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  2. Hi All, I am a Partner Visa applicant 820 since May 2018 and have heard back from Immi earlier this month asking for some additional information. They asked for 4 things Health Examination since the one I got done earlier was more than 12 months ago AFP Police Clearance Evidence of relationship with Spouse Sponsorship for a partner to migrate to Australia 1 & 2 are straight forward and already sorted. For the 3 - since I came here on a tourist visa and had applied for my 820 while onshore, I have provided with all the financial docs, travel tickets, images etc. I'm assuming this is something normal that they ask since there has been a significant time delay between the application and the time they are going to assess it. Or should I need to worry about them askin this? More importantly, point #4 - the Sponsorship appilcation was submitted in June 2018 by my partner through my Immi ID and the status says 'Submitted'. I found it very odd them asking me for this again. I have written back to them last week about this but haven't had any response yet. I never hired a lawyer and did the application myself after fair bit of research. Beginning to doubt myself a little whether I did everything that was required or not. Would appreciate if either of you can shed some light on this or share your experience on these things? Thanks
  3. Hey everyone, I got my Visit Visa for 3 months, with No further stay condition. No I’m in Australia. Visitor Visa will be expiry on 25th December 2019 and I’ll return to my country before that. How long should I stay to apply for another visit visa after my returning to my country??! Thanks all
  4. Hi guys, I'm about to apply to a PR but would like some insights in validating overseas working experience in the legal industry and what kind of docs would be asked to (or where to get some info about it)? I got some overseas and local experience and kind of need it for the PR points. Cheers,
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  6. Hello everyone. Just to share my timeline: Country: Peru 9 Feb 2017 - 309/100 application lodged 11 July 2017 - 309 (temporary) Visa Grant 9 February 2019 - Received email informing I could submit information for the permanent stage visa 3 October - Request for more information (as I didn't submit any information for the second stage visa). Requested information consisted of: Two 888 forms, AFP check, Statutory Declaration from my partner, evidence of citizenship from my partner and evidence to back the application. 30 October 2019 - Submitted all the information requested. 13 November 2019 - 100 (permanent) Visa Grant Much luck to everyone!
  7. Applied for my husbands renewal may 2017, they requested further info March 2019 which we supplied. We’re now at 30 months waiting time and still nothing 😞
  8. Hello everyone, Finally my wait for partner visa 100 is over.I got my visa on 14 nov,2019.I applied it in may 2018.😊 Good luck all
  9. Hi All - sharing our timeline: Country: Kenya 30 Jun 2015 - PMV application lodged 9 May 2016 - PMV Visa Grant 11 Jan 2017 - Partner Visa lodged 9 Jun 2017 - Partner Visa (temporary, subclass 820) Grant 18 Nov 2019 - Partner Visa (permanent, subclass 801) Grant All the best 🙂
  10. Just passport is fine. A drivers licence doesn't prove residency or citizenship
  11. ıs this on the Sponsor application or on the partner application Maybe the forms have changed but when I last looked on the Sponsor application there was no "Australia Permanent Residency, Evidence of" section. Available sections to upload under were Citizenship - Australian, Evidence of Citizenship - Not Australian, Evidence of So if the sponsor is an Australian citizen they will provide evidence under "Citizenship- Australian, Evidence of" in the form of Australian birth certificate, Australian passport, or Australian citizenship certificate. Either of those should do. If the sponsor is a permanent resident then they need to provide evidence under "Citizenship - Not Australian, Evidence of" in the form of a foreign passport or birth certificate. I think what you are referring to is under the partner application against the sponsor's documents to upload. There is a section written "Australian Permanent Residence, Evidence of" My understanding is that, that section is meant for non Australian citizens who are sponsors (i.e permanent residents). I wouldn't upload anything to that section if I were an Australian citizen. Instead there is a section written "Citizenship - Australian, Evidence of". That is the place where a citizen should upload their evidence. Disclaimer: I am not qualified to give migration advice. I just used my understanding of the English language. Please consult a professional before doing anything if in doubt. I will not accept any responsibility that may arise from the use or misuse of this information
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  13. Not quite, its based on a treat the medicals/police check expiring. But that's only an initial entry not to settle so could just come for a holiday
  14. Am I right in thinking you get 12 month's to enter the country once it has been granted?
  15. Hi there! Coming to an online application... Sponsor is required to add proof of Australian Residency. In the options window they ask either DIBP letter, Residence Certificate or Visa Label. We are thinking on adding Passport and Drivers license as we have already provided birth certificate, proof of address etc. in other fields. My partner is Australian Citizen by birth. Is there any document that we need to add/ order to provide his residency, or the docs mentioned above are enough? Thanks heaps!
