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  2. Thai Visa Express is a Pattaya visa agent for Australian visa applications. A question that we are quite often asked is whether a person needs a visa agent to assist them with their Australian visa application? There can be many factors that influence a person’s decision to use a visa agent. Many of our clients are previous tourist visa refusals. Clients who had applied for a tourist visa without using the services of a visa agent and had their applications refused. Whilst we are certainly not suggesting for one moment that they were refused for not using a visa agent, upon reviewing their refusal notification letters, it can be seen that many applicants simply failed to convince the Department that their intention was to visit Australia as a genuine temporary entrant only as required by the Migration Regulations. A very common mistake is applicants believing that they simply need to complete a visa application form and that’s it. This is definitely not the case. A well-prepared tourist visa application will include sufficient supporting evidence that enables the Department to make a favourable decision to grant the applicant a tourist visa. If the Department is not satisfied that an applicant meets the Schedule 2 criterion provided for in the Migration Regulations, then the application must be refused. In most cases a tourist visa refusal cannot be appealed. Whilst it is open to an applicant to apply again, unless they can adequately address the reasons for the refusal it is unlikely the result will be any different. The benefits of using Thai Visa Express is our extensive knowledge of Australia’s Migration Act and Regulations. We will not submit a visa application unless we are entirely satisfied that it has every chance of success. Included with all of our visa applications is a detailed written submission addressing the criterion, with reference to the Migration Act and Regulations, relating to the subclass of visa being applied for. We will also prepare any sponsors letter of support. We also assist our clients with regards to biometrics, medicals and police character checks. As a Pattaya visa agent for Australian visa applications we not only deal with tourist visa applications, but permanent visa applications also, such as partner and prospective marriage visas. These visas have complex criterion that must be satisfied at both time of application and up until time of decision. Even after the visa has been granted they have conditions that must be complied with, and failure to do so can result in the visa being cancelled. These visa are also very costly with the visa application charge being almost AUD$8000. After you add the costs of translations, biometrics, medicals and police character checks, the cost can be over AUD$10,000. Failing to provide sufficient information can result in an application being refused. Thai Visa Express is a well-established Pattaya visa agent for Australian visa applications. We have been operating in Pattaya Thailand since 2007. In this time we have assisted thousands of Australian visa applicants. Many of our clients have gone on to acquire Australian permanent residency and Australian citizenship. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Thai Visa Express should you require a professional Pattaya visa agent for your Australian visa application.
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  4. There is no time limit. If you hold a substantive visa, you can make a valid application at any time whilst you do.
  5. Sorry if this had been discussed a thousand times already. Is there a required amount of time between your Partner Visa Application submission and the date in which your substantive visa expires in order for the application to be valid? In other terms, if I had less than 3 months left on a 601 when we apply, would it still be a valid application? thanks all
  6. SammyJ

    888 forms

    888 forms are a requirement. Most would upload soon after they submit, some have uploaded later. There really isn't any hard and fast rules regarding the uploading of evidence but best you get them in as soon as possible. My wife has done the PMV 300 and the 820, both applications fully front loaded at time of submittance and they both were granted within 2 months
  7. What are you grounds for seeking a condition 8503 waiver? I think you will struggle getting another visitor visa unless you spend at least as much time out of Australia as you have in, in the last 12 months. From what you have posted, it would appear that you are currently on a 12 month visitor visa which ends in August 2019, and you have been in Australia since October 2018. You are approaching 10 months in Australia. I'm pretty confident that if you apply again now or in the next month or so you will be refused. However, there is certainly no harm in applying.
  8. sam9044

    888 forms

    I’ve seen various comments around 888 forms. Can anyone confirm if they are indeed required when you initially submit evidence for the 820 visa? Or are they needed at a later date? Thanks!
