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Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) (New Zealand) Stream

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Just have a query with regards to my eligibility to apply for the 189 Visa as a NZ citizen.  
I moved to Australia from NZ in Sept 2009 and worked up until August 2016. I fall within the threshold of the income category. I quit my job in 2016 and have been travelling every since and will only be back in Australia in June 2018.
I still have a property in Aus and that is where my home is. As I have been away for over an year now , will I still be eligible to apply for PR under the 189 Visa?
Will my absence away from Aus on holiday deny me the approval for the visa?
Thanking you in advance. 


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You need to satisfy the definition of 'usual resident'. The definition is not defined in Migration Act or Regulation. However, it can be derived from number of judicial decisions.


The factors needs to consider are:

1. A physical presence (as indicated by where a person maintains a home)

2. An intention to treat that place as home (not necessarily forever but at least for the time being)


So, in your circumstances if you were travelling to different places but still maintain Australia as your home and have intentions to treat Australia as home then you will satisfy the definition of usual resident.

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1. It could be relevant, it depends on the course work, which Vetassess will look at closely. They will expect to see some course work on real estate and property.


2. Please see the Vetassess website for work experience requirements:

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