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    Five pillars of relationship

    Wow, of all the aspects and questions in a PV application, I always thought that these 5 questions were the easiest and most intuitive. However, I do accept that formal Government English and terms can be confusing for a non-native English Speaker. So, I will explain; But first, the 'expression' 'Give Details' or 'Provide Details', are a common term seen on Australian government forms and applications. It is best described "as you (the applicant) providing one or all of the following"; A written statement of account (or recount), of a fact, situation, event or situation, PLUS Independant documentation or evidence (that can be verified) that supports or corroborates (proves) the statement you made in para.1 is true Non verifiable (ie an email, as emails are easy to fake) documentation that supports para.1. Photos are placed in this class, as you can never absolutely prove when a photo was taken, or if it is genuine. Sworn or Statutory declaration by you, or another person known to you, that is aware of the facts the statement in para.1 are true. So, to the original questions; Give details of the financial aspects of the relationship, means Generally, IMMI feel that any GENUINE couple or relationship will constantly discuss, agree (and argue 🙂 ) and action financial decisions and spending Give details (see above) of both your incomes (and proof), joint bank accounts, details of joint or shared spending Explain who pays for what, and if not shared, why? (i.e Wife looks after kids at home, husband works and pays for all) Provide details on how you both support each other, in good times or hard Provide details of the house rules on money (ie He pays for Rent and Car, she pays for food and electricity, or joint account etc) All genuine couples/relationships discuss money and have proof. RRegardlesss of how poor or rich. Give details of the nature of the household. Give details of where you both live, or if apart often, when you meet up. What percentage of your life are you together or apart Who owns the house, who rents, who visits, who cleans, who keeps the house Give details to prove you both live there ( statement from neighbour, landlord, proof of registered address (ie a bank statement showing the address), shared lease, or one name on the lease the others on a telephone account or insurance policy. Give details of the social aspects of the relationship. Describe a typical month socially, who you see, when , where Provide names of people (and maybe declarations) of friends who know you as a couple Give details of social events together. Generally, IMMI feel that any GENUINE couple or relationship will have proof of a joint social life, joint friends and acquaintances. Give details of the nature of the commitment the applicant and the sponsor have to each other. IMMI want to see evidence of a 'Genuine (true, not fake) and enduring (long term and continuing) relationship, to the exclusion of all others (no other B/F, G/F etc). Australian IMMI does not accept polygamy unless backed by very specific religious criteria. IMMI want to see that your a real couple/partnership, not a B/F & G/F Australia accepts both GENUINE hetrosexual and homosexual relationships, equally, without bias. Give details on how you support, care and provide for each other. (a good example of this is proof when one partner accompanied and paid for the others doctors visit) The Guy paying for her contraceptive pills is also a good example. So is one sending money to the others family. So in summary, these four aspects seek to establish that the relationship is: Genuine Continuing Partners have a mutual commitment to a shared life to the exclusion of all others Partners are living together (or not living apart permanently) IMMI believe that any genuine relationship, leaves a trail of evidence and proof. If the relationship is genuine, there is ALWAYS proof to be found. Unfortunately, so many people believe that they can fake a relationship and IMMI are dumb. Not the case. A request if you found this helpful: Please dont waste our time because IMMI rejected your scam paper relationship, to simply get a visa.
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