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Online Application, Visitor Visa Refused, Indonesian Citizen

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FYI, below is a summary of using the online application


visitor visa subclass 600, Indonesia citizen


recently introduced in 2017 for Indonesians, it does not allow for provision of important information.  for example, in this case, the applicant has:


Employment: a medical professional in hospitals and clinics for over 20 years.  Recently resigned from a private hospital in order to take an extended holiday, as there is no such "long service leave" in Indonesia.


Family: has 2 children, but due to the Indonesian law, after divorce, females return to the parents family register, and children remain on the ex-husbands family register, which is not accessible.


the online form does not provide a facility to state this important information


without the aforementioned critical information, highly-speculative, dogmatic, population-based presumptions about the applicant are made


as such, the visa was refused.  cost A$140, non refundable


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thanks.  we will upload more detailed and itemised information at next application


probably as a supplement to the "Invitation, Evidence of"


(you would think with 100's billions of dollars of exhorbitant revenue, this despicable department of border control could write a more user-friendly web online application interface)

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