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    Subclass 300 Questions

    OK then, you would have trouble meeting the partner visa requirements, based on time spent together. Not impossible but hard. Best option is the PMV or spend another 4+ months together in person. Good news is you meet the requirements of the PMV, bad news is the processing time is 13+ months. Options. Spend 4+ months together in the US (or somewhere else) and apply for the partner visa Partner comes to Australia on an ETA visa, spends 3 months here, registers the relationship and at the end of the the 3 months applies for a partner visa. Partner comes to Australia on an ETA visa, spends 3 months here, you get married in that time and at the end of the the 3 months applies for a partner visa. Apply for the PMV now, partner comes to Australia on a ETA visa spends 3 months, leaves Australia, comes straight back spends another 3 months and then request the the PMV change to a Partner visa after you get married or register the relationship. Apply for the PMV and wait it out. Number 1,4,5 and are the safe options. Number 2 is doable if you have good evidence to prove your relationship is genuine. Number 3 is the better option (if you wish to get married) and better than number 2, as Australia is still a bit old fashioned and takes marriage more seriously then a de facto. (but you will still need a lot of evidence) The key points of a partner visa is that the relationship in genuine and ongoing, not the time frame, but you need to be able to prove this to a completely neutral third party who doesn't know you. I leave it @Aussie_83 to add or correct anything I have missed.
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    Subclass 300 Questions

    The easiest way to meet this requirement is get a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) from a celebrant. Most should be able to issue this for you a fee.
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    Subclass 300 Questions

    The only real criteria you need to meet for a PMV 300 is You are both of age, and are free to marry each other You do get married within 9 months of the Visa Grant You complete/supply all the criteria requested in the application (see below) The IMMI wording is; You must enter Australia on the Prospective Marriage visa before the date specified on your grant letter. You must have married your prospective spouse before your Prospective Marriage visa expires. You can get married in Australia or any other country. Your marriage must be valid under Australian law. Amongst other items, the application does require you to provide an Affidavit from a person known to you both, that can declare that the relationship is genuine, and your making plans for marriage etc All the facts and steps are here: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/prospective-marriage-300#HowTo
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    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    Hey All Finally after 6 months and 8 days waiting for the PR my husband was granted today 4/05/2019 First applied for offshore 309 on 26 October 2016 309 granted March 27th 2017 high risk country Egypt our case was complicated Applied for visa 100 PR October 26th 2018 Visa granted 04/05/2019 thx to this group where most of my research was done and got my answers from here My husband is so shocked and thrilled and speechless Good luck to all
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    ETA and Partner Visas

    They are all correct. If you have told them that your in Australian (before coming), in practise they will tell you need to leave for the decision to be made They are also correct, they are under no obligation to contact you about it if you haven't informed them. If you have then they will. Again correct, but you should contact your case officer or use a form 1022 or the online query if that's the practice used in Berlin at least do it writing/email etc. So in a nutshell, make sure you tell them when you are coming to Australia.
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    All elections distract the public service to some extent, less so when there is no change of government. I dont think the election and reshuffle will impact much.
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    If you are good at research paperwork and have plenty of time no reason you can't do it yourself. I spent 6 months doing research before I started to fill in the forms. An agent (it's not necessary to use a lawyer) will review your docs and make sure nothing is missing and look at your history and statements and make sure everything is done correctly and nothing missing, so there is value and they help with peace of mind. Those quoted fees seem a tad high though
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    A tourist visa refusal will have no bearing on your 309 application.
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    Medication while on 462 Visa?

    First part, no idea sorry. It will have to all be in his name and yes will have to pay full cost. I would assume he would have travel insurance (it's too expensive to gamble not having it) under some policies there may be an offset.
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    Indeed, but a family book or similar doesn't necessary always evidence where they reside.
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    Thank you everyone, just wanted to put my mind at ease!
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    I cannot see any issues with what you are doing here. For a prospective marriage visa, the general criteria is that the applicant and sponsor have met in person as adults, are know to each other personally, and have a genuine intention to marry in the future. There is no requirement that the applicant and sponsor be living together. In fact, by the very nature of a prospective marriage visa being an offshore application, applicants and sponsors are mostly living apart during the lengthy processing period. There is also no requirement that the sponsor needs to be residing in Australia.
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    What Visas should I get?