  9. Thank you AFV for the quick reply and for taking the time tow answer my question! I think I need to phrase my question better... sorry! My partner is an Australian citizen in the Army and my boys and myself applied for the Last Remaining Relative visa in December 2014. We don't have PR yet and are on a Bridging visa A. We're applying for a partners visa because my partner is being posted to overseas in 2021 for 2 years. We would like to go with him as a family. I've spoken to an immigration agent which said to me that if we apply for the partners visa and we don't get it that I do not need to worry about it affecting our bridging visa or last remaining relative visa. But a few days ago the same immigration agent said that if we do not get the partners visa, Immigration will ask us to leave Australia. We are busy getting all documentation ready for a partners visa but now I'm scared that we might not get the visa and my kids and myself have to leave the country. We've been de-facto for just over a year, been together for just over two years. Our relationship has been registered with the QLD government for a couple of months as well. We've got two joint bank accounts and on each others wills and car insurance policies etc. I'm just confused that the immigration agent saying that LRR visa and bridging visa should not be affected and then saying we would have to leave the country... yikes! 😳
  10. 1. What exceptional circumstances would you be using to request the waiver? 2. no need to go to the UK just need to leave the country. 3. Not sure what the question is.
  11. We applied for my fiancé in February, just got married last week. We uploaded a lot of documents, maybe slightly more than if we were married but if you are wanting to move within a year I say get it in now. You can easily upload your marriage license later
  12. I am a from the UK and met my partner there while she was traveling (she is Australian) in 2017, she returned to Australia in Jan 2018 and came back to the UK in April that year, we summited a prospective marriage visa in June 2018 and moved to Australia in October 2018, I was granted a visitor (tourist) (subclass 600) visa on August 2018. Since being in Australia we have got married in Jan 2019 and changed my visa application to partner (provisional) (subclass 309) / partner (migrant) (subclass 100). My questions are. 1) my visitor visa runs out on the 23rd August, is it worth me filling our form 1447, no further stay waiver request. 2) Go back to the UK and apply for another vistor visa 3) Go back to the UK and wait for my permanent visa to be granted. This whole process applying for a visa is very confusing so will be very greatful for and advice
  13. Hi all, I have in a bit of a confusion and thought I would see some advise as some of you might have been in this situation before. I am an Australian citizen and my partner is an Indian citizen. I and my partner got engaged in December 2017 and got married in October 2018. We applied for a visitor visa (subclass 600) for my wife in August 2018 (before our wedding when she was working in UAE) and it was rejected. The reason quoted when they rejected her visitor visa is below: " 1. The applicant is currently unemployed. As the applicant has no employment ties to be considered, I have examined her personal circumstances closely to determine whether her incentives to return to her home country/current country of residence outweigh the socio-economic factors, which might encourage her to remain in Australia. Given the absence of employment or evidence of any other economic/financial ties such significant assets or property ownership in his country of passport/usual residence, I am not satisfied that applicant would have strong financial commitments/incentives that may induce her to depart Australia at the end of her proposed visit. 2. Aside from the applicant’s current residency in a country outside his/her country of birth and/or passport, the applicant has provided no other immigration/travel history to consider that may be beneficial to the application. 3. Offers of support or guarantees from connections in Australia are not sufficient evidence of a genuine temporary stay. The onus is on the applicant to satisfy the s65 delegate that he/she intends only to stay temporarily in Australia After considering the information provided, I am not satisfied that the applicant genuinely intends to stay temporarily in Australia for the purposes set out above." So, after we got married in October, we applied for offshore partner visa (subclass 309) in November 2018. We also followed it up with a visitor visa (subclass 600) and it was granted in December 2018. It was a 6 months visa with multiple entry. She travelled to Australia for the first time in Jan 2019. She left Australia for a short visit to India in April 2019. She and I went to India again in June 2019 and she is in Australia now. Her visitor visa is valid till 9 December 2019. Technically, she would have stayed for around 10 months in Australia as of December 2019. The Offshore Partner visa application is still in received status. I know the average processing time currently is around 14 to 19 months which means somewhere around Jan 2020 to June 2020. Since her visitor visa is expiring in December 2019, I was thinking what to do next so that she can stay in Australia. Option 1 - apply for an visitor visa extension while she is still in Australia. Option 2- Let her go to India before the visa expiry and then apply for visitor visa again from India. Given that they rejected her initial visitor visa application saying that she might not genuinely stay temporarily in Australia, I am not sure if they would reject the visitor visa extension application if we apply for it from Australia. I am just hoping they grant her partner visa before December. But, if not, then what would be the safest thing to do? I look forward to your advice, expertise and suggestions. Thank you so much!
