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  2. Is it possible to apply for a tourist visa, then a bridging visa with work rights while waiting for 820 approval?
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  4. Most offshore visas have been put on hold or at the very least, the processing of them has slowed down considerably. I would wait for a request to do the medicals
  5. Hi My partner is from Japan. We are planning on doing a pv application. She has lived with me since August 2018 Relationship began Dec 17 My daughter got sick and medical bills piled up. I need another 3 or 4 months to spare the 7500$ fee. Is it a bad idea for her to go home for a few months and come back on a tourist visa and then we,apply for PV? Her student visa will run out early Sep this year. And this is her second concurrent student visa since March 17. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the info
  7. Hi, We lodged our app from the UK in November '19. However, we have not heard anything regarding a case officer, etc., despite having been very organised and thorough with our uploads. Regarding the medical: do I wait until a case officer gets in touch to proceed? Can I fill out the questionnaire element? (We prob jumped the gun by having police reports done--I realise that they time out after 12 months). Thanks, F
  8. Hope someone can help me with advice on what we can do with the following scenario My wife was granted visa 309 last September and she will need to do her first entry by September 2020. as we live and work in U.K, we won’t be able to travel to Australia due to the following reasons: 1- my wife is pregnant and the advice from the Dr is not to take the risk of being infected and stay at home 2- even if we manage to travel safely, the Australian gov.-imposed ban on all outgoing international flights for Australians and PR holders. this mean I can’t leave Australia if I reach there so, we are worried about the status of the granted visa. what shall we now? thanks in advance
  9. You must marry your partner first before converting to 309 as it is a requirement.
  10. Getting 4 months will be ok. Who knows what the border restrictions will be like in the future
  11. My partner is on a BVA. Only because of Covid otherwise it would have been an offshore application. She needs to go back to Singapore as she has work obligations - these were on hold due to work from home globally due to Covid. Can she get 4 months BVB? Effectively she is still an offshore citizen and needs to be back to ensure she doesn't lose her job. Can she get 4 months and then come back? Thanks in advance
  12. They will decide no if you dont suppy any evidence. A bridging visa will only come into effect once your current visa expires. Once you have applied for an onshore partner visa its in your best interest to upload your evidence as soon as you can
  13. Hi, does anyone know once you apply you get bridging visa and then you send evidence in? Or do they sometimes make a decision of no straight away?
  14. Hi cryptotech I am sponsor in OZ and she is in HCMC we applied for visa 300 Feb 2020 I can recommend IST. Sydney/ HCMC. Miss Ho Thi Bich Hanh (Perfect English) is located in OZ. 14/46 Hill Str, Cabramatta, 2166 NSW, +61 02 8764 3788, Mob +61 406 888 639, www.istservices.org Her office is also in HCMC. Mr. Tran Anh Duy (Perfect English). 162B Dien Bien Phu Street, Phuong 6, Quan 3, HCMC, +84 08 6290 6968, +84 09 7534 6680 I would be happy to give you more information if you need any Bernard
  15. Thanks for the link. I called the office in Saigon, they do not speak English. But I appreciate the advice thanks! But the link gave me plenty of leads so great! Have a nice weekend!
  16. A-N Migration Services is an Australian migration consultancy based in Adelaide, South Australia.In Australia:27 Hanson RoadWoodville North, South Australia 5012Tel: (+61)883477009Website: www.anmss.com In Vietnam:383 Nguyen Trong Tuyen StreetWard 2 Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh CityMob: 0908 667345 25 offices on here: https://www.mia.org.au/find-an-agent/search/?command=getresults&LocationRadius=10&Filter::OverseasOfficeLocations3::SelectOne=Vietnam&Filter::OptInToBeIncludedInThePublicDirectoryOnTheMIAWebsite2::SelectOne=91 They seem to be Australian firms with offices in Vietnam
  17. Hi all, We would like to seek for an advise. We submitted offshore 300 back in Nov 2018 and still no progress. I've been here in Australia for a tourist visa, since December 2018 living in with my fiance and currently pregnant. We're thinking of converting our application from 200 to 309. Our proof would be our living situation for more than a year now and my current situation (37 weeks pregnant). (We know that I will still need to go back to my country before approval even if the application was converted) Questions are: 1. Will it be a good idea to convert it to 309 now? we're worried we'll wait for another year again just to get an approval. 2. We're not married yet since obviously we're waiting for the approval of our 300 application, but if we submit that we've been living in now, is that enough proof?
  18. For some reason, the Department of Home Affairs does not have any registered agents in Vietnam (while there are a dozen or more in Thailand/Philippines/Singapore/Malaysia and even Cambodia has a few). I have no idea why not but I am sure it is an interesting story. Based in Saigon and was hoping to have someone that we could talk with face to face and not have to send valuable documentation across the world a dozen times. Any feedback would be welcome thanks on agents to use.
  19. Hi, I am an Irish citizen, married to an Australian citizen. We have 2 kids, both under 3, and both born in Australia, though we have lived overseas for most of our marriage and I have only ever had tourist visas for Australia. Now our marriage is breaking down - I am overseas - and she is in Australia with the kids. We evacuated to Australia due to COVID but I had to go back to work. Anyway - I am not sure what my options are - we will be getting separated/divorced - so I'm not sure that a spouse visa is an option. Another option is the parent visa, which is about 50,000 AUD. This may be the only option I am left with. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  20. Dzopan

    Partner Visa

    Hi mate, did you get any update about your visa ? Covid situation changed so much plans for this year. Just a couple of questions. Did u apply as de-facto couple? Did you apply for a visitor visa for her to visit and what was the duration she got?
  21. Hi, My husband submit VISA 600 on-line for family re-union , and taking care soon to be born child during convid 19 period. it has been more than a month, but nothing is processed. due to the oversea processing center has been closed. My delivery date is due on next month. it's urgently waiting him to come to AU before the baby delivery, so, in this case, any communication channel I can talk to IMM to check whether they will process/access the VISA application or not ? Thanks in advance
  22. @Jasmin We applied under compelling/compassionate circumstances but on the grant letter they said they deemed her an 'immediate family member'.
  23. visas over 6 months as a rule require a medical including when you get a multiple entry visa limited to 3 months. Odd they didn't the first time, I would assume a oversight or maybe she just forgot at the time. Unless her first one was a ETA, I'm not sure on their requirements as never had to research them
  24. If you selected the right option at the start you shouldn't see that. Make sure you follow the advise. Use Code 33 at Question 1 on the form and include details of all names you have been known by.
  25. Hello i am wondering which Australian federal police check is needed for a partnership visa? They said i needs to be a complete disclosure. It indicates there are 3 options. States below. $42.00 for each National Police Check application from a government department or an individual. $99.00 for a fingerprint and National Police Check application where fingerprints are supplied to the AFP on application. $139.00 for a fingerprint and National Police Check application, where fingerprints are taken and processed by the AFP Thank you.
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