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    Form 888 - UK family/friends

    A properly completed 888 is valid regardless. IMMI prefers you have an Australian complete the 888 as its easier for them to validate the authenticity of the form. But what is more important is what is on the form, that the statement being given supports your case. So a mixture of declarants (the people making the statements) is a good idea. I quote from the 888: Note: If the visa applicant is outside Australia and is unable to have an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident complete this form, any person who knows the applicant and their partner or fiancé(e) may also complete this form. The person completing this form must provide evidence of their current name, age and, where applicable, Australian citizenship or Australian permanent residency (for example, a certified copy of the birth certificate, Australian passport or passport containing a permanent visa). All copies must be certified. Yes they tick NO of course to the Aussie Citizen/PR question. But be sure the declarant includes valid contact details that IMMI can contact them, and they do check. They must also include a CERTIFIED copy of the their passport control page, or similiar prime ID. The form does not need to be certified, but needs to be witnessed by one of the professions specified on the first page. With 888's, quality is better than quantity. Be sure the statements are clear, concise and accurate. They should speak to the matter of confirming the length and genuine nature of your relationship, and not digress into irrelevant facts. There are many good examples in the forum.
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    STAGE2- PARTNER VISA 309/100

    Still well within progressing times. You shouldn't need a new police check, we didn't. Processing times 75% of applications: 19 months 90% of applications: 33 months
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    It is an assessment of your circumstances and that of your fathers that will determine whether you are both eligible for a visitor visa. Support can be provided form another person, however as to how much weight is attached to that letter of support is up to the decision maker. A letter of support should include all of the following: Evidence of the relationship between the person providing the support and the recipient of the support. A statement as to the support that will be provided, for example: accomodation, financial support etc. Evidence of the ability to provide any support offered.
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    The only thing he can provide is a Letter of Support. Search the forum for this Tag as there are many good examples. Make sure he provides his ID with his letter to add credibility. Regardless of what he includes in the Letter of Support, you all will need to meet the basic VV criteria regardless (money, purpose to visit, solid reason to return home). A lot of people get Sponsorship confused with Support. Sponsorship is not available to VV's, unless they are immediate family. See my post on the subject here:
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    Yes, generally it will be faster as they don't need to request further information. But as has been said, you run the risk of having to do the police/medical again if they expire. That being said they generally are a small amount of money compared to the visa cost and some are more than happy to take the risk for a small sum.
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    It doesn't remove the marriage, it allows people married overseas who live in Australia to divorce in Australia and this divorce is valid in Australia the same as a normal Australian divorce. Although the Australia divorce is valid in Australia, the divorce will not be recognised or valid in the Philippines.
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    Hi all, I am trying to get some political action on the wait times regarding Partner Visas, I am in contact with Abul Rizvi who wrote an article in the SMH on the weekend regarding the incompetence of the department of home affairs (https://www.smh.com.au/national/worst-ever-immigration-minister-asylum-seekers-jet-in-under-dutton-s-nose-20190302-p511d8.html). If you have any horror stories being separated from your family Trump style, id suggest getting in contact with him or me here, apparently SMH are going to do a follow up regarding Partner Visas. If you follow my/ Abuls twitter convo you will see the points that are going to be addressed. The more horror stories we get we might actually be able to do something about the 12 to 24 month limbo....
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    I am a regular contributor, and I find myself repeating the same advice over and over again. Which is OK because I like the sound of my own voice ;-) All the posts here detail what you SHOULD do. As something different, I will detail what NOT to do. This is based on many years investigating Immigration Fraud cases, it applies to Visitor, Partner and most other visa's. When you make a visa application, DO NOT.. Lie or tell half truths. Withhold important information that is on public record (i.e you have a criminal history). Honesty may prove you have learnt your lesson and can now be trusted? Claim something you cant prove. Everything you state must be able to be proved through paperwork. A job without proper pay records is probably fake. Ring the embassy or High Commissioner demanding priority. Send abusive emails to your case worker Criticise your case worker by name in a public forum (yes DIBP read all this) Complain about the fees. Australia ain't cheap If you want to prove a Defacto you must prove 12 months relationship, NOT 11 months and 2 weeks. Include erroneous photos without explaining why the are relevant. Unsubstantiated Photos mean nothing, they are easily faked. If you include Statements from someone as your relationship or circumstances, make sure they can be contacted by DIBP. Yes they do check. Ask for a statement from someone who cant prove that they were in same country as you 12 months ago. Visa, Passport stamp, airline