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  2. Hi everyone, I have a question here and I am very much confused. I am working as IT Support and System Analyst and: 1. have positive skill assessment for IT support Engineer 263212 2. Employment reference letter supporting the case that I work both roles at my workplace. Can I use the same Employment reference letter that lists both description supporting both the roles and: 1. Apply for Employment sponsorship 482 as System Analyst ANZSCO 261112 (as I have system analyst role) 2. Apply a separate EOI on Skill Select for IT Support Engineer 263212 and claim work experience points (as I technically an working as IT Support as well) ? Will this have any negative impact? Because the EOI is for PR purpose and 482 for work sponsorship. Your response would be very much appreciated as I am very confused if I do that, whether it will create any kind of confusion.
  3. Hello applied using Agent for my PMV Subclass 300 last June 30, 2019 and still didn't hear from my Lawyer. Patient is a virtue. Ps. I'm in Australia at the moment for 3 mos.
  4. No, it wasnt stated. It just says refused due to 771.212(a). I probably think, we havent mentioned anywhere in the application that her motive is to join me in NZ. So they have rejected it inspite of seeing the tickets are booked all the way to Wellington, NZ. In this case, do you think, writing a cover letter stating about oru marriage and my job offer letter here and payslips will make them believe er motive is to go to NZ ?
  5. That’s awesome, congratulations! Where was your visa processed? I’ve read a few posts by Latin American applicants and it appears the processing time can be quite short. Hoping for the same luck for my fiancé in Peru!
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  7. WE ARE APPROVED! It's been a stressful five months but we have finally received our approval for my partner's 309 visa and I have listed below for your reference (maybe it might help) our timeline and an overview as to how we tackled the process. We are extremely surprised and grateful to have been approved so quickly! Please note we did not use a migration agent we completed the application completely by ourselves and are strong believers that unless you have an overly complicated situation that you can save some money and stress by doing your research and doing it yourself, also thanks to a lot of online resources such as brookearoundtown.com and the aussieflashpacker.com we were able to collate all of the necessary documentation. Timeline: FYI - My partner is Mexican but is currently residing in Argentina for work. Applied 6th of August 2019 Assigned case officer and request for further information 12th of September 2019 Submitted requested additional information 10th of October 2019 APPROVED! 17th of January 2020. I have really appreciated the help I have received on this forum so if you have any questions I'd be happy to help if I can. Best of luck! Jessica
  8. Hi Finding out if there has been opening for 491 visa category as stated on the Website of New South Wales. It was stated there that the opening shall be mid January 2020. Up till now the site is not updated so when it will it be open for applications, Can anyone advise please? Regards.
  9. Did the refusal notification provide a statement of reasons why clause 771.212(a) was not satisfied?
  10. Yeah no problems if the property is in joint names with a citizen (you). Not eligible if only in the name of your wife (you weren't clear on that) It's far easier to put your wife's address as the overseas one and just update it once you apply and get the bridging visa activated. They will contact via email or phone before sending a letter etc to an overseas address.
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm a NZ resident and my wife's partnership visa just got approved and I booked her the tickets from Chennai, India to Wellington, NZ via Melbourne. So I applied for a transit visa as she has to travel through Australia. Transit Time - 3 hours and 10 minutes. ( Less than 72 hours ). Her transit visa got rejected stating Clause 771.212(a) a) To pass through Australia in transit to another country. They also stated that they assessed following, * Passport Copy * Travel Itinerary * NZ visa details. The above clearly shows that her destination is NZ ( AND ) her transit time in Melbourne is 3 hours 10 minutes ( AND ) Approved NZ visitor visa for 9 months. Can anyone explain me why was it declined amidst all this? Is it worth re applying this time with the cover letter stating that im ( her husband ) resident in NZ and she is going there to join me? Have anyone faced this situation before? Any help is much appreciated.
  12. Hello @SUHI hope everything is going ok with you. Has your visa been granted??
  13. For FHOG, it's ok as I am Australian citizen, qld accepts a couple to apply for that. But anyway, I think you are right, put an oversea address here would be more appropriate for her application now. thanks!
  14. As she is in Australia on a visitor visa she, by default isn't a resident and doesn't have residency in Australia. As the visa says she is a visitor. You should check the eligibility requirements for the first home buyers grant as if the house is under her name solely she isn't eligible for the grant. Also she will need to demonstrate how she is paying for the house.
  15. My concern is: she will be applying onshore and already living in the house ( under her name actually ) for several months. And we are even applied the First Home Grant in Queensland together, which require she and myself to be defined as residency here. Just think puting this australian address might be more relevant as her residency address. I am not too sure actually, just seek advice here. ning
  16. Doesn't overly matter, the correct way would be her residential address overseas and then once she becomes a resident of Australia update the address via the online system.
  17. Thank you for your reply, but I don't see your answer is relevant to my questions here. My wife is with me here in australia, she is under the visitor visa. I am not sure if I could use my australian address as her residency address in the applicaion.
  18. Just asking as I would be interested to know as a far as I know its linked. I the case you remember did they withdraw the application or was it refused.
  19. The form must be completed by a person who: • knows the visa applicant and their partner or fiancé(e) and the history of their relationship; • is at least 18 years of age; and • is an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident. If the visa applicant is outside Australia and is unable to have an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident complete this form, any person who knows the applicant and their partner or fiancé(e) may also complete this form. The person completing this form must provide evidence of their current name, age and, where applicable, Australian citizenship or Australian permanent residency (for example, a certified copy of the birth certificate, Australian passport or passport containing a permanent visa).
  20. 1. Are these two witnesses the onese required to fill the 888 form later? Do they have to be AU PR/citizen? The reasons to ask is that our best witnesses are not australian citizen/pr. 2. The applicant is in australia and live with the sponsor now on the vistor visa and intend to apply onshore (801) application. What residency address and stage two address should we put in? Current Australia one or Oversea hometown. Thanks!
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    Partner Visa

    Thank you for the information. All the best.
  23. Yes actually the agent sort of checked after me and was making sure everything is ok while I filled out all the paperwork. However, don’t worry. Probably the status means nothing. A lot of people say that so fingers crossed 🤞 P.s: I haven’t hit the button which says “I confirmed I have added all required documents” yet.
  24. Would love to say common sense but hey it's the government we are talking about!
  25. There was nothing uncivil in my post, you just miss understood what you read as you have your nose out if joint since last time you took it upon yourself to try and ban me and it effects your judgement. Happy for you to correct my claim and explain what comeback a person has against a self appointed agent in some developing foreign country then that person is in.
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