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  2. Good Evening members , i applied for the Business visitor visa for the Australia last year 2018 august which was unfortunately refused and PIC 4020 applied on me for 3 year, ( 3 Years Ban ) which is totally based on misunderstanding now i want to apply for a review to the immigration department and want to clear my point, but i dnt know how to do this , i dnt know on which website through i have to apply for what will b process, Friends please help me Best Regards omerjibran82@gmail.com
  3. Yes SammyJ that amount is right. I checked their website and I am going to book an appointment soon. I have attached my documents already 26 attachments in total and waiting for one stat dec. As for my fiance, I am still waiting for him to give the dates and countries of his travels for the past 10 years. Trust me he has no idea. The other documents from his end will be attached to his application. Am I doing this right? And one more thing, I attached my passport photo in the wrong attachment. I attached it to "photograph other" Is it ok? I am a bit worried about it.
  4. Hi, I am from Canada. Now pursuing a paralegal course from Toronto. I used hostels for my accommodation, but now looking for flats or houses for rent. I prefer pg facilities also. Can anyone help me out?
  5. Hi, For a friend. This week a new immigration law passed in Lower House, sent to the Senate atm. What are the repercussions for long time (say 30 year plus) permanent residents with a common assault conviction (fine only) some years ago. Does this mean that the govt proposes to have all permanent residents convicted any time of say, a common assault, convicted to a fine only, many years ago, to be sent back to their country of origin? Including their families etc. Imho that would mean that about 100,000 permanent residents including their Australian children will be evicted from Australia? Automatically? Without possibility for objection?
  6. Wow $580. Thats expensive. I just worked out what my wife paid in the Philippines $200. Thats quite a difference If i remember correctly you are from the Philippines. Just pay in Philippine Pesos at the Physicians. They only accept cash. Current cost is P7,750
  7. Hi, Jackie! I paid for my medical right at the practice where it took place (approx. €350/AUD580) and I'm applying from Germany.
  8. Hi everyone I would like to ask advise regarding my tourist visa application was refused. Im currently in Philippines. They based on this factors: Considering the applicant's income, I have concerns that this employment may not provide sufficient incentive to induce the applicant to return to the Philippines within the validity of the visa. The applicant has also provided no evidence of other ties in the Philippines. I have considered the offer of support provided the applicant’s friend in Australia. Generally, however, offers of support or guarantees given by family and friends in Australia are not sufficient evidence of a genuine temporary stay. The onus is on the applicant to satisfy the decision maker that the applicant intends only to stay temporarily in Australia. After considering the information provided, I give little weight to the applicant’s employment and personal circumstances as evidence that she intends to temporarily stay in Australia as a visitor. Therefore, I am not satisfied that the applicant meets the relevant criteria in clause 600.211 in Schedule 2 of the Migration Regulations. Decision As clause 600.211 is not satisfied, I find the criteria for the grant of a Visitor (Tourist) visa in the Tourist stream are not satisfied. Therefore, I refuse the application by the applicant for a Visitor (Tourist) visa in the Tourist stream.
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  10. Many thanks Taco for the quick response, it helps a lot.
  11. Don't double up your evidence. So long as it's clearly labelled it won't be an issue.
  12. I contacted the immigration office, and they told me that I can retain my student visa application, and at the same time I apply for the subsequent entrant visa.
  13. Hi. I am now attaching my docs for PMV. Is it ok If I attach the same document again because I made a mistake. Instead of attaching my passport photo to PHOTOGRAPH- PASSPORT section, I attached it to PHOTOGRAPH- OTHER section. I am confused if I attach the same doc twice because I can delete once doc has been attached already. Do you think it's fine? Please help🙏🏽
  14. Translate Have all non-English documents translated into English. Translators in Australia must be accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. Translators outside Australia do not have to be accredited. But on each translation, they must include their: full name address and telephone number qualifications and experience in the language they are translating These details must be in English. Note: You do not need to have any documents certified.
  15. Thanks for the replies everyone. My partner would be okay with not declaring intention to stay if she was by herself. It’s gets more complicated having the two boys as they would have closed ties back home before they come. School friends, getting rid of some possessions etc
  16. They are my step children so this doesn’t apply I’m pretty sure.
  17. Would be a lot better to organise their citizen by decent sorted before they come over
  18. We have included all our addresses in each country we lived in to avoid any questions on the gap. We have also included all visits back to Australia when we lived overseas - around 15 in the 10 years we were away.
  19. What if the docs are in any language rather than English? We have our property deeds in Vietnamese. Do I need to get them translated?
  20. Hi @Uk2423 There might be a misunderstanding somewhere. There is no condition that you must marry in Australia when you get your PMV. However one condition is that you must not marry or enter into a defacto relationship before entering Australia by the date given. So basically you could do all the NOIM from Australia and once the visa in granted go to Australia to activate it then marry either there in Australia or somewhere else afterwards. Completing NOIM and booking a wedding or marriage registration venue does not guarantee you visa grant at any date at all. The visa will be granted when it will be granted.
  21. SUHI

    Subclass 802

    Hi @Twenty I believe you meant 820 visa and not 802?
  22. SUHI

    Subclass 802

    Hi @Twenty Yes that's correct. I do not see "no further stay" as one of the conditions that might be attached to Subclass 601 Electronic Travel Authority Visa See below for conditions that might be attached to this visa, taken from https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/already-have-a-visa/check-visa-details-and-conditions/see-your-visa-conditions?product=601#
  23. Agreed! Your family will be fine, buddy. No need to declare intentions; that may just complicate things. All the best!
  24. Hello, firstly, thank you to all those that respond to peoples questions. You have all been my 'go to guide' as we've navigated through the 309 application. My husbands Visa application is submitted(phew) and I'm just completing the online Sponsorship application. I have 2 questions around page 16 "Countries resided/visited" that I can't see to find in a search of this site. 1. "Has the sponsor lived in any country for more than 12 months cumulatively in the past 10 years?" - so I have my Australian address that I was at for 3years before moving to Belgium. I then add 'Belgium' as the next country. I've lived at 2 addresses here. It asks for the last permanent address (which we've lived out for 4 of the 7 years). My question is the "date from /to" - does this refer only to the address or does it refer to the Country? If I put the address dates, then it looks like a 'gap'. If I add the time in Belgium for the last 7 years, it could read that I've lived at that address for 7 years. Suggestions? 2. "Has the sponsor visited any countries in the past 10 years?" - Is this everything EXCEPT the country of residence (Belgium)? Does it include returning to Australia? As stated above, I've lived in Belgium for 7 years, have travelled extensively in Europe (which I can cover off ok) but also have had annual trips to Australia. Alternatively is 'living here' considered 'travel in'? Apologies if I'm over complicating things, sometimes you "can't see the wood for the trees". Any suggestions appreciated.
  25. Hi I also lodged mine today. Paid and about to attached docs. I also got the HAP Id for my health examinations which I need to get an appointment first. How did you pay for your medical? Which country are you applying from?
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