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Partner Visa 100 Late...

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I am hoping you can help with a small matter. I am australian citizen and married to chinese woman and we live in shanghai with our son who was born here and has an aussie passport by descent.
My wife currently has a 309 temp partner visa and 3 months ago, the immigration in brisbane asked for more information for the next stage, the 100 partner visa.
We are concerned that we waited too long as we got too busy with work and our son. Also we have not lived back in Australia yet. I am concerned they may cancel my wife's 309 as we failed to communicate back to them. We also were delayed as getting the police record from another province in china takes some time. Thank you for your feedback.

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I am not too sure on the exact time period DIBP will wait for a response, as it varies.  But its not forever, and if there is no response, they can and do cancel the application concerned.


I would make contact ASAP with your CW, and explain the current situation.


Was there a 'must arrive before date' condition on your wifes 309?

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