    Since you want to come and study, you need to apply for a student visa. As for your girlfriend, more information is needed in order to give an informed answer. As you have mentioned, skilled visa may be the way to go. She can try to follow the following steps; Use key words like "Graphic Designer" to find the skill code for a occupation on https://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/Latestproducts/1220.0Search02013, Version 1.2 When she knows her skill code she then checks on skilled occupation list for her occupation https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/working-in-australia/skill-occupation-list If her occupation is available on the skilled occupation list it will also state what visas she could apply for. She then needs to check all the conditions for that particular visa and see if she will be able to reach the minimum points required. If 4. is satisfied then she can start gathering documents to get ready to apply. The process will be listed under each specific visa but one usually needs to pass and English exam and have their overseas qualifications assessed as per Australian standards. I hope this should get you started
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    Water treatment and cooling tower

    What I can offer. Cooling towers and the water treatment associated, like the UK is highly regulated in Australia. "The primary design standard for cooling towers and cooling water systems is AS/NZS 3666.1. Its primary focus is the control of microbes such as Legionella in building water and air handling systems, particularly cooling water systems and cooling towers." This is where it gets stupid. The health department in each state administers the whole public health process for that state. So each state has differing protocols, but they all work to AS.3666.1 Usually local council inspectors or State Health Officers do the inspection/certification work, but independant certifiers exist. All operators must have certified installations, regular maintenance, and a risk assessment plan. From my experience, the RAP is usually set out by either a Chartered HVAC Engineer, or a licensed A/C&R mechanic. More and more these types of compliance areas are being outsourced to private certifiers. Here is the course they must attend and pass https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/environment/legionellacontrol/Pages/training.aspx The design, installation, maintenance of Cooling towers and the associated water treatment systems must be carried out by a licensed Air Conditioning/Refrigeration mechanic. So, to do what you do in Australia, I suspect you would need to be 1) a qualified HVAC Engineer or mechanic, or 2) Hold some sort of public health risk assessment qualifications, or 3) do the TAFE course I mentioned above. But that is not to say you could work for one of these, and they cover you with their licenses.
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    Partner visas:Another Dutton Scandal

    Its not an accurate article. Somewhat alarmist. Technically you are effected, as all are. There has been backlogs in the visa application space for as long as this Great Nation has existed. Overall, demand for Australian Immigration Visa's is at an all time high, but so is the number of IMMI staff deployed. The creeping processing delays are more a result of tightening scrutiny of applications, principally due to the epidemic false and fake evidence being included with the applications. If no one lied or made false evidence, processing times would be a fraction of what they are.
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    The rule generally is: "If you lodged by paper, then you mail by post, if you lodged online then you upload". I am not 100% clear in what documents you are referring to. If you forgot to include some mandatory documents when you lodged, then post them to IMMI as follows. When you lodged you should have received shortly thereafter a letter of acknowledgement, which will also state your TRN Reference number. The letter should also have a correspondence address. Simply mail the missing documents to that address, with a simple covering letter quoting your TRN, names etc. You can also scan and email, but I would always post first, and use email as a backup. The general email addresses are often not that reliable. Post is. The exception being if you have the direct email address of your assigned Case Officer, then use that. However, If you are referring to documents that IMMI *may* ask for in the future, as additional evidence or information, then IMMI will write a letter to you requesting such, and that letter will explain how to post them back. It *may* offer an email option as well. When you attend the face to face interview, expect to present all the originals for all the documentation you previously sent in.
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    Not sure what you mean, the election has no impact on this the delay is on immi trying to work it all out and get the framework in place, June is the latest it can be implemented
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    I too have known of many couples that had submitted a joint statement, and it was never a problem.
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    There is a distinction between nicknames and legal names. From what you have stated, Kathy was a nickname, so just state Informal Nickname: Kathy. As some secondary documentation (references etc) may quote you as Kathy. Its a very common situation especially with Asians working in Western cultures. However, if any legal documentation carries anything other than the names that appear on your birth certificate, then you must formally declare these other legal names, and also, if you can, provide formal official evidence of when you changed your name. A woman changing her surname at tim eof marriage is completely legal, and the Marriage certificate is legally valid as proof of name change.
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    Help needed asap 820 Partner visa BVA

