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    Visa Help 820/801

    The BVA will come soon after lodgment. Some come immediately others within hours. Its rarely more than a day or 2 Some people wait till asked by CO for police checks as they are only valid for 12 months. Others, like my wife uploaded it at lodgement. Quality over quantity. Just pick out a few convos from start, middle and current
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    If you are a qualified translator then yes you probably could, though I would still recommend someone else doing it. The ect part that you left off is them asking how the translator is qualified to do translations. qualifications and experience in the language they are translating
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    No you can't translate yourself None of your docs need to be certified. Clear colour uploads is what they need
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    Parkinson's disease

    I believe due to the fact your partner has a diagnosis that will need to declare that during the application so it will definitely be assessed during the medical.
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    Whilst I agree with the intent and most of the information you have provided. I disagree a legitimate job will have documented evidence to prove this. Many people work hard in low paying jobs for cash. Just because they are paid in cash doesn't mean they are working in illegitimate jobs. Take Thailand for an example, if you work in a job that is the minimum wage, most likely you will be paid cash and won't be given any paper work/payslips. Also if you're paid the minimum legal wage or under 150,000 baht per year you are exempt from paying tax or lodging a PIT. So working for cash and not paying tax is not a crime. As I said I agree with most of your post and as you have said, it's pretty easy for immigration to verify the information you provide.
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    Partner visa subclass 309 https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/partner-offshore Online, see above website. AUD7,715 But add another thousand or so to cover additional costs such as translations, medicals etc If you wish but it's not required. They will need to apply for a tourist visa to be able to do so, but getting one shouldn't be an issue. You maybe able to apply as defacto if you meet the requirements instead of getting married in Australia. Read the above website first, but other costs are translations, medicals and police checks as general rule but depending on your circumstances there maybe more. Why is it not possible to get one? The Amphur office in the area where he was born will be able to provide you with a certified copy unless he is quite old. Or they can provide a certified print out of the registration system.
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    The basics I restate; More quality , less volume A photo without a proven date is useless. A photo without a corroborating email, event or receipt that establishes a date is basically useless. Photos with family members should include their passport ID's so the Identity of these people in a photo can be verified. Again, more quality and less piles of random photos and transcripts. Considering the CW's ease of reading/verification will get you far.
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    That refusal condition is a catch all condition as such. Given your girlfriends circumstances, she would unlikely to be granted a visa on her own circumstance. Generally, the reasons for return are the follow in no particular order. Employment status Length of employment Occupation Immediate family Immediate family that require care or support Assets Income Savings Role within the community Pervious visa compliance from the country or similar country International travel Relationship with invitee As to how to get a visa, pretty much the only way she would be granted a visa is due your relationship and at the present time it doesn’t appear to a third party to be very serious and worth the risk of granting a visa. Generally, visas are granted for 3 months (or more), so to get a visa would require further trips by you to Thailand plus evidence of significant support for a period greater than 3 months at a minimum.
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    Its unusual that she already has it, as its only used to obtain a passport and immigration purposes. Make of this what you wish. Technically you only need the Por Kor 14, but as I said Australian immigration likes to go above and beyond the requirements. Your goal is to make life easy for the assessor, tick all the boxes as such. You don't want to have to go to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) to "win", making the decision easy for the decision maker (person who approves your visa) is your goal. Make the decision hard and they will let some else make the decision, like the AAT. Which will cost you time and money (a lot of both) Short version it's in your best interest to get all three done, the Por Kor 14, Form 1229 and consent letter.
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    Offshore visa application

    It's not semantics, your confusing and mixing up different things. You said A child born outside of Thailand to a Thai parent is automatically a Thai national/citizen at birth. A Thai born outside of Thailand may obtain a Thai birth certificate, but they don't apply or register for citizenship. There is no requirement to register a birth. A child born outside of Australia to a Australian parent is not automatically an Australian citizen, they must apply for citizenship (by descent). They also can not be issued with an Australian birth certificate. Citizenship by descent can also be refused by the Australian Government. As you can see they are very different. Also if the OP is not legally married it can make more complex if the child is born in Thailand. I have no idea what you're referring to here?????
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    Online Partner Visa Questions

