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  3. Only Permanent Residents and citizens can avail Jobseeker benefits https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/individuals/services/centrelink/jobseeker-payment/who-can-get-it/residence-rules
  4. Hi Forum My partner of 3 and half years applied for and are still waiting on the Partnership 801 Visa that was submitted on 15th Feb 2017 She had been working as a casual kitchen hand for over 2 years and a waitress in a cafe for 6 months. She lost her job 2 weeks ago My question is, given she happily contributes by way of tax, is she eligible to claim unemployment benefits? It seems like we have fallen through the cracks on both counts as I am a semi retired bloke who was an Airbnb host (off a cliff) and a Landlord (don't ask) and she may not be eligible for any assistance Any advice would be greatly appreciated Bazza
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  6. Hi all, Unfortunately I was made redundant this week due to the current economic climate and then I received an invitation for state sponsorship. Talk about typical timing! I believe you need to provide evidence of ongoing employment for at least the next 12 months. I was wondering if the case officer would be lenient and give me some time to find another job? Thanks
  7. Thanks Nehasharma. If I want to know more about my case, how can I contact you? Please kindly let me know.thanks.
  8. Any of your eligible relative can sponsor you under 491 visa, provided Australia regional area must be comes under designated regional territory. Except Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane regional areas, you are eligible to get sponsorship from other Australia territory. Besides this, you can get also get nomination from designated regional territory. Australia 491 visa follows a point based system under which you are expected to score a minimum 65 points out of 100. Once you get sponsorship or nomination, you will be awarded with additional 15 points. Under Family sponsorship, you need to get sponsorship from one of eligible relative who are currently living in designated regional area of Australia. If you are unable to migrate through Australia 491 visa, you can also go for other general skilled migration visa. Hope, this Helps!
  9. Hi there my partner is a PR as secondary to her father on 189. The rest of her family is eligible for citizenship now but she isn’t. Does that matter since her visa is related to her father which will now become a citizen?
  10. Hi Everyone, Just wanting to share we are really happy to hear that my husband received his PR 801 after waiting for 9 months from applying for it from a TR 820. We were really shocked to receive it so quickly after being told it would take from 17 months - 23 month but after 7 months waiting it changed to 20 months - 27 months. Am really feeling for everyone here. Don´t give up. keep positive. We submitted our 820/801 visa - 1st stage: 13 March 2017 Granted 820 visa: 27 June 2017 Received notification to submit 801 visa application: 13 Feb 2019 Submitted our 801 visa application: 8 April 2019. Received notification to submit further information of a police check only for Applicant. nothing more: 11 January 2020 Submitted Police check: 21 January 2020. Granted PR 801 visa 28 January 2020. No interviews and didn´t need to add further documents apart from police check since initial PR application submission. Am feeling really relieved that everything went well and grateful. I prey that everyone of you have the same speedy turnaround.
  11. Thanks @SammyJ If the TV had a '8503 - no further stay' condition and one applies for a waiver but the visa expires before the waiver is granted; 1. Can the waiver be granted after the TV has expired 2. Once the TV runs out and one applies for a BVE can they then apply for another TV while on a BVE if the 'no further stay' has been granted under circumstance written on 1 above?
  12. Yes they will more than likely grant them immediately once applied and paid for not just give automatic extensions
  13. Anyone who is on a TV now will have to apply for an onshore TV to stay lawfully. If their TV runs out before a new one has been granted they need to apply for a BVE. There is no reason whatsoever for anyone to be an unlawful non citizen
  14. Sadly they haven't announced that everyone with a tourist visa can stay. Most countries are on lock down. People are becoming unlawful non-citizen without intending to because of the corona virus
  15. this might help you better understand. For me the Gov should give automatic extensions for all tourists as it seems quite difficult to leave now. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/visa-about-to-expire/stay-longer
  16. Hi, all I had a question. I have applied for a visitor visa family sponsored 600 for my wife and she finished her medicals. The processing time for the visitor visa has increased to 62 to 75 days from 37 to 47 days. The application still shows received-so no case officer has taken it up. I would like to know if I can lodge an offshore partner visa now while still awaiting the results of the 600 visitor visa? Or should I wait until we get the result of the visitor visa? What is the best option.? Thanks.
  17. Have a read of this https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/news-media/current-alerts/novel-coronavirus
  18. Theres no ban on anyone leaving Australia. Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin have stopped all international flights, but other International carriers are still going. For how long i don't know as the incoming borders will close 9pm Fri night for anyone not a citizen or PR. I dont think Immigration really care how you leave the country or whether you go back to your own country. Its up to the visa holder to abide by the conditions of the visa But i understand your dilema. They may come up with some plan to help out those like yourself. I haven't heard anything either but with every country on the planet having some kind of entry ban im sure they will have some kind of compassion. I'll be interested to see what they come up with
  19. Currently in Australia in a tourist visa which expires 22 April. Just wondering if anyone had any comment about what is going to happen in regards to the current situation and being here on a tourist visa. There have been no announcements made on homeaffairs regardinbg tourists. I cannot see any flights back to Thailand in Jetstar. Thoughts?
  20. We are in Australia now and coming up to the first month finished of the 3 month multi entry. We plan to re-apply on April 20th. But I wonder what will happen due to this Coronavirus shutting everything down and last I checked there were no flights back to Thailand. What do you think will happen? Hopefully they announce everyone with a tourist visa can stay 😷
  21. They would hold weight weight in as much as proving that the relationship is ongoing.
  22. You create an immi account if you don't have one already and apply from there. If you look for agents, it may be in your favour to look for one that is MARA registered.
  23. Yes Please, can anyone help with this matter????
  24. It was fast! I was granted my visa one week after the medical was submitted.
  25. Anyone here having experiences with 494 visa process. When employer is ready to sponsor, how long it will take to get the visa. Is it possible to re validate expired skill assessment. How long employer has to wait to prove to government that specific skill level person not available in Australia. As employer requirement is very urgent, what will be the shortest way to get the visa. Please note that occupation listed under only 494 category. Your advice highly appreciated. Thanks
  26. Considering the Corona virus is affecting pretty much everything the world over i would say its probably having some effect. Probably wont be long that Australia will close its borders to anyone thats not a citizen or PR You dont just get 1 CO looking at your case. Multiple people will more than likely look at different aspects of your application. The only time you hear from them is if you are lacking in evidence or medicals etc. If you front load everything you probably wont hear from them at all
  27. Hi all :) If I may, I have two quick questions: 1- Do you know if the Corona virus situation have affected PMV 300 holders? I mean whether this will lead to additional delays on processing time or for those who got it, were you advised to delay your travel to Australia? 2- When the CO is assigned, do we get an email notification? Or the change occurs only on the website? Apologies for any inconvenience Fingers crossed Lyly
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