ticket. Think you are special, important or high priority. In Australia, we are all equal. Look up Tall Poppy Syndrome. Expect DIBP to see into your heart, regardless of how much love you feel, HARD proof is best. No amount of love will replace hard facts and proof. Expect to get around a medical. Medicals are mandatory, relax they are not complicated, providing you are healthy. Complain about long waiting times, especially if your application is from a high risk country, they will take longer. Expect to come here and get medicare and welfare the day you arrive. Come here to build a life and work hard. Questions like "how soon can I get medicare, or welfare" do not look good Try to avoid or fake Police checks. They are VERY important to DIBP, what you may think is minor thing, DIBP may consider an issue. If you have a police history, tell them. Hiding things like that will only hurt your application. Try to fake that your relationship has been for a long time, when it has not. If the relationship is true, and genuine then all is good. If its fake and not real, save your money, DIBP will catch you out. Send anything in a foreign language, Everything must be translated (by a certified translator), regardless what some hokey local website or friend of your mother says is ok., (Exception is some EU and Russian missions will accept local language docs, check first). Thinks you are being victimised or discriminated against. Trust me, DIBP do not care about ladyboys, same sex unions, age gaps, religion, or how many times married. So dont make it an issue. "DIBP rejected my PV because I am a gay, transgender, muslim, divorcee" Bullshit. The Australian Public Service pride themselves on their impartiality. Expect a visa if either of are not of good character, including the sponsor. Especially if there is a child involved. Good Character is a complex term, but most get the idea. Think visa fees have a guarantee. Yes the PV is very expensive, and there are no guarantees. If in doubt DONT APPLY. DIBP is not an Apple Store. Try to fake a relationsip. Any genuine relationship will have evidence to prove such. No evidence, its probably not genuine. Be impatient. DONT be in a hurry. Patience. And NO DIBP do not make you wait as a test. PLAN ahead, DIBP like people who plan holidays well in advance. Get married, or have a baby thinking it will get you special treatment or a fast track. Think that you father/uncle/brother as a famous proctologist/businessman/politician gives you status. It means nothing. Its about you and your partner. Provide fake documents, statements, payslips, company certificates, letters etc etc etc. They are usually spotted immediately. Just one lie and your probably will be rejected. Understand this, TRUTH on your application is more important than ANY other aspect. Use or pay a NON licensed immigration agent. All registered agents with DIBP are listed on the Australian Embassy Websites. Believe sites like www.easyaussievisa.com, they are usually full of lies and old information. Believe the information on the TRUE www.dibp.gov.au website. Believe anyone who says they have a friend at the AU embassy, and can get you fast tracked. Judge Australian society, standards and culture by your own. What may be normal in your homeland maybe either illegal or unacceptable in Australia. The opposite also applies. Disrespect or treat any Immigration of DIBP staff member poorly. They have a hard job. While on this forum,Don't demand answers, we are volunteers Don't get narky because we may have not observed you own customs, trust me we are observing ours. Don't demand rapid answers, we all have other real lives, we do our best Read, read and read more. 99% of all questions have been answered before. So excuse us if we get testy when repeating the same advice for the 1200th time ;-)
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    When there is need for specialist skills, and there is clearly no local applicants, yes. No one would argue with a University seeking a PhD teacher etc.
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    All PhD skills assessments are complicated, as all PhD's are unique, generally speaking. Working, regardless either still under your Student Visa or as a sponsored educator will certainly help. I would start to work your network at your Uni, and your industry contacts to seek out a possible sponsored Visa, jobs for your skillset are very unlikely to come through the EOI process. As they say, they want you bad enough, they will find a way to get you here.
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    OK, so until you get your PhD, you only hold a BSc I am assuming. So, you are correct you can not claim the BSc Med as an IT related degree. Although you are researching and studying data science, I again assume you do not have any relevant work experience in IT. Even then, your foundation degree is not in IT. So, are you able to wait until you finish your PhD, I think your options will be much better then? With a PhD you will be eligible for various sponsored academic roles, teaching etc, which will allow you to seek a industry job on the side if thats what u want, while building experience.
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    I assume you went straight into the PhD? or did you do a MSC in between?
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    STAGE2- PARTNER VISA 309/100

    Thanks mate. I had not realised the Stg 2 times had extended so long. So Nilo would be at the early stage at best
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    Wow, certainly an interesting and valuable field of research. Let us know what ACS Profession codes you are looking at, so we can possibly help further. When you get to your level, and with complex science disciplines, ACS often does not have the right classification, and you may need to seek a specific classification/assessment for yourself.
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    Tourist visa refusal

    @Marie romea the decision by the Department is correct. Can I ask, what is the reason you gave for wanting a 6 month tourist visa?
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    Tourist visa refusal

