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    Australia 476 skilled graduate visa

    Have you every spent any amount of time in Pakistan? On the initial application did you mention Pakistan in any way? Have you ever lived there, or have you dual nationality? For whatever reason DIBP are interested in your ties to Pakistan. Resubmit a complete form 80, leaving no details out would be my suggestion.
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    Agree totally. I will go onto to say that the child's health, safety and wellbeing must be put foremost in all your decisions and actions.
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    DSS Department of Social Services is the old name for the Dept of Family and Community Services (old but commonly known names) Today its the called Department of Social Services again. One of DSS's roles is the overseeing the very complex Child Protection Framework in Australia, which encompasses, DSS, Health, State HEalth, Police etc etc etc. Initially I do not think that DSS would be your best point for advice in your situation. The mother has several avenues available to her to join the child in Australia as the child's carer, including the new SPONSORED PARENT (TEMPORARY) VISA (SUBCLASS 870). Due to the sensitivity of cases such as you describe, I would start by contacting an independant advisor (either an immigration agent, or legal aid who will help when children are involved), before I contact DIBP. Although the father may not want to be involved, he must give permission for the child to be relocated outside of their natural home. Again why I feel you should speak to an specialist.
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    The condition of his PMV granted in March is that he must enter Australia before 18 November and then marry you during the visa validity period. Condition 8519 - The holder must enter into the marriage in relation to which the visa was granted within the visa period of the visa. You will need to contact IMMI immediately and without delay. What is of concern, and will be readily apparent to IMMI, is that he has had since March to enter Australia, but the reasons preventing him travelling to Australia only occurred a "few days ago". Do you also have evidence of the following: That you had flights booked to travel to Australia between the date of his accident and 18 November. That your marriage was going to take place within the visa validity period (What was the date of marriage advised to IMMI in the PMV application). I really wish you all the best, but I am sorry to say that I don't like your chances here.
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