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    Por Kor 14

    To be honest it's mainly on the memory of an applicants post. They got a refusal initially for to they couldn't get a court order or form 1229 done so they got the parents visa sorted with the child's refusal and then down the track applied for the child after. I did try and find some sort of reference but for something so specific and unusual it's damn hard to find.
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    Hello all, I’m a newbie here. Applying for a prospective marriage visa 300. date of lodgment: 23/01/2020 current status: initial assessment Residence of my fiancé: Lebanon we’ve been asked automatically for biometrics and health assessment health assessment done on: 26/01/2020 we’ll do the biometrics in mid Feb. I’ll post any updates. Fingers crossed and good luck for you all guys. please keep us updated
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    Por Kor 14

    Thanks I will send them a message. The Visas being tired together is a big concern, maybe it's best to withdraw the child and apply on there own.
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    Form 80 mandatory?

    That's a very generic list that covers all visa classes. That kind of letter would be for a employee sponsored visa. Nothing to do with the partner visa
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    Partner Visa

    If you are good with paperwork and research then you can apply on your own. You working won't impact things. If you apply offshore then for your partner to come to Australia would have to get a seperate visa and abide by its conditions. To apply onshore your partner would need a visitor visa without the 8503 condition. After applying you get a bridging visa which will only kick in after the tourist visa terms have lapsed, once the bridging visa is activated then they can work
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    Form 80 mandatory?

    Thanks @Jackie and @SammyJ! I've now completed my Form 80. Going to be fun asking my employer for a letter of good conduct since I was hoping to apply for this without my employer's knowledge. Oh well!
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    I was asked for my medical examination within a few days after submitting the application. Regarding police checks I don't know as I attached mine directly without being asked for.
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    form 47 Sp witnesses

    The witnesses you nominate in the Partner Visa application are the ones who will do the 888s.
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    Your opening post referred to applying for a tourist visa. Given the length of processing I was merely trying to ascertain whether you had applied under the tourist stream, which now we have learn't you haven't. A subclass 600 visitor visa has both a tourist stream and a sponsored family visitor stream. Processing takes considerably longer for applications under the sponsored family visitor stream.
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    That's not really correct. You are still within the standard processing time as the average times are based on business days. Unfortunately sponsored tourist visas (that's what it sounds like you have applied for) take longer to process and it's a busy time of year for tourist visas so they tend to take longer. At least with him being in Australia and lodging in Australia he would of gotten a bridging visa to cover a gap if there is one between the old visa and the new.
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    Visa for Thai girlfriend

    What hoops would they be? Its a very simple process to marry a foreign national in Australia regardless of what visa they came in on
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    As Aussie_83 has rightly stated, your partner will have significant issues with regards to satisfying Schedule 3 of the Migration Regulations which concerns the additional criteria applicable to unlawful non-citizens and certain bridging visa holders. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly for a consultation. The Schedule 3 requirements were discussed recently in this related post: Non substantial visa holder applying onshore for Partner visa
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    Realistically you need professional help as you'll need to meet schedule 3 criteria which is stringent and a massive issue.
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    Partner Visa - sponsor

    There is no requirement for the sponsor to be employed and isn't an issue.
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    Hey there! I downloaded our FB Messenger conversations. Over the span of the relationship until the time of my application, we had two occasions when we were apart, both about a month's long. So I had two PDF files, each containing all the download from FB. If you only have some emails and chat records, I recommend you upload them in their entirety during the application. Then, you could write a short stat dec explaining that during the times that you were separated, you used Yahoo Messenger and Viber, which you can't provide evidence for, because those systems don't have a download function. As long as you have something, and you can explain why there isn't that much, you should be alright! I hope that helps!
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    partner Visa

    Welcome to the Australian Visa Forum, If you want to pitch for business, how about contributing to the forum firstly. Your links have been removed.
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    David Stephens