    The reason for your tourist visa refusal is straight forwarded and clear, and It is irrelevant that you have history of visa compliance. Since the 17 December 2017 to when you last departed Australia on the 10 November 2018 you spent a total 264 days in Australia on a tourist visa. You have now applied for another visa for 6 months tourist visa. The Department has taken the view that you are attempting to maintain de facto residence in Australia due to the frequency and duration of your stays in Australia. Policy says that you should spend at least as much time out of Australia as in Australia in between visits.
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    Need advise on dependant visa 500

    Rose, I am very sorry to hear your news. When I read about decisions like this, it saddens me as an Australian that we are singling kids out like this. You may have a couple of options, but regardless, I feel you should be speaking to a qualified MARA Agent, with experience in cases such as yours; You can appeal over the severity of the medical assessment, this usually requires the assistance of an agent/lawyer, and recognised medical specialists for the child's condition. The objective here is to convince IMMI that the child's condition is not that serious. I have seen this path work successfully a lot with ASD kids, as ASD covers a very broad spectrum of severity. Not all medical decisions can be appealed, but, as far as I have seen, ASD is generally eligible for appeal. Depending on the medical reasons for rejection, you may be eligible to apply for a Health Waiver (PIC 4005/4007), again you will probably need an agents/specialists help with this. Please consider my advice about seeking out the assistance of a qualified specialist in this area.
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    De facto relationship date

    If it is in English, then you don't need a translation. But you must provide enough details (AGents Name, Address, Phone etc) so IMMI can contact them and confirm all is real. If IMMI can not verify the ledger then they will ignore it from the process. Make sure your agent knows that he may be called by IMMI to verify your details.
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    Front Loaded Partner Visas Approved Faster?

    Will the Migration company or the Department refund you the cost of medicals and police clearances if the application is not processed before they expire? I can't advise you what to do. However, if the medicals and police checks expire prior to the application being finalised, then they will need to be done again (at your expense). As far as I know there is no information from the Department that applications will be fast tracked for those that do the medicals and police checks straight away.
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    We did both health and police checks front loaded for both the PMV 300 (Lodged late 2017) and the 820 ( Lodged July 2018). The PMV 300 was granted in 2 months and the 820 in 5 months. Might not work for everyone but it did for us. Applicant from the Philippines Edit: I just want to add that our applications were very thorough and we had known each other for 3 years before applying for the PMV 300
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    Morning! Just wanted to update you guys, I received my visa last night! So it took about 70 calendar days for everything to get processed. Thanks!
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    Attaching documents to Partner 820 visa

    If in doubt, the easiest thing to do is upload under Other and put the description in the box. This is perfectly acceptable.
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    Maybe I misunderstood your question. Yes she can get an ETA when the Partner/Spousal Visa is processing. I understood you to be referring to the Spousal Visa. Also, while you have an open request for documents, ALL processing of the Spousal Visa goes on hold until you respond to IMMI's request. So dont take too long to respond.
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    De facto relationship date

    Yes, the date you jointly leased the home is perfect. Include a copy of the lease to prove this date. Yes, same as point 1, in most cases. I assume your individual bank accounts would have records of the rental payments, hence bank statements from both of you would suffice. To submit a copy of the Agents rental ledger you would need to get a certified and translated copy, and also provide contact details of the agent for verification. As anyone can make up a rental ledger.
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    Dont Be Greedy With A Visa.

    So, a bit of advice to anyone trying to obtain their FIRST visa from a high risk country, or where your circumstances may present risk to overstay. Establishing trust, and proving yourself to DIBP is the key to ongoing success. Small steps. The grant of a visa to higher risk nationals and persons with a higher risk profile to overstay, is a RISK (get it) based decision. DIBP try to determine the chances of you overstaying or not complying with your visa. They assess and score the risk. Many things are computed when the risk is evaluated. Risk, by nature is the result of all the contributing factors. Not just the obvious reason to return and your money situation. Ill explain.. The longer the stay the greater the risk of overstay. Not many people can relocate, settle and get work within 2-3 weeks, but 12 weeks its possible. So dont ask for 3 months first time, definitely not 12 moths. Keep it short, reduce the risk in the eyes of DIBP. Stay longer next time. Even when you ask for 2-3 weeks, often they grant 3 months. But dont bank on this. A person who has had a previous visa and observed all the conditions and left on time is a hero. Gold star. DIBP will recognize that and give you much more trust next time. To offer to pay a bond sends the message that you are so honest you will back it with hard cash. A very useful approach with a refusal appeal. For your first Visa, having a specific event to attend (wedding, birth, birthday, etc) for 2-3 weeks is much more likely to get granted than 'I want to come and see my brother for a year'. They message here is this.... You need to prove to DIBP that you are trustworthy, offering to build trust in small steps is considered well by DIBP. So endeth the lesson ;-)