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  2. As I recall, the online application form for a subclass 600 allows you to insert a narrative. Is the length of that narrative limited in length?
  3. Yes of course they did,
  4. Has Home Affairs been granting subclass 600 extensions for covid-19 reasons?
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  6. I would give them what they requested
  7. My partner is an Australian born citizen but also holds British Citizenship. I received a notice for more proof when I already submitted his Passport that says "citizen" on it. They've asked for "a copy of his citizenship certificate or citizenship registration if such citizenship was acquired by descent". His passport was acquired through decent but was never given a certificate for citizenship. I have both birth extracts of his parents to prove the lineage. Do I need to apply to the UK government for a citizenship certificate or would the parents lineage be proof?
  8. I just received a notice for more proof of my partners citizenship. I provided a birth extract for him and his passport and they still wanted the full birth certificate.
  9. Hi there, I just received a request for more information for my 309/100 visa for health exam, police clearance and birth certificate/citizenship proof for my AU partner who has 3 citizenships (making it complicated for the case officer likely). Question- I already completed my health exam in feb 2020 and it was updated in my visa portal as complete - no action required. In this request, it says health examination list but then beside each for example: Medical examination (completed). Then it says later - "If a health examination is listed as 'Completed' this means that there is an existing examination that can be re-used for this visa application. You will not be asked to complete this examination again unless a repeat examination is required because your medical circumstances have changed or the examination has since expired." Why would it request more information for a this when it's already been done and cleared within the past 8 months? 2. I uploaded my partner's passports for British, Canadian and AU as well as his birth extract for AU. They've requested a full copy of the citizenship certificates also and a full birth certificate. Has anyone else had issues with a partner having more then 1 citizenship and trying to get this information offshore? For anyone wondering, I applied for 309/100 in November, 2019 from Canada and was contacted today by a case officer. Thanks in advance for anyones similar experience!
  10. Great. Thanks @SammyJ
  11. If she has earnt money from shares, interest in joint account etc she will. If you receive any benefits from the govt they also like a tax return from her to make sure of your combined income for benefits purposes If she hasn't earnt anything at all under her name then no
  12. My wife and I applied for our 820 Partner visa in June 2019. After her BVA came into effect she applied for an TFN (Tax File Number) in preparation for when she does begin to work. Since receiving her TFN she has not worked or been employed. Q. Since she has a TFN is she still required to complete a tax return?
  13. On Further Assessment since April 2019. Visa not yet finalised
  14. Hello everybody, My wife and children have applied for onshore partner visa 801/820. If I apply for Centrelink payment (such as parenting payment/job seeker payment), does it negatively impact their visa application? Thanks in advance
  15. Thank you so much SammyJ
  16. I extended my visitor visa on last June because it’s not possible to go back my home country in this pandemic situation. Currently I’m in Australia with a subclass600 visitor visa. So my current visa will expire on October, So I need to stay here with my husband, I need suggestions for which visa I should go? (I also applied for a partner visa for offshore in March 2019 which status is "further assessment" on immi account)
  17. Hi, I hope everyone is safe and healthy! I decided to take the risk of doing the medical check. Thankfully the status of the medical is Health clearance provided – no action required, so I'm assuming this is all cleared. For those who have been granted the visa, do you mind sharing how long did you wait for your visa to be granted? The status now is Further Assessment. I'd like to get some details if you can share as I don't know how long it'll take given that there's a pandemic and approval is very few due to travel restrictions. But, just an idea on the average waiting time/s you had. Thanks in advance!
  18. Thank you for confirming that. Is there any occasions when Immigration contact you directly to say to apply earlier than the 24 month mark?
  19. You are eligible to apply for the 801 24 months after applying for the 820 So that would make it 15th November 2021 when you are eligible
  20. Hello, My husband was granted his Onshore Temporary Partner Visa 820. We applied for this visa on 15 November 2019 (so nine months processing), after him having arrived to Australia on his PMV. I am a little confused as to the next step of the 801 visa. Do we submit this now, or do we wait to be invited by immigration to submit? When I started the application in immi, it asked, Has 24 months passed since you applied for the visa? - I am assuming this is the 820. In which case no, only nine months. Answering no meant I couldn't continue filling out the application. But do we wait 24 months on his temporary partner visa before submitting the 801 application? I am finding the process a little difficult to understand. Any explanations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Hailey
  21. My visitor visa application has been refused on the grounds that the officer was not satisified that I will come back to my country. Although they had granted visa to my parents and my sister. Please suggest me how should I satisfy the officer of my intentions of staying in Australia for temporary purpose and returning back after my visit.
  22. If you dont do the medical as requested they will just refuse the visa, so its in your best interest to do it
  23. Hi All, I received an update from ImmiAccount requesting for an updated police check and medical check. I managed to provide the police clearance. However, my utmost concern is the medical check. I have an appointment tomorrow but I fear of contracting covid at the clinic. Philippines is continuously having covid19 cases rising. They mentioned that if I cant go, I need to provide proofs such as receipt, sched of appointment. My other worry is they might delay further the application or if they are not convinced with my reason, they might refuse. We have been waiting for more than 2 years. Far beyond the processing times. I cannot risk losing the visa yet I cannot risk getting infected without knowing and put my relatives at home in danger. Can anyone please help advise on this?
  24. I don’t think so. As long as they are on a valid visa at all times.
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