    2nd one. The sponsor is not an applicant
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    Yeah we waited until our bubs was about 3 months old before we applied for his passport. The photo was quite easy then. My brother is having a hell of a time trying to get CbD for his baby in the Philippines. It doesn't help that the Philippines is quite notorious for its "red tape" in absolute everything
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    Today my husband was granted his 100 Subclass. We have been married 15yrs and they skipped the 309 Subclass provisions for us. This is our timeline. Submitted- 1/18/19 Approved- 9/2/19 Enter by- 9/2/20 Health Assessment received by immi on 8/10. Police/FBI checks uploaded 8/21. We got these done without being asked first. Waited a few months after submission as we didn't want to be approved before August since we wanted to enter in August next year. Our timing worked out perfectly. Zero contact by immi prior to automatic email advising his visa was granted. Super excited and ready for our adventure!!!!
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    You can go to Australia, activate it and go back to Vietnam and move in 2024. We received my visa almost 2 years ago and will move to Aus only in the beginning of the next year.
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    OK, understood. Usually Migration Visa's such as the 309 expect you to land in Australia within 12-18 months from the date of the Visa grant. It varies, and can be extended with plausible reason. But not for say 5 years. As you planning nearly 5 years hence, you could certainly wait until your plans are closer. I can only comment based on today's laws and policies, a lot can change in 5 years. What I can promise is that it will cost a whole lot more in 5 years 😉
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    Subclass 802

    Before you can apply for partner visa onshore, you need to make sure that your current visa does not have a "no further stay" condition attached it. Once you make a valid subclass 820 application, a bridging visa is usually granted immediately but will only become active once your current visa expires
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    Who can be sponsor?

    @Electric Sheep and @Ace09 please keep it civil guys. Ace09 the sponsor must be the partner who is an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident. You may be confused about when assurances of support (AoS) were required for partners that did not meet the financial requirements. However, these are no longer required for partner visas. To avoid any confusion the sponsor must be the partner who is an eligible Australian citizen of Australian permanent resident.
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    Thanks you! Until June 6 2020, 9 months after the grant
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    Waiting time for PMV 300 from Philippines

    Yikes 17 months!! My wife is from the Philippines. Our PMV 300 took 2 months. Dec 2017 grant
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    You can only upload documents after you lodge and pay for the application Tip: Dont refer to her as your GF in the application. Use the term partner
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    Long Term Relationship 309/100

    As long as you have some kind of proof that your relationship existed and continued to exist for all those 4.5 years. You seem to have covered that But like you said, it is up to the discretion of the CO
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    Yes you can get the HAP ID once you apply and yes you're doing the travel docs right
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    40sp - you should only do the online one. Form 80 seems to be requested fairly often now so doesn't hurt to just do it. Don't worry about 1221
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    My wife and i got married at the Registry. Total cost of wedding $250 with only my sister and her 2 kids in attendance. Theres no requirement for a whizz bang wedding with 200 people
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    Partner visa questions

    We decided to register our relationship domestically. We haven't gotten it approved yet, can we add it to the application latter ? Can we add additional information to our relationship statements latter ? Can medical and police checks be added latter ? For photos do we need to get them certified or can we add electronic versions ? We have daily text message and LINE conversations, do we need to include these with the application ? if so, how ? I must vent that this whole thing is ridiculous, do they expect that we have film crews following us around to record our every day activities ? How can we possible prove our relationship is "social" ? This stupid system actually advantages scammers, as they would know to take picture perfect snaps with friends ahead of the application. I mean bloody hell, we go out for dinner with people but we never think "hey lets take a group photo !" is just isn't normal.
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    To answer your questions directly. As SUHI said once you have applied for a partner visa you can get Medicare, while medical insurance do have waiting periods Medicare doesn't. You will need a x-ray as part of the process however due to the processing times you'll be fine to do it after bub is born. There is no way to fast track the application based on pregnancy. However context and information is required for more detailed responses. Like does your visa have the 8503 condition and how long have you been with your partner
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    as long as its coloured scan of the originals, then no need to get it certified.
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    After the 2 years you are eligible to provide further evidence, then wait again, my wife got hers a little after a year and a bit from eligibility
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    Provided she has a valid visa yes she can come to Australia. With Thai though to make life easier make sure you've sorted most of the official stuff sorted as you can't do things online. So birth certificate, police check and any other doc's you need.
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    Happy to give you some references to assist in your research. Although I would like to know what has lead you to your own opinions on the matter. Not directly related but have you read any of Sathiankoset's works?
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    I'm Australian living overseas and sponsored my wife so she got her offshore visa in about 3 months which was really great surprise for us since the estimated time-frame for decision was 12-18 months or something like that. No mention of any financial/income stuff at all in the application that I recall. But that was towards the end of 2018 and before the start of the sponsor pre-approval thing. Best luck to all
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    Be sure to address all the reasons for the previous rejection. Do the same as before, expect the same results as before. Do your research on this forum. There are countless posts offering examples and guidance.
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    @Byron I guess you can't explain it then.
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    Form 40SP question