    By staying in June and going over that 12 month mark it will activate the bridging visa. It will be similar to those who have the 3 month stay restriction they just stay past the 3 months
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    Be sure to address all the reasons for the previous rejection. Do the same as before, expect the same results as before. Do your research on this forum. There are countless posts offering examples and guidance.
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    The 1% is Microsoft Solitaire 🙂
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    Partner Visa Documentation

    Welcome to the Australian Visa Forum, You actually cannot provide/upload any documents until the application has been submitted. There is nothing wrong with what you are suggesting, and in fact, I would not recommend providing the police clearances until you are advised to do so by the Department as they are only valid for 12 months. An onshore partner visa currently takes up to 2 years to process. If your police clearances expire before the visa is granted, they will need to be done again.
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    Subclass 300 Questions

    Don't know you haven't given very many details. such as Age of parties length of time known Length of time in a relationship Reason for only 18 weeks together in person. How you met Parenting arrangements with the child (ie were is the father and their involvement) Living arrangements Family/friends acceptance/knowledge Your relationship with your partner, can you meet this requirement? Employment type and status of both parties Why are you waiting until 2020 to get married Get you partner to come here asap, get married/register relationship and apply for a partner visa straight away. If you meet the requirements of a partner visa. I can't see any value in applying for the 300 visa, it would be better to apply for the partner visa (after getting married or registering the relationship) unless you can't meet the relationship requirements, but given the timeframe you have known each other you "could" meet it. The 300 visa is the safest option, but you will spend a long time apart or traveling back and forward until its granted. This maybe a complication depending on the status/involvement of the father.
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    Thai Visa Express


    As Aussie_83 has said you cannot convert a PMV to an onshore partner visa. If you want to convert a PMV to a partner visa (offshore 309 and 100) you must have legally married before your PMV is decided. It does not cost you anything to convert from the PMV to the partner visa. You can read more info on the topic here: Is it possible to change from a prospective marriage visa to a partner visa?
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    RRV Processing Time

    It will be granted for 12 months only. See clause 155.5 of the Migration Regulations.
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    De-facto visa for Thai partner to migrate to Australia There are two pathways that will allow your Thai partner to migrate to Australia. Firstly, there is the partner visa. To be eligible for a partner visa you must be either legally married or in a de-facto relationship with your Thai partner. Common to both is the requirement that you and your partner have a mutual commitment to a shared life to the exclusion of all others. For those that do not qualify for a partner visa, a prospective marriage visa may then be a suitable option. To be eligible for a prospective marriage visa, you must have met your partner in person as adults, be known to each other personally, and have a genuine intention to marry in the future. A prospective marriage visa is often referred to as a fiancé visa. A partner visa can be applied for in either Australia or Thailand. However, in order for your partner to apply in Australia, they must already be in Australia at time of application and holding a visa which permits them to apply in Australia for an onshore partner visa. If they are unable to apply in Australia, they wll have to make an offshore application in Thailand. A prospective marriage visa can only be applied for in Thailand and cannot be applied for in Australia. What is the de facto criteria for a partner visa? Although you may consider yourself to be in a de-facto relationship with your Thai partner, your claimed relationship will be assessed against the criteria provided for in the Migration Act and Regulations. If you do not meet the criteria, then your partner visa application will be refused. In order to satisfy the de-facto criteria your de-facto relationship must have existed for at least one year immediately preceding the date of application. There are however some exceptions to this rule where the applicant and sponsor have registered their relationship or there are children born into the relationship. However, in most cases the applicant and sponsor will be subject to the minimum one-year de-facto relationship rule. What factors will be taken into consideration in assessing our de facto relationship? The Department will want to be satisfied that you and your partner have a mutual commitment to a shared life to the exclusion of all others, and that you do not live apart on a permanent basis. In assessing whether your relationship is genuine they will examine all aspects of your relationship, including the history, financial, social context and your commitment to each other. If you feel that you do not meet the de-facto criteria you should consider a prospective marriage visa as an alternative option. All Australian visa subclasses have certain criteria that must be satisfied at both time of application and time of decision. See also: Visa for my Thai fiancee to migrate to Australia Please do not hesitate to contact us at Thai Visa Express for further information on visa options available for your Thai partner to migrate to Australia.
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    Subclass 300 Questions

    Comprehensive as always. Just a note on 4, when you convert it to the 309 you may have to do that while offshore. not something I'm sure about but more just to be on the safe side and avoid potential complications. My reasoning being you cannot convert a offshore visa to a onshore visa.
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    Subclass 300 Questions

