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  1. Great News Everyone! Visitor Visas along with an Array of other Visa's for Thai Nationals to Australia can now be Submitted Online. This should make the entire Process a Little Easier! Shauno
  2. I thought you needed to be an Australian Citizen or Perm. Resident to sponsor a Partner Visa for your Partner to Australia? Not trying to Confuse anyone here but... How can someone on a Student Visa sponsor a Perm. Visa? Or am I not seeing this Correctly!
  3. I thought you needed to be an Australian Citizen or Perm. Resident to sponsor a Partner Visa for your Partner to Australia? Not trying to Confuse anyone here but... How can someone on a Student Visa sponsor a Perm. Visa? Or am I not seeing this Correctly!
  4. They rang her Back! Explained that as she has had a 6 Month Tourist Visa to Australia before they cannot Grant another 6 Month Tourist Visa. New Visa Rules state 1x 6 Month Per Applicant and after which they can only ever get 3 Month Tourist Visas, no matter the length of time the last 6 Month Visa was Granted. They then said they can Offer her a 3 Month Visa but she cannot apply for Further Visas in Australia while on that 3 Month Visa. They told her 3 Working Days and she will have the Visa. From that it sounds like she has been Granted a 3 Month Visa but not the 6 Month we Applied For. They also informed her that the next Visa she makes an Application for needs to be a Partner Visa.
  5. Hi All, Long time no Speak. I have Submitted a 3rd Tourist Visa Application for my Thai GF and a Citizenship by Decent Application for our Son. I will make a post and go into Detail about the Applications, What is Involved and Documents we Submitted. My big Question however is Today (9 Days After Tourist Visa Application 6 Months) the Thai GF Missed a Call from the Australian Embassy and she is unable to Return the Call She believes they will not call back and will Reject her Application because of No Contact! Has anyone Experienced this before? do they call back and does it effect the Application?
  6. Update Everyone! We have abandoned the Condition 8503 Waiver Application, even before posting in the forum I had grave doubts about it being Waived. Long Shot... that I would rather not waste time on! Instead the Girlfriend is returning to Thailand next weekend and we are going the "Partner Visa Route" with the Request for Priority/Fast-Track Processing as layed out in this Thread: The Australian Partner Visa Application Thanks Guys, this Thread can be Closed!
  7. I have successfully Applied for and have had Granted 2 Tourist (Visitor Visas) for my Thai Girlfriend. She is 20 Years if Age. Australian Tourist Visas (Visitor Visas) are in my opinion rather easy to Obtain PROVIDING you do your research into what is Required in the way of Evidence and address all the points required by the Case Officer assessing your Application. Here is a Link to the 3 Month and 6 Month Visa Applications I made (and were Granted) for my Thai Girlfriend. In those Threads I have listed Everything I provided to ensure the Application was Granted. Thai girlfriends tourist visa submitted 2nd Tourist Visa Application Shauno
  8. Hi Everyone, In this Post I am going to Document our Attempt to have a Condition 8503 - No Further Stay Condition Waivered. The Girlfriend is worried about the Protests and Political Situation in Bangkok as documented by the Media. We are placing the Application based on the fact that Compelling and Compassionate Circumstances have developed while she has been in Australia which are outside of her control and have created a major change in her Circumstances She is declaring that she has grave concerns regarding her Safety upon arrival in Bangkok due to on-going Anti-Government Protests and a High Risk of Civil Unrest resulting in Violent Confrontations within the City. Included in the Application is: Certified Copy of her Passport Personal Particulars Page Certified Copy of her Visa Approval Letter Certified Copy of her Australian Entry Stamp Stat Dec stating she Believes Circumstances Exist, and Declaring her Grave Concerns as Above. Media Article - Suthep vows to Escalate Anti-Government Protest at Ratchadamonoen (14/11/13) Media Article - Fearing Protest Esculation, Bangkokians Stockpile Food (12/11/13) Media Article - Bangkok Protests raise Fears of Violence (12/11/13) Media Article - Suthep resigns to head up Civil Disobedience (12/11/13) Media Article - Red MP says Dem Protests will Spur Coup (12/11/13) Media Article - 61 Police Companies for Rallies (12/11/13) Media Article - Protesters converge at Democracy Monument (11/11/13) Media Article - Police Brace for Protester Clashes (11/11/13) Media Article - Red Shirts rally to Protect Government (10/11/13) Media Article - Groups escalate push to Oust Government (10/11/13) Media Article - Red Shirt rally call Sparks Fears of Confrontation (8/11/13) Australian Government Travel Warnings for Thailand Highlighting Risk of Civil Unrest and Current Protests Not sure if this is enough to build a case for the Waiver of a Condition 8503 but all we can do is Try! Shauno