    The 40SP is not a paper form anymore. Hasn't been since July 2018. You need to do sponsor application online on yours or your partners Immi account. Do not fill out 40SP print and upload. You will be wasting your time as you will still need to do the online app
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    Financially supporting her for the visa means very little, in fact could work against her without ongoing past and present support. From your other post in from the other thread. I take it you have read the thread this was posted in, as it explains it very well As your girlfriends visa is assessed on her present and past personal circumstances, given her job, income and home situation she would most likely never get a visa issued on these personal circumstances on her own accord. For her to get a visa will be dependant on the strength of your relationship and support from you, so you need to start working on this and keeping evidence of it. You will need to have known each other for around 6 months, visited in person with each other at least twice for around a month in total. Now this is general information as their no fixed rule on this, the more time spent together lessens the time period knowing each other and vice versa. As you will be supporting her financially for the visa and her stay, it would add weight to show you have been giving similar financial support for a similar time period if not longer. And above all document and evidence your relationship together so you can use it in the application.
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    Partner visa and child

    You really should read the links I provided and it answers your questions, but to answer your question, No. An ETA is granted for either 12 months from the date it is granted, or how long your passport is valid for, whichever is the shorter. The visa is granted with multiple entry. You can leave and re-enter Australia as many times as you want while it is valid. You can remain in Australia for 3 months after each entry.
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    Australian citizen by decent

    Aussiedude has explained it well. A good option is to approach this from another angle, apply for child support first and then citizenship as child support will be the most helpful in the short term and once proven can be used to help when applying for citizenship. To prove parentage for child support you need to meet these requirements. A person is the child’s biological father if: they’re named as the father on the birth certificate or adoption certificate they sign a statutory declaration (a legal document) saying they’re the father the child was born during the marriage the child was born within 44 to 20 weeks of when the mother and father lived together the court makes a declaration (finding) that a person is a child’s father and/or that a person is liable to pay child support for a child. The court can order DNA testing, but the father can refuse to do it, but basically if they do refuse the court will most likely rule that they are the father based on the refusal (considering you supplied other evidence) Have a look here for more information (disregard thats its a Queensland site as its a federal law) http://www.legalaid.qld.gov.au/Find-legal-information/Relationships-and-children/Child-support-and-maintenance/Proof-of-parentage And look here for applying for child support. https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/subjects/child-support-when-parents-and-children-live-outside-australia#a1
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    Australian citizen by decent

    Firstly you have to prove that she is the daughter of an Australian Citizen. As you dont state where the child was born I assume not in Australia. Being the case you need to get the childs birth certificate, and assuming it has the Fathers name on it, that is principally all you need. If there are differences in the childs surname from the father, that must be explained. The birth original certificate must translated if required. Here is the form with the requirements; https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/118.pdf If the fathers name does not appear on the birth certificate, then it gets very complicated, as the Citizenship Office usually required DNA proof. The father does not have to supply DNA if he does not want to. But, you cant get a court order in special cases, but that is an expensive and complicated legal process. You are correct, once the child is recognised as his offspring, under Australian law he MUST pay child support. Child Support can be claimed retrospectively in some cases.
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    Bridging Visa A

    You most likely will be looking at a ban (official or unofficial) for at least 5 years maybe a lifetime.. In the departments view, you will be seen to have committed or attempted to commit visa fraud. You claimed protection from your countries government and that your life was at risk etc if you had to return to your country, Australia is obliged to assist you with protection from this and then you return back to the country your being protected from anyway. If you were granted the visa (866), you wouldn't be allowed to return to your country unless with written permission from the Australian Government which is rarely given.
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    As I have said you have 2 days from lodging a valid application, the 2 days is an unofficial internal policy to allow for issues uploading, website errors etc etc. The official policy is that your application may be refused without notice and without requests for further information at any time after lodging a valid application. Here is the official statement via the Migration institute of Australia MIA Notice 86 https://www.mia.org.au/communications/id/2807/ The following policy will be applied to applications lodged before and after 18 November 2017 and not finally decided: • Undocumented or poorly documented applications lodged by RMAs, eg applicatons that only meet the basic Schedule 1 requirements for lodging a valid application, may be refused without notice and without requests for further information. • Where natural justice letters have been sent to RMAs, no follow up or subsequent reminders will be sent. The Department will decide the application on the information before it, unless an extension of time has been requested and granted. • For applications lodged prior to 18 November 2017, the Department will provide only ONE opportunity to submit additional information and/or documents or respond to a natural justice letter. These measures have been implemented by the Department because of the high level of incomplete and undocumented applications lodged and are aimed at freeing Departmental resources to address the second stage processing backlog.
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    Yes, you shouldn't apply until you have a decision ready application, withstanding documents requested during processing etc. In practise there seems to be some leeway, but I won't advise how much that maybe.
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    Tourist Visa for A Thai