    Just one point of clarification, once you change from the PMV 300 to the 309 then you are required to provide the level of proof required for the 309 which is more stringent than the 300. Not saying it's a bag option you just need to be mindful.
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    Subclass 300 Questions

    I would personally recommend doing 4, 2 family, 2 friends. Pick friends if possible with good professions/standing in the community. The PMV cost is currently $7,160, once you get this and apply for a permanent visa you will need to pay an additional $1,195 for the partner visa https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/partner-onshore If you get married or register a defacto relationship before the PMV is granted (and inform immigration) you will transfer automatically to the partner visa and won't be required to pay the additional $1,195. Of course when you transfer you need to meet the requirements of the partner visa at the time of transferal. He (sorry for the formal title) after applying for the PMV should be able to easily get a tourist visa to visit until the PMV is decided, but must leave Australia when it time for the decision to be made. (there are some steps that need to be followed but the forum should be able to answer them for you) But to save the $1195 you need to get married before the PMV is granted. So jumping to all sorts of conclusions, Apply for the PMV, pay the $7,160, apply for a tourist visa straight after, get married, inform immigration and ask to to considered for a partner visa (best is you have know each other for 12 months), get transferred to a partner visa. And send me a bottle of whiskey for saving you $1195 and paying for immigration advice.🤣 Yes best get a letter from a celebrate, but if you had engagement evidence (which you say you don't) you could submit this. The actual requirement is you supply proof that you will marry your prospective spouse within 9 months of being granted the visa. It's up to you how you meet this requirement, the NOIM or letter from the celebrate is the easiest, but if you're religious a priest/monk etc could supply a letter to meet the bold text
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    Subclass 300 Questions

    My goodness, Nightcall, I really do appreciate all the help with this topic as I am pretty clueless haha - but that's why I'm here! 🤣 Like you mentioned, I would really like to have all of this documentation ready to go straight away when applying (especially the proof of relationship evidence), instead of adding it bit by bit. This is good to hear! I believe I read on the site, that there is a minimum of two required? So I was thinking a family member, and a close family friend. Hopefully they will not need more than these two declarations! This is really helpful advice, we'd definitely want to be saving on as much as possible! 😮 How does this save the extra $1,200 if you don't mind me asking? I believe that I read once you've officially married after being granted the PMV 300, you then need to apply for a secondary visa... costing around $950 or something if I recall. But the thing is, is he even allowed to come over to Australia while the PMV begins processing? I thought I read that it wasn't allowed for the prospective partner to come into Australia until the visa is granted, so how would this work exactly? When you mention a letter from the person who will 'officiate' at the wedding, does this mean the celebrant themselves... or witnesses such as family, friend? If it is a celebrant, I should just be able to contact a local one and speak with them about my circumstances, and request a letter for this? Many many thanks 😁
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    Subclass 300 Questions

    I am personally against this, as it leaves you open to having the visa cancelled at anytime due to not submitting the required information. In practise yes you can do this, but you run the small risk of having the visa cancelled without notice. You don't require the NOIM, the requirement is you supply proof (such as a letter from the person who will officiate at the wedding) that you will marry your prospective spouse within 9 months of being granted the visa. If you feel you can meet this requirement without a NOIM, go ahead and apply
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    Subclass 300 Questions

    No not at all, it would be expected that a close family member would do one (if not more), if your family don't know or what to do one it looks far more suspect then if they do. It would also be good to include some from a non family member for contrast. No a NOIM is like a cooling of period, 28 days if memory serves, that you can't get married until this time has past. It doesn't matter about the intended marriage date or even if the marriage goes ahead. Don't book venues or anything, it's nothing more than official paperwork. Just to tease with @AussieDude in regards to another topic, my mother (a marriage celebrant) married my wife an I, and the witnesses was my best friend ( work colleague) and his wife, no other people present. 😋 The smart way is to lodge the PMV application, get married and notify immigration of said marriage and transfer to a partner visa, saves you about $1200 and gives you time to build the genuine relationship evidence etc.
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    Hi all, Just an update on my situation. I applied in April 2017 and while processing, applied and received two Bridging B visas. On 12 March 2019, I was requested for my national police clearance, an updated copy of my passport (as it had expired in November) and recent proof of my relationship. I had not previously provided and was not asked for a health check. I mailed my documents back to them by express post which arrived on 26th March. Since not hearing anything, I rang to see if they had received my package on the 15th April, and they said my file showed the documents were still outstanding and to call back again in a week or so. I rang again on the 26th April and I received the same response, but this time she informed me I could email the documents through (not sure why I didn't see that earlier). I emailed through the documents the morning of the 29th of April informing them of my wait time with the mailed documents and received my visa by the end of the day. Total wait time was 2 years, 11 days.
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    Subclass 300 Questions

