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  2. Thanks! Only the health assessment page changed. The main page still says “received” and “submitted”
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  4. Hi, I'm currently on a tourist visa and I am staying in Australia with my fiance while we wait for the approval of our PMV. We lodged our PMV offshore. My tourist visa will expire next month. Am I eligible to apply for a bridging visa? or should we just apply for a tourist visa extension? Thanks.
  5. My husband called and asked about how his application was going, they confirmed that they had received the additional information but that he was right on 24 months waiting time and the processing times had increased so expect to hear something within the next 2 months
  6. Thanks a lot guys for your guidance. I really hope that immi will think like you that she won't jeopardize her 309 and take it easier for her but as I said I've seen similar cases to ours rejected. We have already provided enough documents in the 309 to prove we have been on a genuine relationship for almost four years. apart from this do you guys think me as sponsor in my Cover letter or she in hers need to mention the main reason for her to join me ASAP? I can provide a letter from my doctor in Australia. I can also offer this letter for our 309 as I discussed before, but the priority for us now is her to come here ASAP that I think 600 will result quicker if I'm right? thanks again for your help.
  7. The are 3 ways that can be done. 1. Simply fill in the boxes provided in the online form. 2. Refer the boxes to a statement you upload. 3. Do a stat Dec (note a personal statement doesn't have to be a stat Dec) Due to people doing blogs and saying they did a stat dec people think it's required, the only required start dec is the second stage for the sponsor. In our case we just filled in the boxes provided, I remember reading a member who did a 35 page statement. Imagine being the case officer trying to sift through that.
  8. Can you explain this further please? I thought a personal statement (statutory declaration) was required from you and your partner?
  9. thanks for the reply. Because we only have 6 months on our lease together we were told to get the certificate which might help. do you know what other evidence would help apart from what i have already mentioned above? I do still have all our messages and phone records from when we first met. I also have correspondence mailed to me to his previous address but I was not on the lease there.
  10. Just after some quick advice peoples. To help our CO when reading the Development of Relationship part of our 820 partner application would you recommend we state the periods we've been apart and together in a bullet point type style so as the CO can get a clear indication right off the bat so to speak? I ask as my partner is on a ME VV with 3m max stay/ 12m in 18m max stay condition hence we have had many periods together and apart then together then apart and so on.. e.g Periods of visiting each other 1 Jan 2014 - 20 Jan 2014 (Together in Indonesia) 3 May 2014 - 28 Jul 2014 (Together in Singapore) 7 Sep 2015 - 2 Nov 2015 (Together in Australia) and so on... Obviously we will be writing about these periods in detail when writing the development of relationship but just wondering if helping the CO in this way helps in showing transparency of the amount of time we have actually had apart vs together. Thanks guys
  11. Hi guys, My partner and I have had a fair bit of time apart in the beginning of our relationship and wanting to show evidence of continual contact I am going to submit approx 3 years of FB chat history. I've read around a few stories of other people in the same boat and generally people have said show 3 conversations had for each month separated. I have since downloaded our full FB chat history. As each comment is in its nice own little box. I know something as simple as chat can be faked quite easily so having said that should I compile each comment by taking screenshots (which will take forever) or would I be ok in just copying and pasting the comment? See attachment as example.
  12. You really need to get your hands on the tourist visa refusal notification, as it will detail the nuts and bolts as to why she was refused a tourist visa. I'm pretty confident it will be because she did not satisfy clause 600.211 of the Migration Regulations, in that the decision maker was not satisfied that at time of application she intended to visit Australia as a temporary visitor. Our member Thai Visa Express has also posted here on the forum the requirements to satisfy the genuine temporary entrant. See: What is a genuine intention to visit Australia temporarily? As I said above "the decision maker was not satisfied that at time of application". Most people that are refused a tourist visa, are refused because they submitted a sub-standard application that did not evidence that they genuinely intended to visit Australia temporarily. If you can address the reasons for the refusal, then a subsequent application will have every chance of success.
  13. No need to be worried the refusal will be either due to not being able to show enough funds for the trip, or may of done the common practice of basically going to a loan shark to show the funds but don't explain it. Or didn't prove intent to return. If you can address the rejection reasons properly then you can get a approval. Unless they provided false documents.......
  14. I agree with AFV here. Are you relying on the registration of your relationship as an exemption to the 1 year de facto relationship rule?
