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Having A Child From Australian Woman

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Hi I'm on a temporary visa and i'm having a child from an australian woman, what are my chances to stay? Can I have a visa through my child instead of a partner visa?

My child is not born yet but I will be in Australia on a student visa when that happens.

My researches are telling me I can't get a visa through the child... that sounds crazy to me !!! I dont want to loose my daughter just after she's born.

May be a stupid question but please give me an answer.

Thank you to the ones that will answer and help.

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not enough info to give any advice.

but you can't get a visa based on a baby. not crazy due to many people just using it as an excuse to get a visa.

for example when we applied for our partner visa people told by wife to get pregnant to make the visa easier (which is a load of rubbish)

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Ok well that's an answer to my question, thank you.

We have never been living together because I was working out bush and visiting her on the weekend, we will be living together in the next 3/4months and I need to find a solution in the meantime.

We started dating on december 2016, we share a bank account since november2017 and not much more...

On the government website i read that to be eligible for a partner visa I need to: "be in a de facto relationship from at least 12months OR be married to an australian citizen".

Does that mean that getting married makes things much easier or is it another BS?

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technically being married or registering the relationship waives the 12 month requirement.... technically.

however you still have to provide the same amount of evidence to cover off the 4 main fields and to do so with the relationship less than 12 months would be damn hard. again due to people abusing the system.

read the partner visa booklet from the DIBP site. from the sounds of it a pmv would be your best bet though it's offshore so not ideal. offshore for application and notification of decision.

a consult with a MARA agent might give you more options. as you know to make any informed opinions a lot of information is needed

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