    Yes you are correct. You need 2 people to complete the form 888 or a Statutory declaration covering the same as the form 888 if they aren't in Australia. The witness, needs to see the person sign the form/Statutory declaration, but they can fill out the rest before hand. A witness to the signing can be (taken from the form 888) In Australia, statutory declarations must be witnessed by a person prescribed by the Statutory Declarations Act 1959 and Statutory Declarations Regulations 1993. Any attachments to the Declaration must be certified by a prescribed person. Prescribed persons include those who are a: • Justice of the Peace; • medical practitioner; • legal practitioner; • civil marriage celebrant or registered minister of religion; • dentist; • nurse; • optometrist; • pharmacist; • physiotherapist; • full-time teacher; • bank manager or bank officer with 5 or more continuous years of service; • postal manager or permanent employee of the Australian Postal Commission with 5 or more continuous years of service; • police officer; or • public servant with 5 or more continuous years of service. A full list of prescribed persons can be found on the Attorney-General’s Department website.
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    Countries resided/visited

    The issue you will face in not supplying accurate addresses or travel movements is that it will at best just delay your visa application processing, instead of getting processed in the 75% time-frame you will fall into the other 15%, given its already a very long wait (21 months) for the 75%, it's in you interest to not add delay's . At worst it may give immigration grounds to reject your application for not supplying the information. Whilst deleting emails and not keeping records is normally not an issue for most people, you are entering the "visa world" in which evidence is number 1. A smart person would start documenting and keeping evidence that will be useful for the visa process, as you will not only need it for the first stage of the visa application but also the second stage when they process the permanent visa 2 odd years in the future.
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    If she does not depart Australia at the time of her permitted period of stay the Bridging Visa A will become active from that date.
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    ETA and Partner Visas

    Update details as you are notifying a change of address/potential change contact details
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    ETA and Partner Visas

    Form 1022 https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/1022.pdf but if you applyied online then via your ImmiAccount.
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    ETA and Partner Visas

