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This is the correct amount it increases every 6 months , i would suggest taking out a loan from the bank or friends. .....its well worth it to have your husband or wife by your side ....when you wake in the morning just to say i love you

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Yes they did change it to come in line with on shore visa application cost. Its was a bit of a shock as they have in creased it several time over the last 2yrs. It was $4,630 to lodge a partner visa offshore, versus $6,865 to lodge the application in Australia.  ALSO IF U PAY WITH CREDIT CARD THERE IS A FEE FOR THAT TOO. When I first looked at it back in 2013 was  like $2,500.  The significant increase to Partner Visas lodged offshore. Off shore partner. The visa applications prices will have 122% increase in compare to December 2014 (in nearly 6 months). The Department first increased the fee from $3085 to $4630 from January 2015 and set another increase from $4630 to $6865 from 1 st July 2015 This is a great revenue raiser and it is like betting on a horse, its a gamble if you get approved or not you will loose that money.    It is a Tax on love and there is no increase in customer service etc.  Its also happened around the same time Immigration and Customs merged.  I can understand why Department of Immigration and Border Protection staff have been complaining to the government and have rolling strikes due to there working condition, which I empathise with.

Cheers and good luck 

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