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    My fiancé and I often talk about our magical unicorn which will miraculously appear within the next weeks with my granted PMV in its pocket ... We also started a collection of good reasons and arguments why Immi should grant us the visa now called "Dear Immigration...". We assume it will turn out to be a best selling book - but probably only applicants will buy it^^. I think humor helps us waiting and keeping our heads up.😊
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    Agree totally. I will go onto to say that the child's health, safety and wellbeing must be put foremost in all your decisions and actions.
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    The condition of his PMV granted in March is that he must enter Australia before 18 November and then marry you during the visa validity period. Condition 8519 - The holder must enter into the marriage in relation to which the visa was granted within the visa period of the visa. You will need to contact IMMI immediately and without delay. What is of concern, and will be readily apparent to IMMI, is that he has had since March to enter Australia, but the reasons preventing him travelling to Australia only occurred a "few days ago". Do you also have evidence of the following: That you had flights booked to travel to Australia between the date of his accident and 18 November. That your marriage was going to take place within the visa validity period (What was the date of marriage advised to IMMI in the PMV application). I really wish you all the best, but I am sorry to say that I don't like your chances here.
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    Also depending on her age a WHV could be a good option.
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    Not strictly correct. The definition of de facto is; A de facto relationship is one where you and your partner are not legally married to each other but: you are committed to a shared life excluding all others your relationship is genuine and continuing you live together or do not live separately and apart on a permanent basis you are not related by family There is no 'live together for 12 month rule' anymore. DIBP will understand a distance relationship such as yours, which I feel you can demonstrate.
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    Attending a Conference

    Hi, Help me out I am a little bit confused. You are going to attend a conference but then you say that Aren't you supposed to already have the name of the organisation for the conference you are attending? And also you went on to say Same question as above. Why will you try to find the organisation's number when you are already applying for visa which means you should already be having all details of the conference including name of organiser, their address and contact details? I find it unusual that you have to try to find this information while filling in the form. I suggest you consult a registered migration agent. You may be doing something wrong.
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    Just have a small registry wedding first to satisfy the visa conditions then later when you have the funds plan the big wedding. That was our plan. Our registry wedding cost us about $250 in total. However, since then we have pumped out a little junior and life plods along and basically we said bugger the big wedding and went on a holiday instead haha
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    Not normally, unless they wrote to you and included a return contact. All changes must be notified in writing, so you need to submit a Form 1022, via mail/email.
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    Australia 476 skilled graduate visa