    Thank you Nightcall. if you haven't got a case worker yet what do you recommend is the best form of contact? I did a search for form 1022 and couldn't find anything https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/departmental-forms/online-forms
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    My understanding is that they are ready to grant you the visa and they calculated that, if they were to give you the visa at that time, the visa would expire before your current intended date or marriage. So they are offering you a chance to bring the date forward to within 9 months assuming the visa were to be issued on the day you make the change. Or if you don't want to change the date, keep it the way it is and inform them. Nothing is guaranteed but if you change the date as advised, if indeed immigration was ready to give you a visa grant, they could just grant you. On the other hand, if you choose to not change the date, even if the decision was ready now, immigration would be forced to wait until such a time that will make your 9 month validity to be within your intended date of marriage. Disclaimer: I am not anybody. Just an ordinary person giving their opinion based on personal experience.
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    If you husband want's to visit Australia during the processing period of his parter visa application he just need to have a valid visa that allows him to do, such as the ETA you have mentioned. Just remember that for the subclass 309 visa he must be outside of Australia at both time of application and time of decision. Once his partner visa is granted, it will have a date that he must enter Australia by. This initial entry date is usually associated with when the medicals and police checks were done, as they are only valid for 12 months. After he make his initial entry by the date on the visa grant notice, he can then depart Australia again as soon as he desires. You do not have to remain in Australia for any period of time to be granted the subclass 100 permanent partner visa. He can apply for the second stage assessment whilst outside of Australia, and it can be granted whilst he is offshore too.
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    Just an update. Although the Bridging Visa A was not granted when the partner visa application was submitted. We were able to apply on line for the Bridging Visa A, and it was granted today.
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    On my reading of this, they are giving you the option to keep your date of the 14 March 2020. If you do, then they won't be able to grant the visa before 14 June 2019. Keep in mind too, that not only do you have to comply with Condition 8519 and marry within the 9 month visa validity period. You also need to apply for the onshore partner visa (subclass 820 & 801) within this period. I agree with AFV. It sounds like they are ready to make a decision.
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    One of the conditions attached to a prospective marriage (PMV) is that the marriage must take within the 9 month visa validity period. This is 9 months from date of visa grant. The condition is Condition 8519 'Must marry within visa validity' The problem is, with the extended processing periods as they are, it is not possible to know when the visa will actually be granted. The correspondence that you have received from the Department is somewhat nonsensical as it refers to a '9-month visa validity', of a visa that has not yet been granted. What I would suggest is that you follow their instructions and nominate a date which does not exceed 9 months from today. Once this visa is granted, you must then marry within 9 months from the actual date of visa grant. You do not need to stick to the date you have informed the Department of, just ensure that you marry within the 9 month visa validity period. If you do, then you will have complied with Condition 8519. On a positive note, that fact that the Department has written to you now and requested that you change the date of your intended marriage, it is probably a good indication that they are ready to make a decision on your prospective marriage visa application.
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    Hi all! I soon will be sponsoring my husband's visa application and I heard that I will need to provide details of all my travels in the past 10 years (he will also need to provide this information but he has travelled a lot less than me!). Can anybody confirm? Also, I've done a substantial amount of travel and am not confident I'll be able to find the details of every single trip. What is the best way to deal with this? Provide as much detail as possible and say that this is to the best of my knowledge? Thanks for your help!
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    Firstly, there is no requirement for the sponsor to be in Australia at time of application for any partner visa (subclass 820 and 801 or subclass 309 and 100), and also for a prospective marriage visa (subclass 300). Resident Return Visa You should check that your sponsor has a valid resident return visa (RRV) associated with his permanent visa. Your sponsor can do this through VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online). There is an ongoing Australian residence requirement to renew the RRV (2 year in Australia in the past 5 years). If that is not satisfied, then the RRV can be renewed for 1 year if the (PR holder) has substantial business, cultural, employment or personal ties of benefit to Australia: Business ties of benefit: You have substantial ownership in a business and personal involvement at a senior level in the day-to-day operations and management of a business. The business activity must be ongoing, commercial in nature and have a record keeping and management system that supports the business activity. Cultural ties of benefit: You undertake intellectual, artistic, sporting or religious pursuits that are adding to Australia’s cultural life. Employment ties of benefit: You are currently employed or have a formal employment offer in Australia, or are employed outside Australia by an Australian organisation, or are employed by a non-Australian organisation that clearly benefits Australia, for example, you work as a representative of Australia for an international organisation. Personal ties of benefit: You are, or have been, a participating member of the Australian community and economy. We also take into account living in Australia for a substantial period of time or living overseas with an Australian citizen partner, and having personal assets or close family members who live in Australia that are both substantial and of benefit to Australia. If you have been absent from Australia You will also need to provide information about absences if you are: applying in Australia but were absent from Australia continuously for more than five years applying from outside Australia and were a permanent resident or citizen when you last departed Australia and you were absent from Australia continuously for more than five years applying from outside Australia and were a permanent resident or citizen in the last 10 years and you were absent from Australia for periods that total over five years.
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    Reading this post and you other post, and considering you apply for a Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300), relationship questions will not be that complicated. But I suspect they will ask a lot of questions around her marital status, divorce, eligibility to re-marry, and has the biological father given permission for the kids to emigrate. Like a lot of things in Thailand, their definition of divorced doesn't always mean divorced, this is assuming she was legally married initially, if not village law can take over. Getting the fathers permission for the kids to emigrate often present challenges, and does not end with his death, as his family assume the rights. You as the sponsor of two minors will have to undergo child protection checks and a PCC.
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    Sponsor Interview Help

    Yes its normal. Depending on where you both are, access to the nearest embassy and their workload, the interview may be joint, individual, face to face or on the phone. The primary reason for the interview is to confirm various aspects you provided that the relationship is genuine, a spot check. If the relationship is genuine then it will go well. There is no pass/fail. Wrong answers or I dont know is not a fail. Just be open and relax. Something like this; Q: where did you meet, his full name, DOB, birth place Q: have you met family Q: his mothers name Q: how well does he know Australia Q: what did you give him for his last birthday (they will ask him same) Depending on your application they might delve into your financial state to understand that you can support him initially. Its rarely an issue.
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