    From sponsorship 457 to Partner Visa

    You have to be a bit careful in this situation as you have competing issues of 1) meeting Partner criteria, which usually involves cohabitation, and 2) meeting the 8107 condition of your current visa. There are other critical issues in that your partner has an obligation to inform Immigration of correct information, including marital status. He was granted his visa on basis of being single. Therefore you cannot now claim you actually have an ongoing partner relationship pre-dating his visa grant. The issue of bridging visas is important. If you leave your employer, and do not secure a new sponsorship, your 457 will be cancelled. That mechanism also automatically cancels your bridging visa A. So if you had lodged a Partner visa, you need to move to a bridging visa E. There is substantial risk of going offshore. Based on what you have written above I do not suggest introducing that risk. There is a solution for your circumstances, but you have to plan it very carefully. Regards
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    Visitor Visa Delay

    They granted my visa today Thanks everyone . 😁
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    Exceptional reasons for extended stay

    Visa labels are not used by the Australian Government for visitor visas. All visa grant information is available electronically to immigration and all airlines. However, it is always advisable to keep a copy of your visa grant notice with your passport.
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    Hi Everyone Good day! I would like to have ur advice regarding my current situation we are planning to lodge application for subclass 300 Fiance Visa on Feb 2020. Right now I am still in Subclass 600 which is Vistor Visa with multiple entry for 1 year and every 3 months i need to go outside auatralia. Question is 1. If we apply for subclass 300 while under subclass 600 does it cancel my current visa? 2. If we apply for subclass 300 do i need to leave australia while waiting for subclass 300 result? I would really appreciate anyone who could help answer my enquiry. (Inquiry)
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    Documents translation

    You can only start uploading once the application has been submitted. All translations must be done by a NAATI approved translator for an onshore application.
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    Australia and your address here
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    Is there a maximum period of stay in each arrival. Also, prior to this current visitor visa, have you been in Australia at any time in the last 2 years on another visitor visa?
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    You have stated that you have a 12 month visitor visa. Therefore you need to look at your visitor visa grant notice. It will state whether it is single or multiple entry, and the last date to arrive by. It will will also state whether there is a maximum period of stay on each arrival too.
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    I really can't say if it's sufficient or not but personally I wouldn't be giving them 2 different dates of commitment. I know it's a tough question to answer but the longer the relationship/commitment is, the more likely you will get a quick and favourable outcome. Immigration may also question why you have been together 3 years but only committed 4 months ago.
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    The information that you were given by IMMI is absolutely incorrect. An applicant does not need to be self-funded, although an applicant's own economic circumstances may lead to an assessment that they do not satisfy the genuine temporary entrant criteria, the funds/support can be provided by another person. See Clause 600.212 of the Migration Regulations: The applicant has: (a) adequate means to support himself or herself; or (b) access to adequate means to support himself or herself. With regards to the relationship to applicant just select "spouse/de facto", and in the field where it asks for financial support/funding details, write "relationship is friend, but this field cannot be entered, therefore spouse/de facto has been selected".
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    Visitor Visa Delay

    The dates that you both submitted your sponsored family visitor visas, was the peak period for these types of applications. The estimated processing timeframes should be used as a guide only, and not as a guarantee. From my experience it is not uncommon for these applications to take 60+ days to be finalised. As frustrating as it is, all you can do is wait patiently for the outcome.
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    No, only carry the current passport. One exception is if the old passport carries a current visa stamp for another country (all Aussie visa's are now electronic and no stamps are usually issued. Its rare these days, but some countries will honour their paper visa's in expired passports. But you should have all current visa's updated for the new passport.
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    Processing time - subclass 309

    Its a common question, but regardless of what other people experience, you can not use that as a guide for your application. Processing times, and the appointment of a CW vary greatly depending on many factors include nationality, family size, children, completeness of the application and any extenuating circumstances (i.e criminal records). Just keep watching your IMMI account, and respond to any questions or tasks promptly.
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    Immigration closed for Christmas?

    @AFV is dead right. This time of year is peak season for Immigration, coupled with this also being Australia's principal holiday season, IMMI are also generally short staffed. I would expect processing delays well towards the longer range, if not longer. Remember these quotes processing delays are an indication only and not a target, they are based on Annual averages.
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    Immigration closed for Christmas?