    The actual core principles are slightly different to what you have posted. They are officially genuinely intend only to visit Australia temporarily not work unlawfully not engage in studies or training for more than 3 months have, or have access to, adequate means to support themselves during the period of the visit so that they do not need to access Australia’s social welfare system leave Australia on or before the date their visa ceases, unless they make a valid application to stay for a longer period to the benefit of Australia The applicant is assessed on their individual circumstances, this will include the circumstances of friends and family if applicable. If the applicant is in a relationship with an Australian Citizen/PR there is a requirement that they take fair & reasonable approach in regards to this when assessing a visa. The requirement is (as per the regulations) that they have 'adequate means to support himself or herself; or access to adequate means to support himself or herself; during the period of the applicant's intended stay in Australia.' Giving advice such as in the above confuses people such as the OP, as to take your example, having $2,000 in Dad's account may meet the requirement, as might not having a bank account in the applicants name, not having any personal savings or not having an income. The key is as per the requirement, is to either have, or have access to means to support themselves. If they don't personally have the means to support themselves, they need to provide evidence of how they will have access to it and given the transportability of funds that it will be available and history to show this or some other evidence that can demonstrate it.
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    Tourist Visa for A Thai

    No, but it helps. No never put money in someone's bank account for a visa, it raises so many flags with the department, it's the worst advice you can possible get. Much better just explaining the situation. Not her past, but the lack of job will make it harder to show she has a reason to return at the end of the visa. Again can be covered in a support letter or statement. Your employment will hold a fair bit of sway, I would include as much details as possible, job title, payslips, leave requests, clearance, length of employment, tax returns etc No you can only sponsor family members and it's a slightly different visa anyway.
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    Just another correction here; Thailand doesn't have de facto laws and a de-facto relationship isn't recognised under Thai law. Village weddings aren't legally binding in anyway under law unless registered at the local Amphur, although they are excepted culturally. For references see here ประมวลกฎหมายแพ่งและพาณิชย์ มาตรา ๑๔๕๘ http://library2.parliament.go.th/library/content_law/15.pdf A village wedding is recognised as proof of a de facto relationship in Australia. (as long as you meet the other requirements)
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    Resident Return Visa For Child

    You can apply for RRV for your child. Your compelling reasons that your child can't come to Australia if they get the RRV are in my opinion not compelling at all, in fact they work against you. It seems that you are just trying to maintain PR for your child without them living in Australia. Australia has far stronger and better enforced child protection laws then India, so I don't give much credence to your compelling reasons argument.
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    Not sure where you have been for the last 30 years, but it's still is called 'Royal Assent', suggest you have a read of the Australian Constitution. The Governor General 'Assent' a Bill in the Queen's name, at his discretion, but subject to the Constitution. He also can do a number of other things with the Bill, but its still 'Royal Assent' The Harare Declaration is nothing more than a voluntary agreement, it by its very nature can not override Australia's (or any countries) laws or Constitution. Oh and by the way, Australia became an independent nation in 1901 not 1991. You may be getting confused with the Australia Act and State based 'Royal Assent'.
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    No problems. What may have confused you is that on the 28 November 2018, the government approved the Migration Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill which will require sponsors to apply to be approved as sponsors before a partner visa is applied for. The Bill must receive Royal assent and go through a few processes before they become law and the requirement is in place. The timeframe for processing pre-approval is not yet known, but 2-3 months is the talk at the moment.
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    Offshore visa application

    That's not correct, they automatically acquire Thai nationality by birth, but you need to apply for a Thai birth certificate. There is no requirement when they reach 18 to accept or decline citizenship, what you may be thinking about is between the age of 20 and 21 they may surrender Thai nationality on a voluntary basis if they so choose, but they have to apply to do this.
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    Permanent Partner Visa 100

    Hi GREG53, No they didnt ask for me for any form 88. This is my application details. DOL (309 visa) - april 2015 Grant date - Jan 2016 Notification from department to apply for 100 visa - feb 2017 DOL (100 visa) - May 2017 Grant date(100 visa) - Mar 2018 Mode : Online Hope this helps.
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    Permanent Partner Visa 100

    aussiedude you can apply 2 years after lodging the initial 309/100. it's nothing to do with the grant of the 309. currently we have been waiting 1 year and 1 month.
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