  14. A claim for protection will be subject to a thorough and lengthy assessment process. You might want to get some professional advice on your prospects of success and your potential liability to repay an accruing debt of AUD$165K. My advice would be to apply for a partner visa offshore. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Australian Family Visas if we can be of any assistance
  15. If the partner visa application is not successful, your partner will not be granted a partner visa. However, this will not impact on your PR (remaining relative visa). Please do not hesitate to contact us at Australian Family Visas if we can be of any assistance
  16. Thank you for your answer. I will do my internship at the University of Western Australia into a research laboratory for 3 months. As I mentionned, I will also come with my family, who are Canadian as me. Is an internship considered as a study ?
  17. As you are from Canada you and your family members would be eligible for an ETA visa. An ETA allows the holder to study up to 3 months. Without knowing the specifics of what your internship involves, this is the best answer I can give.
  18. There is no problem at all with you applying for a visitor visa whilst you are in the Philippines. However, your reasoning behind wanting to apply there doesn't make any sense, given that your status there is a visitor only. Please do not hesitate to contact is directly at Australian Family Visas if we can be of any assistance
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  20. Hi, I am a Canadian Citizen (33 years old) doing a PhD at the University of Montreal in Canada. I will do an internship in the University of Western Australia from September to December (3 months). My wife and 2 children (3 years and 8 months) will join me to spend free time in Perth (no school and children care during the 3 months). Just me will do the internship. The laboratory in Perth will not pay me, I will have my own funding from Canada. My question is: What kind of Visa I need, and for my families to be eligible to enter into Australia and doing my internship while my family will stay in holidays in Perth ? Thank you for your help.
  21. Hi , I am planning to add my partner details also in my EOI for 189, But when I file EOI my partner will be in India and is there any condition that she should be here if I get the invitation or anything? I will be married before I submit EOI for 189 and I will be applying together from Australia while she is in India. Is there anything I should know? Thanks in advance Githin
  22. Hi, My two boys and myself are currently on a last remaining relative visa. I met my partner just over two years ago and we decided to apply for a partners visa. I would just like to know that if we don't get the partners visa for some reason (I'm sure we will though) do we lose the last remaining relative visa and does that mean that we would have to leave Australia? Thank you!
  23. So if I’m on tourist visa in the Philippines right now, is it still possible for me to apply for an Australian tourist visa from here ? I do not know any MARA agent in the Philippines so I tried asking one of the travel agencies
  24. Not sure why you would go to a travel agent for migration advise. You can be anywhere in the world and apply for a visa. You don't have to prove that you will return to your home country just that you will leave Australia.
  25. I have a concern with regards to applying for tourist visa. I’m a bit confused on what step to take exactly as per the situation. I’ve been to Australia on study visa where I met my partner. Visa got expired on March 2019 so I had to leave the country. I went to Philippines on tourist visa to visit my family as they are permanent residents here. (I could not get my PR here due to some issues) Now, me and my partner were planning to get a tourist visa to Australia and where thinking of applying for onshore partner visa. He has his own business and could not leave Australia and that’s why the best option we got is for me to go to a Australia on tourist visa. As I’m currently in the Philippines...I tried to ask a travel agency here in the Philippines if I can apply for a tourist visa from here. She said I won’t be able to cos I’m residing as a tourist here and that it would be better to apply it from my home country (India). Previously I’ve applied my study visa from India. Now if I apply for a tourist visa from India I don’t have any strong ties to show nor any asset as my family lives in the Philippines. I guess there is a very less chance of getting a tourist visa granted. I don’t know what to do now and it is really messed up to be honest. Any guidance or advice will be highly appreciated.Thank you very much
  26. You aren't a PR until it's approved. 75% are processed within 22 months 90% within 26 months from eligibility, so for you that's next month.
  27. Rather self explanatory question i would've thought
  28. Hi everyone, My partner and I are applying for permanent residency visa (already been granted temporary) come August. I am very keen to study, but I would like to wait until I can apply as a domestic student since the cost is about $20k difference a year. Does anyone have any insight as to whether I will be able to apply once our application is lodged or do i actually have to wait for a yes or a no. Also, does anyone have any info about processing time for 801. When we applied for 820, we lodged in august 2017 and it was only granted this past May. Thank in Advance for all your help!
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