  16. Hello forum members, A tourist visa has just been lodged. A PMV visa was already lodge 7 months ago and is in further processing. All the required documents and extras were uploaded and a few hours after the lodgement I checked immi account and noticed that there was a section under "attach documents" which was written "recommended" and there it is written "Evidence of planned tourism activities in Australia" . My question is what kind of evidence should I provide to address this? Applicant will be visiting fiance to spend time with him during the lengthy processing of the PMV. Fiance is covering all costs and has provided evidence for that. From my research things like flight bookings, hotel bookings or booking of places where activities will be done are usually given as evidence. My problem with that is ; home affairs advices against buying flight tickets unless the visa is granted. no hotel bookings will be done since applicant will be staying with fiance bookings for activities couldn't be done since it will cost money that would be lost if the visa is not granted. So should writing a list of the activities suffice without evidence to support it? How can this kind of evidence be obtained? What are your suggestions? Thanks. P.S: Reason for visit was clearly stated as "visiting family/friends" and not tourism.
  17. Thanks Suhi, yes , I have booked an online appointment with biometric center and I have uploaded the proof of appointment to my application and my husband is going to send the email to clear the situation
  18. My advice is do immediately make an appointment for a biometrics collection and email/call immigration to let them know that you missed the mail and that you have booked the appointment. Don't waste any more time.
  19. - HELP Required!!! Spouse Visa 309 offshore - Missed biometric automatic email notification Hi All, my husband is Australian citizen and we married overseas around 6 months back. We filed my offshoure spouse visa application 309 around start of October this year. We realized today that when you submit an application an automatic email send to applicant email address to arrange a bio-metric scans with in 28 days. We somehow missed this email and as we can see the notification is there in the correspondence inbox in immi website account but the status is still "initial assessment" so we think that email must have gone in our email's junk inbox. Today is sunday so my husband can't really call the department to confirm neither I can call the overseas bio-metric collection centers to confirm so putting a question here to check if someone has experienced this issue or know from experience that what might happen? We are very concerned and thinking that it may get my application cancelled.
  20. Do I at least have a chance? Have you ever seen someone without a job or in university getting a visa? I answered everything honestly, explained my unique situation and did what I could to prove I'm a genuine visitor. After looking through the threads in this forum, I wish they would make it clear in their website: "if you're unemployed, aren't in a university or have someone to take care of you're not a genuine visitor, doesn't matter any other proof you try to send us"... Anyway, I know this is beyond your limits and they ultimately will make the decision in the end, but thank you for your help @AFV . I will post what was their decision so if anyone in the future is in a similar situation as me to be able to see what's probably going to happen, so they don't waste their time and money with this. Cheers
  21. Given your timeline you'ld be better off applying now offshore. Processing Time will be about a year so will all be done by the time you are ready to come to Australia, otherwise onshore takes about 2 years
  22. Hi there. I'm a British citizen looking to apply for a defacto partner visa. My partner is a australian citizen and we have been together for 6 years. We are currently working as seasonaires through Europe but aiming to head over to Australia within next 2 years. Is it possible to head to Australia on a holiday visa, then apply for a subclass 820 visa? Or do I need to do it before we head over. Any help is appreciated.
  23. Hi, What country is the applicant residing? What nationality is the applicant? Any contact from immigration since you lodged the application? Is your application decision ready?
  24. Welcome to the Australian Visa Forum, You might get a better response if you make your post title relevant to the question you are asking. Putting "Ms" as the topic won't really allow people to know what your post is about. I have changed your post title to "Australian partner visa supporting documents". When the department assesses a partner visa application that will take into consideration ALL of the aspect of the claimed relationship, including the criteria they must consider which is found in the Migration Regulations. For de facto that criteria can be found in clause 1.09A of the Migration Regulations, and for partner in clause 1.15A. With regards to the financial aspects of the relationship they will taken into consideration all of the following: any joint ownership of real estate or other major assets; and any joint liabilities; and the extent of any pooling of financial resources, especially in relation to major financial commitments; and whether one person in the relationship owes any legal obligation in respect of the other; and the basis of any sharing of day-to-day household expenses. It is accepted that an applicant and sponsor might not be able to cover every area. This is why your relationship statements are very important. Whilst some areas might not be so strong as others may be, for example the social aspects of your relationship or your commitment to each other. I definitely recommend that you look at those sections of the Migration Regulations that I have referred to above.
  25. hello, I have just applied for a partner visa and as a partner commitment they need us to show joint bank accounts or utility Bill's or renting documents (which we have non) the reason being is that for the past year my partner was living with me in Europe and I have my own property and no mortgage to pay and he always gave me cash for the day to day expenses..... what do you suggest that we should show instead please
  26. Thanks very much Aussie_83 - we've only just started with the uploads, so I'll wait till we are in to the processing before uploading. At that point I can add an AFP for both of us. Many thanks!
  27. Hi AFV, Thanks for your prompt reply! That is very helpful, as I thought he would have to do the overseas police checks again, which would be hard without going there. Thanks again for your advice! Cheers, H
  28. Just and Update my Tourist Visa has been granted last November 9. Visa conditions 8101 - No work 8201 - Maximum three months study
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