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I have 457 VISA which is going to expire this Dec 2017. My employer may not extend my VISA further. But, currently my spouse is searching for a job in Australia (planning to work with dependent Visa). 

If he gets a job in this 3 months, is there a possibility to extend our stay? Can someone provide some suggestions please..



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If you spouse secures a job, he would be doing so as a dependant spouse on your 457, if your 457 is not extended, then he looses his right to work & stay, and both of you will be required to leave.  


If he is able to secure another form of work visa in that time (he will need to meet all skill and education requirements, and your current visa may prevent this) then in theory you could become his dependant and you both stay.  The 457 Visa changed radically in April 2017, and I suspect he would be applying under the new 457 TSS visa scheme.  All new applicants for the new scheme must be made off-shore, as I understand.

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