    You are a Pakistani National, born in the UAE, and living abroad from Pakistan. Where you were born is somewhat irrelevant, its the passport you carry. I suspect, as I was confused about your nationality, so is DIBP. I also suspect you did not complete the original form 80 properly, hence the request for a new one. Based on what you have provided you need to; Complete a new form 80 and submit. Make sure its accurate to your Nationality and UAE residency. Form 80 asks about all your jobs, addresses etc over the last 10 years. I would go back as far as you can to be safe. It does not hurt. It also asks for you Pakistani Passport, UAE ID documents etc. Form 80 asks for your nationality, and other residency documents, current residency, travel plans. So it very much DOES speak to Pakistan. Based on what you said you do not need a Pakistani PCC. Your UAE PCC will expire soon, so you may need to get a new one as well If you do not do all this promptly, your Medical will expire and you will need a new medical. Be sure to answer every question in form 80 accurately..
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    I am a regular contributor, and I find myself repeating the same advice over and over again. Which is OK because I like the sound of my own voice ;-) All the posts here detail what you SHOULD do. As something different, I will detail what NOT to do. This is based on many years investigating Immigration Fraud cases, it applies to Visitor, Partner and most other visa's. When you make a visa application, DO NOT.. Lie or tell half truths. Withhold important information that is on public record (i.e you have a criminal history). Honesty may prove you have learnt your lesson and can now be trusted? Claim something you cant prove. Everything you state must be able to be proved through paperwork. A job without proper pay records is probably fake. Ring the embassy or High Commissioner demanding priority. Send abusive emails to your case worker Criticise your case worker by name in a public forum (yes DIBP read all this) Complain about the fees. Australia ain't cheap If you want to prove a Defacto you must prove 12 months relationship, NOT 11 months and 2 weeks. Include erroneous photos without explaining why the are relevant. Unsubstantiated Photos mean nothing, they are easily faked. If you include Statements from someone as your relationship or circumstances, make sure they can be contacted by DIBP. Yes they do check. Ask for a statement from someone who cant prove that they were in same country as you 12 months ago. Visa, Passport stamp, airline ticket. Think you are special, important or high priority. In Australia, we are all equal. Look up Tall Poppy Syndrome. Expect DIBP to see into your heart, regardless of how much love you feel, HARD proof is best. No amount of love will replace hard facts and proof. Expect to get around a medical. Medicals are mandatory, relax they are not complicated, providing you are healthy. Complain about long waiting times, especially if your application is from a high risk country, they will take longer. Expect to come here and get medicare and welfare the day you arrive. Come here to build a life and work hard. Questions like "how soon can I get medicare, or welfare" do not look good Try to avoid or fake Police checks. They are VERY important to DIBP, what you may think is minor thing, DIBP may consider an issue. If you have a police history, tell them. Hiding things like that will only hurt your application. Try to fake that your relationship has been for a long time, when it has not. If the relationship is true, and genuine then all is good. If its fake and not real, save your money, DIBP will catch you out. Send anything in a foreign language, Everything must be translated (by a certified translator), regardless what some hokey local website or friend of your mother says is ok., (Exception is some EU and Russian missions will accept local language docs, check first). Thinks you are being victimised or discriminated against. Trust me, DIBP do not care about ladyboys, same sex unions, age gaps, religion, or how many times married. So dont make it an issue. "DIBP rejected my PV because I am a gay, transgender, muslim, divorcee" Bullshit. The Australian Public Service pride themselves on their impartiality. Expect a visa if either of are not of good character, including the sponsor. Especially if there is a child involved. Good Character is a complex term, but most get the idea. Think visa fees have a guarantee. Yes the PV is very expensive, and there are no guarantees. If in doubt DONT APPLY. DIBP is not an Apple Store. Try to fake a relationsip. Any genuine relationship will have evidence to prove such. No evidence, its probably not genuine. Be impatient. DONT be in a hurry. Patience. And NO DIBP do not make you wait as a test. PLAN ahead, DIBP like people who plan holidays well in advance. Get married, or have a baby thinking it will get you special treatment or a fast track. Think that you father/uncle/brother as a famous proctologist/businessman/politician gives you status. It means nothing. Its about you and your partner. Provide fake documents, statements, payslips, company certificates, letters etc etc etc. They are usually spotted immediately. Just one lie and your probably will be rejected. Understand this, TRUTH on your application is more important than ANY other aspect. Use or pay a NON licensed immigration agent. All registered agents with DIBP are listed on the Australian Embassy Websites. Believe sites like www.easyaussievisa.com, they are usually full of lies and old information. Believe the information on the TRUE www.dibp.gov.au website. Believe anyone who says they have a friend at the AU embassy, and can get you fast tracked. Judge Australian society, standards and culture by your own. What may be normal in your homeland maybe either illegal or unacceptable in Australia. The opposite also applies. Disrespect or treat any Immigration of DIBP staff member poorly. They have a hard job. While on this forum,Don't demand answers, we are volunteers Don't get narky because we may have not observed you own customs, trust me we are observing ours. Don't demand rapid answers, we all have other real lives, we do our best Read, read and read more. 99% of all questions have been answered before. So excuse us if we get testy when repeating the same advice for the 1200th time ;-)
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    Australia 476 skilled graduate visa

    OK, you stated you were born in UAE, but you also hold a Pakistani passport? I am confused. Why would a UAE citizen apply for a Pakistani passport? Are you UAE born, or a UAE Citizen? I suspect DIBP will need you to provide full details of all your time in Pakistan via a form 80, and a PCC if any stay was over 12 months. It would appear that you were not 100% accurate on your initial details and hence DIBP is digging deeper. All applicants needs to provide a PCC for any country they lived in for 12 months or more. Why are you worried about the Pakistan thing, If you are UAE born and citizen? How long have you spent in Pakistan?
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    Visa 309, form 888

    Always get the original signed copies for your records, eventually. They may be asked for at any stage,
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    Australia 476 skilled graduate visa

    Have you every spent any amount of time in Pakistan? On the initial application did you mention Pakistan in any way? Have you ever lived there, or have you dual nationality? For whatever reason DIBP are interested in your ties to Pakistan. Resubmit a complete form 80, leaving no details out would be my suggestion.
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    When things are this messy professional advise and knowledge is needed.
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    DSS Department of Social Services is the old name for the Dept of Family and Community Services (old but commonly known names) Today its the called Department of Social Services again. One of DSS's roles is the overseeing the very complex Child Protection Framework in Australia, which encompasses, DSS, Health, State HEalth, Police etc etc etc. Initially I do not think that DSS would be your best point for advice in your situation. The mother has several avenues available to her to join the child in Australia as the child's carer, including the new SPONSORED PARENT (TEMPORARY) VISA (SUBCLASS 870). Due to the sensitivity of cases such as you describe, I would start by contacting an independant advisor (either an immigration agent, or legal aid who will help when children are involved), before I contact DIBP. Although the father may not want to be involved, he must give permission for the child to be relocated outside of their natural home. Again why I feel you should speak to an specialist.
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    Paper application form

    Some of the questions have changed and the are extra's, you can start the application and just save it. No need to submit it in one run
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    Attaching Documents for PMV

    since you are doing everything online electronically, you can have coloured scans of originals. Eventually you will still need to have the originals of all the documents that you submitted. They may not be asked for but you will need to have them for your file. They may be asked for later.
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    Tourist Visa Granted

