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    Don't rush the application just to get it in. Take your time otherwise you'll make mistakes, it's a time consuming and draining processes that you don't need to add extra stress to yourselves. A lot of people don't bother with the boxes and just say refer to attached doc X. No hard and fast way of doing it.
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    No one on here has said “how long will it take me”. People are asking for reference, “how long did it take you”. Thanks for the info and glad it worked out so well for you.
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    If she has lived in Japan for the last 10 years its obvious you have to put that in. For the "date to" just put in the current date or the date you will be lodging... Departed or still there, makes no difference.
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    Yes, everything can be forged. But a receipt in the example above can be easily verified against a credit card statement. When you present 3-4 pieces of corroborating evidence it paints a solid picture. But I have always said, if the relationship is genuine, then there is always proof. We have a epidemic of shonky agents cooking up all sorts of false documentation, and a whole industry for providing fake ID's, drivers licenses etc. All this does is to clutter IMMI's desks with so much false shit, that it slows down the processing of the genuine cases. IMMI has simple rules, if there is any doubt of the legitimacy of a key document, and it cant be verified from the source, then its rejected. Nothing is assumed to be legitimate until verified. Fortunately with more and more prime evidence becoming available online, the verification task is getting simpler. IMMI case workers are very very competent at detecting fake documents, and verifying legitimate documents at the source. Very very little gets passed them. If you lie, you will be caught. Good luck with your plans, and keep us informed.
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    @AussieDude sure but then all that list/dates can be faked/altered to match too. At the end of the day, it's the whole picture and how convincing it looks I guess. For a couple trying to cheat the system, they can even plan and have all the above "real" evidence. There's no one CO can be 100% sure of the genuineness of ANY application unless they live with the couple for enough long time because everything can be faked or made up including ceremonies and formal certificates or witnesses. However, the percentage of people who can have the skills to fake all that is very tiny, I guess, compared to the rest. In our case, yes we met what you mentioned so well and I made sure to support any one key evidence with as many corroborating others as could and same time I made sure to show as many "proofs" of "genuineness" of the evidence as possible. All the best
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    Photos without separate corroborating evidence are rarely considered as prime evidence. Date stamps, file stamps, embedded EXIF data can all be altered. I use the example; An email planning the diner out A photo of you both at the restaurant A copy of the restaurant bill All the dates matching Is worth more than 100 random, unsupported photos.
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    The basics I restate; More quality , less volume A photo without a proven date is useless. A photo without a corroborating email, event or receipt that establishes a date is basically useless. Photos with family members should include their passport ID's so the Identity of these people in a photo can be verified. Again, more quality and less piles of random photos and transcripts. Considering the CW's ease of reading/verification will get you far.
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    Hi akarosco, Ours was for the 309 offshore as married couple. We applied mid 2018. I think it's all about how you can prove the genuineness of your relationship and support all your claims with evidence that you can organise and present in a way that makes it easy on the case officer to go through and hopefully be convinced that you're genuine and then you deserve the visa. Yes, getting everything ready before submitting your application is important I think and saves you much time. We actually spent more time on preparing our application than it took to be decided on. It took us 2+ months of hard work and long hours going through the countless number of evidence we had (that was mostly my wife's part of the job) , filter them out, select some from each period since the beginning of our years long relationship and then organise everything chronologically in pdf files each dedicated to support each main aspect of our relationship and commitment as required by the IMMI and the many tips they offer that we went over and over many times and any time we were in any doubt about anything. Our evidence was mainly screenshots from our Facebook, SMS, calls records, so many pictures together in different places and in social context with others when possible, as well as samples from thousands of chats we'd had over the years and in all communication routes we had and kept records of. Then come pictures from our engagement and wedding. We two are the type of people that hold on every bit of our story/memory together and that helped us a lot. Maybe we overdid it but it paid us back so well in the end. In fact, the decision was made in almost a month not three, considering there was a month delay twice on our behalf fulfilling the IMMI's request first for the medical exam which was far away from where we lived and the date they (the medical panel at IOM) booked us was late. The other month-delay was the sponsor statement I also had to get witnessed by the same IOM doctor where my wife got her medical report and that took me a month to do due to long distance and personal circumstances at the time. I should've done my statement before they asked for it and that could've saved us an extra month. My other tip: get whatever documents they mention on their site if it's not a hassle (like it was in my case) and don't wait till they request it. However, once I uploaded my statement and shortly later uploaded a translated marriage statement at the request of the case officer, the decision was surprisingly made on the same day and we couldn't really believe our eyes when we received the email of confirmation and visa details 2-3 hours later on that same day. It was stated on our IMMI account that it would take up to 18 months to be decided upon and we thought no matter how perfect our application was and how easy we made it on the case officer to decide, we still had to believe the timeline they stated and at best hope for the 12 months, the earliest estimate they gave. The presentation and organisation of our evidence in a story-like style and highlights of key events along the way where need be and my great computer skills surely helped us a lot. It was very frustrating for me when I had to go through some pdf files (over 100 pages all in all) times and times trying to re-filter them and cut parts out or play with the included pictures's quality or compression to reduce the size of some files so we could upload them since there's a size limit. It helped us a lot me being so comfortable and experienced with all those technicalities. Although we provided an apparently maybe overwhelming bulk of evidence at the first thought but the way we organised the info and how we presented it made it so easy to follow and quickly believe in its message and the spirit of its genuineness. I wish you all the best luck and am happy to answer any further query but forgive my delay given the time difference and my tight time, still being overseas.
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    You could ask 100 people this question and get 100 completely different answers, ranging from a few hours, a few days, a few months to over a year, and all it will do is frustrate you. Every application is different so they will have different waiting times. No one, not even Home Affairs, can tell you exactly how long yours will take. Too many people get hooked on what their status says. Just be thankful yours has started being assessed and as AFV said, nothing much you can do except wait patiently
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    Permanent Partner Visa 100

    Hi GREG53, No they didnt ask for me for any form 88. This is my application details. DOL (309 visa) - april 2015 Grant date - Jan 2016 Notification from department to apply for 100 visa - feb 2017 DOL (100 visa) - May 2017 Grant date(100 visa) - Mar 2018 Mode : Online Hope this helps.
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