    I can't comment on the previous time frames that you have referred to, but most offshore posts are taking between 16 to 27 days from date of application for visitor visas under the tourist stream. Sponsored family visitor visas are 35 to 45 days from date of application. This is also a peak travel period and there will be some public holiday, so if the application was only submitted last week, I would say you still have a little bit longer to wait.
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    The other issue is that you need to explain the times that you lived apart during that 12 months and meet the requirement that all of these time were only temporary and you where still in a de facto relationship and can evidence it. It a big risk doing this way as all it takes is for immigration to decide that 1 day out of this 12 month requirement you didn't meet the de facto status and its no longer 12 months as de facto couple. In your circumstance I would be more focusing on evidencing that you where/are a de facto couple then worrying about the timeframe, as that will be the bigger hundle as its not as simple as just saying you are.
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    Yes, 12 months plus 1 day, if you meet the other requirements and can evidence it.
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    Yes of course it's the unsuppressed version, although most of the info that's generally suppressed won't make that much of a difference anyway. Convictions and sentenced terms are more important.
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    Here is a link to the complete file http://www.mediafire.com/file/brd7lnkbttjp2e9/Nigthcall_PAM3_Visitor_Visa.pdf/file
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    I am relatively new to this forum and there is lots of accurate and useful information here for people. The problem is that some information is inaccurate, misleading or incorrect. I don't have the time to go through every post correcting things, so I thought I post the Official Department of Home Affairs PAM3 GenGuideH - Visitor visas - Visa application and related procedures. That way everyone can read what the official procedures are, keep in mind this is updated from time to time and may not up to date when you read it. http://www.mediafire.com/file/brd7lnkbttjp2e9/Nigthcall_PAM3_Visitor_Visa.pdf/file
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    Well part of it (visitor visa), I can't post anymore as it hasn't been made public and would be in breach of copyright, licensing, policy etc, a smart person who wanted the rest would know from reading the part I have post how to obtain the rest for a small sum. There always have to be that one guy 😄 But you're correct its a guide on how the department interpretes the legislation, used by the department to process visitor visa applications.
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    Part 2 can't seem to upload it as I don't have enough space on my forum allowance 174KB short so it says.
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    You need to answer all of AFV questions, you missed out, how long have you spent together in person, what are her assets if any? A job isn't overly important, it helps but can be addressed fairly easily. Did you right a letter of support? what details and importantly what evidence (to confirm the claims) did you include about yourself? have a look here for a sample
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    Tax and HECs Debt of Sponsor