  15. thanks to you all. 1. I haven't seen the tourist visa refusal notification. I will ask her to send it to me today. 2. I don't know what a letter of support his. I didn't give her anything, as he friend handled everything for her. Now i'm getting worried. From your experience guy's, if someone is refused a tourist visa, what are their chances of getting one after this?
  16. The Migration Act and Regulations make no mention of a registrable offence. For a sponsorship to be not approved on character grounds, the sponsor must have been convicted of a relevant offence, and that relevant offence must amount to a significant criminal record which requires the person to have been imprisoned for 12 months or more.
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  18. One thing to be aware and careful with Thais, someone say, people say, they say........ Including "friends" helping with visa applications. They don't do research themselves and trust what people say about visas as gospel even if you can prove it contrary
  19. What were the exact reasons she was refused a tourist visa? This will be detailed in the notification of refusal that she would have received. She can apply again, but she must be able to adequately address the reasons for the refusal. If not the result will no be any different. We recently covered this issue here: My Thai girlfriend was refused a visitor visa to visit me in Australia, can she reapply? From what you have posted, you would have the ability to support your girlfriend in Australia, but it is an assessment of her circumstances that will determine whether she meets the criteria for the grant of a tourist visa. From what you have posted too, you have only met her once in person and that was in January of this year. I would suggest that you have not know her long enough for any weight to be attached to your letter of support, and in any event, you have not mentioned whether one was even provided.
  20. I simply can't tell you whether you meet the de facto criteria based on one sentence, however, it sounds like you have done your research. With regards to photos it is a matter if quality over quantity. If a photo has evidentiary value then include it. You should provide enough evidence that you have been in a de facto relationship for at least 1 year from date of application.
  21. I have a lot more than 15 but I read somewhere not to upload too many photos? so i narrowed it down to 15. i have just copied and pasted them onto a word document and described each photo. We have been together just over a year, we have our relationship certificate, we only have our joint house lease since December, joint bank account, letters addressed to same address, invitations to wedding, holidays together, hotel bookings, relationship statement, social media accounts. this should be enough? thanks for your help.
  22. ok, so here goes guys and gals. me: 32, own house, stable employment as an NBN contractor, 18K in the bank, divorced and 2 kids. her: 21, unemployed, from Thailand, not money, but gets supported by me. Has no kids. We met 15 Jan 19 when I was in Thailand on a golfing tour and hit it off straight away (pardon the pun). Ended up ditching my mates and went to Koh Samui for a week with her and stayed at the swish Vana Belle Hotel. Lots of photos of us together do the tourist stuff. She applied for a tourist visa 6 weeks ago and had a friend help her with the application. Long story short got refused and we don't know what to do next. What can we/I do? Is this the end? Adrian Jones
  23. I would not recommend uploading photos individually. Add them to a Word of PDF document and give them a description. As you only have 15 photos I would suggest one document and underneath each photo you can describe the photo. Just remember that each upload cannot exceed 5MB. A statement can be written or typed. Just remember to sign and date it. What actual evidence do you have of being in a de facto relationship?
  24. Hi, Just looking for help in regards to uploading documents for a de facto visa. I am applying myself to go on my boyfriend's de facto visa 482 and i am wondering what's the best way to upload photographs. Can I copy them onto a word document and have approx 4 per page and save as pdf and upload it like that? or would it be best to upload each photo individually? I have approx. 15 photos, is this too much? I have bank statements and travel tickets to support each photo. Would it be better to write a statement on paper in regards to our relationship or can i type one? On my bank statements/phone records can i just highlight what's relevant e.g trips away, train tickets etc. so it makes it easier for them to look at? If someone has applied themselves without an agent I would appreciate your help as there are hardly any guidelines to follow on how to apply online. thanks.
  25. Hi Nish Nothing to stop a person from applying for more than 1 visa. However, a person can only hold 1 valid visa at any 1 time, except for Maritime Crew 988 visa. A new visa will cause the current visa to cease.
  26. Hi Matt The various visa options available, subject to them meeting the visa criteria, GSM visas (eg 189 or 190), Skilled Sponsored visas (eg, 186, 187, 482, 489) and Business (eg 132, and 188). Without knowing her details, it is impossible to say which is the best visa for them.
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