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  2. I have already provided police clearance certificate of her country on 26th of June 2019. After that she came to Australia on visit visa 02February 2020 and still in Australia. Now according to their statement do I have to again obtain Police clearance certificate?
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  4. Hi All, I am living in Nepal and my wife is in Darwin, Australia. I was rejected my visa application twice. First rejection : Applied for dependent Visa. (My wife had Student visa) Reason for refusal : Our marriage date was after her visa application and 3 days before her visa grant. They mentioned that we should have at least emailed them about the marriage but we were not aware that we need to do so. Second Rejection : Applied for joint PR (She got the PR and i was rejected.) Reason : They had doubt in our relationship. It had been three years since she left for Australia. But she had not returned in Nepal once. She was having difficult time studying so she used those semester breaks to study and work. Additional Details : When the home affairs mentioned that we were lacking evidence the consultancy suggested her to visit me and we did. But home affairs mentioned that this visit was just done after they asked for evidence. Query : Now next suggestion was to apply for Partner visa. Should i directly apply for that now? I am not sure because as of now i think our condition remains same.(Lack of evidence). I was thinking to visit her with Tourist visa and live with her for some time and apply for it but this COVID has blocked all passages. Now i am just afraid if this increasing long distance gap will create another trouble. Some evidence i have : All Chat details. Joint account in Nepal. Some money transactions that she sent her.
  5. Just came across this update to Partner Visa's and thought I would share. As it mentions though - no dates have been made for when the following will come into effect. 1. The Australian Government has made an additional 77,300 Family Stream visa places available for the 2020/2021 financial year including Partner visas, Child visas and Parent visas. 2. The Department of Home Affairs will be prioritizing onshore subclass 820/801 Partner visa applications where both the applicant and the sponsor live in “Regional” Australia. 3. The Australian Government will be implementing its long-awaited changes to the Partner visa process. This means that the mandatory family sponsorship provisions for Partner visas will be brought into force, requiring character checks and sharing of personal information with the applicant, and enforceable sponsorship obligations. This means that the sponsorship application will need to be submitted first. Only when the sponsorship application has been approved, will the visa applicant be able to submit his or her Partner visa application. Depending on how long the sponsorship application takes to process, this could cause problems if the Partner visa applicant is in Australia and his/her visa is close to expiry. At this stage, no timetable is released for the introduction of these changes. 4. The Australian Government is intending to introduce English language requirements for Partner visa applicants and their Australian permanent resident sponsor. At this stage, no final information about the timing of this change and what the required level of English will be or if there will be the possibility of paying a second visa application charge in the event that either the sponsor or the Partner visa applicant does not meet the English language requirement.
  6. It’s good that you got subclass 309 approved in the first go. In some cases, it might happen that you get direct approval for . So, there is no need to worry about. If you still want to get more clarification, you can get in touch with the immigration experts who can guide you better with the process.
  7. Hi My wife VISA 600 (allow to stay 3 months per entry) will be expired in Nov. Can she request to extend further stay 3 months or 6 months while submitting the VISA 600 application? Currently, her 600 VISA can stay up to 3 months, in the case, usually, will apply 3 months new 600VISA or 6 months 600 VISA ?
  8. I’m gonna apply my tv in this week! So should I pay this additional 700$ for my new tv???
  9. Super is compulsory. You get it on any visa that allows you to work
  10. Hey guys, Forgive me if this is a naive question but, I just got a job here in Sydney and the employer is offering Super. Can I get this on a 309 Visa? Thanks!
  11. Hi. Thanks for the reply, I thought it may work like that but was unsure.
  12. If you have been in a long term relationship or have children or both, they can grant both at the same time. You can't get a 100 without being granted the 309 so im guessing in your case you have been granted the 309 and 100 at the same time
  13. Hi, you may have resolved this by now but we moved and I uploaded a new lease agreement only. Make sure you change the residential address on your application and on the sponsors! There is a button to submit a change of address, very important you do so! I didn't submit an updated relationship statement or anything else along with it.
  14. Usually they give you a time limit to attach new documents, mine was 35 days. If you've submitted everything asked within the timeframe there is a button on the bottom of the 'attach documents' page that says something like 'I've uploaded all required for further assessment' or something and that button signals to the case manager that you've uploaded it all in the timeframe. Or you let the time run out and they get some sort of notification on their own. I uploaded my doc's requested, hasn't clicked the button yet and my visa was approved 2 weeks before my 35 days was to run out.. so obviously the case manager is notified somehow!
  15. Hi all, wanted to give an update and ask a Q related to being granted Partner (100) subclass. Applied in Nov 2019, request for more info Sept 11, 2020 and granted Oct 5, 2020 from Canada. Now I was just granted the Partner 100 Subclass, which I'm confused by because I was under the impression you get 309 first and then Partner 100 (Migrant) later on after being granted 309 (provisional). Can anyone help here from experience?
  16. Hi Our case manager contacted me about some extra paperwork. When we receive it we will attach it to our immi-account. My question is, will we need to contact our case manager and let her know it has been uploaded, or does the immi system somehow notify her new documents have been added. Steve
  17. 2 years after applying for the 820
  18. Hi everyone, Hope you're all well. Hoping someone could clear up the timeline confusion for me. Does the 2 year waiting period start after I submitted the Partner Visa 820 or does it start after I submitted prospective marriage visa 300 Visa? Thank you!
  19. I'm still in the Philippines. I visit Australia while my application was ongoing.
  20. 2018-2020 till then where were u? I mean in Australia or Philippen?
  21. No attitude here. I appreciate the reply.
  22. You were complaining about the cost of "extending" your tv. I was just pointing out that the cost isn't for just adding a few months onto the visa you already have. You have to apply for a new visa and because it's subsequent you pay a far higher price. No need for the attitude 😉
  23. You dont "extend" visitor visas. You apply for another one. The additional cost is probably more a deterrent to stop people just constantly applying for additional TVs
  24. 888s are a requirement yes, but there is nothing anywhere that says they must be uploaded immediately. It is always in the best interest of the applicant to upload all the documents asap after lodging but they do give a bit of grace. Medicals and Police Checks are also a requirement but a lot of applicants hold off getting them till asked Check the forums and FB groups and you will see multiple posts about uploading 888s long after lodgement. Im not sure why your lawyer is scaring you like that
  25. Thank you but I spoke to a immigration lawyer today and was advised that my application will 99% be “invalidated” by the Department. I was told that the 888’s are schedule 1 requirements meaning must be uploaded immediately after lodging the application. They say that worst case would be taking the Tribunal and Minister under “compassionate” grounds. We may fit the requirements for “compassionate” grounds but I don’t like alternative which is lives ruined
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