    They probably want to see her Australian visa as evidence that she is visiting Malaysia as a genuine visitor. A person can have as many visas as they want (only one Australian visa at a time though). Just on a side, Malaysia or any other country for that matter has absolutely no jurisdiction over Australia's immigration laws.
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    Applying for a partner visa in Australia

    You can't do the sponsor application until the main applicant has lodged and payed for the application
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    Applying for a Resident Return Visa can be done online. However as you do not satisfy the residency requirement (living in Australia for 2 years in the last 5 years) you must be able to demonstrate substantial ties to Australia that are of benefit to Australia. Your ties must be both substantial and of benefit to Australia. They include: business ties cultural ties employment ties personal ties Substantial personal ties may be of benefit to Australia if the applicant is, or has been, a participating member of the Australian community and economy, and their ties enrich the lives of individual Australian residents and citizens. Substantial personal ties may be that you regard Australia as home or have an intention to reside in Australia.
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    820 application, country of residence?

    If she is applying onshore that obviously suggests she is here living in Australia so her usual country of residence is Australia.
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    What state do you reside in Australia? If you reside in VIC, NSW or QLD you might want to consider registering your de facto relationship. As she is from the US she may be eligible for an ETA. An ETA will not have condition 8503 attached, which means she can apply for another visa whilst in Australia, for example an onshore partner visa.
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    National Identity Documents

    All applications must be completed in ENGLISH. In the case if a foreign name or reference (say Arabic) then you must write the ANGLICISED equivalent. Writing Arabic script on the form will lead to a rejection.
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    Form 47sp

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    482 VISA and 190

    Hi there, Firstly, what is the occupation your employer has nominated you under? If the occupation is on medium to long term list, permanent residency is also available under subclass 186 visa subject to meeting all other requirements. If your role is based in a regional area, there may still be more employer sponsored pathways even if the occupation is not on long term. 482 is a temporary visa and can be held while applying for permament residence under 189 or 190 subject to meeting other requirements. Further tss dependents gets full working rights with no work restrictions what so ever. It is even better than your visa which is tied to your employer under condition 8607. However, prospects of getting a job do get better with permanent residence. Hope this helps. Regards Hussain
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    Hi, I don't mean to discourage you but I have been reading most of your questions and it really looks like it would benefit you more if you get the help of a registered migration agent. From the way I see it, it looks very likely for you to miss something or make a silly mistake if you insist on doing this by yourself. The answers you will get here will only be suggestions and may not apply to your specific situation. I am not saying this for this question in particular but in general. Now to answer your question, The question clearly states what you need to copy.
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    National Identity Documents

    include everything including birth certificates , drivers licence etc
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    That's a long story. I got my Citizenship way back in 2009 then went to India and got stuck there for years. Got married and than after spending few years together with my parents, I decided to move back here for good. Took me a while to set myself up and accumulate savings and finally apply for this visa for my wife.
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    A family member travels with me

    1 yes of course. 2 won't make any difference
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    Wife’s Partner visa (801) granted a few days back. 3 months after application and 16 months post eligibility. Too late to get “smart and skilled” funding for wife’s TAFE course. One more cost to absorb. Just one final application to lodge in 12 months for citizenship then can close the book on 6 year endless source of frustration😬
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    Period of Stay for Tourist Visa

    Hey, I actually read it's only 3 months each stay. 😫 and I can't do bridging visa too since I applied offshore
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    They wouldn't expect to see every transaction. The evidence in all aspects is about showing and proving a genuine ongoing relationship
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    You are applying for a Permanent Visa. You apply for both 309 and 100 in the initial application. So you say no
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    Hi, If you are asking for the time it takes for the visa to be granted below arae the current processing times
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    Visit Visa for Offshore PV Applicants

    You need to treat it like a normal tourist visa. A partner visa is only one part of the evidence
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    It is not just a matter of having a specific amount of money in your account. You have to demonstrate that you have enough money or access to enough money to allow you to do the activities that you say you will do for the given duration. No one can give you a figure. As an example one who will stay at a friend's house and not paying for accommodation will need less money than the one who will stay in a hotel paying everything for themselves. I hope that helps
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    Previous Sponsorship Query

    Hi, Your interpretation seems correct but wait to hear from others here and see what they think.
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    Hi @Jackie Nothing was asked apart from the automatically generated request for biometrics and health check , which appeared on immi account as soon as the payment was done. So in short, no communication at all. This month will be 7 months waiting. It's a long journey which needs a lot of patience and dedication.
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    Its 12 months, calculated as month to month. Not days. If the 344 days spans 11 months or more (based on actual calendar dates of arrival and departure) then I would get a PCC as your borderline. Either way, if you decide not to get a PCC, and IMMI wants one, they will write and ask. GDR PCC's are easy and quick to get online.
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