    A little more information, 40SP forms were done away with officially on the 1/7/2018 with an amendment to the migration regulations, they no longer exist but haven't been in use in maybe the last 12 months. As to the question around New Zealand citizens and debts to the commonwealth, it depends what the design date of the 40SP form that you have been reading, as its changes all over the place over the last few forms.
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    Just correcting this information, both parents with parental consent are required to sign the passport application in person at the passport office or the absent parent can sign a statement giving permission at the local Amphur office. As the parents weren't legally married, the father doesn't have parental consent to grant under Thai law, So the mother with an ID card showing 'Miss' and Por Kor 14 can get the passport alone. Its all explained here in point 1.2 http://www.consular.go.th/main/contents/images/text_editor/files/Manual PP/2561-09-05-under20-merge-1_0.pdf but its in Thai. It's not theoretical, it's fact and clearly stated in the above document.
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    First up, get her to start her Son's Thai Passport application, as both parents must approve a minor being granted a Passport, the biological father will need to sign the passport application. If the Fathers signature is not available, theoretically a Por Kor 14 may suffice. Get the sons passport BEFORE you apply for the Partner/PMV visa, as his passport will aid the identification process. The Thai, can be, at times, very vague. Although she states that she was never civilly married and it was just a village/buddhist ceremony, I would get this confirmed. There is an archaic law in Thailand that states that a Women Divorcee must wait 310 days before remarrying. I generalise, but some Thai will 'bend' the facts to save embarrassment to either family or their new partner. I am not judging or being discriminatory when I say this, I am just stating fact, which may have bearing on your application.
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    Its unusual that she already has it, as its only used to obtain a passport and immigration purposes. Make of this what you wish. Technically you only need the Por Kor 14, but as I said Australian immigration likes to go above and beyond the requirements. Your goal is to make life easy for the assessor, tick all the boxes as such. You don't want to have to go to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) to "win", making the decision easy for the decision maker (person who approves your visa) is your goal. Make the decision hard and they will let some else make the decision, like the AAT. Which will cost you time and money (a lot of both) Short version it's in your best interest to get all three done, the Por Kor 14, Form 1229 and consent letter.
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    You will require both the Por Kor 14 and the Form 1229 signed by the father. The Por Kor 14 evidences that the mother has sole legal responsibility of the child under Thai law. However, as Australia is a signatory to the Hague Convention with regards to the rights of children, the Department will also need to be satisfied that the father has consented for his child to migrate to Australia. As Nightcall has said "Australian immigration likes to go above and beyond to meet their child protection obligations".
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    Them not being married legally makes it easier if the father is difficult. Under Thai law, as they weren't married (legally) the father is not considered the legal father and the mother has sole custody. Doesn't matter if the father is on the birth certificate or not. It's a bit of a process to go though to get the required paperwork for the son, but these are the steps you need to go through before applying for the visa. She will need to go to her local Amphur office with a witness who knows the situation ie her parents and also her Poo Yai Baan (village head) and obtain a 'Por Kor 14' statement. Which is a formal statement covering non-marital status of the child's parents and the custodial circumstances of child. It will have to be the Amphur office where the child is registered at in the family book (blue book), everyone will need their family books and ID cards and the Poo Yai Baan their official ID. There is no or a very small cost for this form, but you may have to pay to grease the wheels of government. With a Por Kor 14 she can obtain a passport for the son as long as her ID card states Miss and not Mrs. (she will need to produce the Por Kor 14 also) The Por Kor 14 basically says she has sole custody of the child is all you technically need under Thai Law, but Australian immigration likes to go above and beyond to meet their child protection obligations. You will need to the Por Kor 14 translated to english for the visa application. So for the visa you will also need to get the father to write a letter that states he consents for the child to live in Australia permanently, this will also need to be witness at the Amphur office along with a copy of his family book and ID card and translated into english (for the visa application) You will also need a copy of the child's birth certificate + translated into english. (Amphur office can provide a certified copy) The parents will also need to complete a form 1229 https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/1229.pdf consent to grant an Australian visa to a child under the age of 18 years. And that's about it, sounds easy but expect a long drawn out process. The biggest issue is getting the father's consent, hopefully they don't see it a money making opportunity as they will have you over a barrel. Consent is not necessary, but it will be the easiest route in terms of money, time and stress etc, so if you have to pay to make it happen it may be worth it.
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    Overstayed in X country

    If you can spare the money, give a tourist to Australia ago then, it maybe successful given your european. At least that way you will know for sure and know that you will have to follow the above advice.
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    The country you're applying from is the country you are a resident in at the time of submitting the application. As you're on a tourist visa for 3 months I would put Russia as the country your applying from as you are not a resident/living in Vietnam but only on a holiday.
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    Overstayed in X country

    I agree with what AFV has written, about 3 years would seem a suitable time, maybe 2 if you can show demonstrated compliance with visas to similar country such as Australia within that 2 years. The issue you may also have depending on which country's passport you have is that you may also find it hard to get visas for these countries.
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    Partner visa travel advice

    No you can't travel now, nor can you get a subclass 157 visa as your subclass 100 visa has effectively been cancelled (in the process of being cancelled) as you didn't comply with the entry conditions. Is there a compelling reason why you didn't enter before 26 September 2018? It's a condition of your visa that you enter before this date. The date is based on the expiry date of your health and character checks, which are generally valid for 12 months from the date they were issued. Failing to enter Australia by the initial entry date your visa may be considered for cancellation. You need to apply for an extension of the initial entry date (written submission), but it will in most cases only be issued if you have compelling reasons. You need to seek advice from a immigration lawyer and act asap before they process the cancellation. You have only a limited amount of time to sort it out, otherwise you may have to reapply for the visa again.
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    Offshore visa application

    I agree with this, it would have to be a serious medical reason outside your control. Pregnancy and poor planning/timing won't get you any sympathy, although as you don't have a 8503 condition you maybe able to apply for a 602 medical treatment visa. Most airlines allow you to fly up and till 36 weeks, but you need a letter from your doctor or medical clearance if there are complications.
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