas, and although I'm studying for longer than 3 months, I am certain that my student visa will be granted before the semester starts (which is 20 days from now). So my purpose is not in fact to study on the eVisitor or the ETA, and at least not for longer than 3 months. 

I have googled like crazy and still not found any answers to this. I have tried reaching the Europe Service Center all day, but it's busy all the time and I'm not getting through. Therefore I would very much appreciate if anybody has any knowledge on this topic. 

Of course the worst thing that happens is that I have to book a new flight, but as this will cost me like 1000 USD so I hope I can avoid that.

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