  9. Thanks Aussie! I am learning more every Day! Great Advice! I will make sure that all documents are Certified Copies (By Western Australian Police) however some documents such as the House Book and Letter from the Hospital regarding her last Pregnancy will need to be Translated and Certified in Thailand (Not sure where this is Done?) Yes, a total of 10 Form 888's are being completed by Family and Friends. I do hope so. We are very concerned that the same thing will repeat itself and the entire family (both hers and mine) would feel better about the baby being born in Australia. Since she is already 2 months Pregnant and would be due in May-June of 2014 we are extremely worried about how long the Visa may take... Her Chest X-Ray for her current 6 Month Visa was conducted less than 1 year ago (4 months ago), as such -if- the Visa is Fast-Tracked it should still be valid on Grant (unless they decide against Prioritizing the Visa). Other than the X-Ray the rest of the medical should be fine! Can this medical be conducted in Australia prior to the submission of the Visa? She is heading back to Thailand in 2 Weeks (1 Month before her Visa Expires) as she requires Ultra-Sounds which are costing around $400.00 a pop while over here. It would be nice however to sort the Medical Requirements out while she is still in Australia. Thanks, Shauno
  10. Great News Stevie!!! I am about to embark on the Partner Visa Application *Ugh* I have a Headache Already! All in all from what I have learned... if you do your research and address everything that is required by Law, be friendly and ensure you work on Providing more than is Required instead of doing a Half-Assed Job! chances are you will be Approved. Congrats and let us all know how she likes Australia! Shauno
  11. Hi All, Shaun again, after an exciting 5 Months we are now preparing our Partner Visa Application! I will keep a complete Log in this Thread from Preparing the App to Submitting to Approval The Girlfriend is now Pregnant and this is her Second Pregnancy. I am going to include a Letter asking for the Application to be Fast-Tracked for Compassionate Circumstances not because she is Pregnant but because this is our Second Pregnancy and the First Baby she Lost at 5 Months. Grounds for the Compassionate Circumstances Fast-Track Request will be "Emotional Stress of being apart during the final leg of this Pregnancy due to the Previous Pregnancy which Miscarried at 5 Months and the fact that due to the Complications of her last Pregnancy we are wanting her current Pregnancy to be handled by Australian Doctors. Not sure if this is classed as Compassionate Circumstances but hopefully its enough, and if its not, they are setting the Bar very High! So far the following Documentation has been Compiled: Form 47SP Form 40SP Complete Copy of 3 Month Visa Application (Was Granted) Complete Copy of 6 Month Visa Application (Was Granted) Copy of All Flights for both of us To and From Thailand (Proof of Travel) (Itineraries) Still to Come: Copy of My Passport (Certified) Copy of Her Passport (Certified) Copy of Visa Stamps in and out of Thailand for Myself (Certified) Copy of Visa Stamps in and out of Australia for Her (Certified) Copy of Her ID Card (Certified) Copy of Housebook (Certified) Copy of Housebook (Translated) (Certified) Copy of ID Cards for Immediate Family (Father, Mother, Sisters) (Certified) E-Health Check (She had this Completed for her 6 Month Visa (Is this Enough?) Thai Police Clearance (Original) Birth Certificate for Myself (Proving Australian Born) (Certified) Birth Certificate of Her (Certified) Document confirming she is Single (Not Married) (Original) Stat Dec from myself confirming we are in a Genuine Relationship and Defacto more than 12 Months Stat Dec from Her confirming we are in a Genuine Relationship and Defacto more than 12 Months Stat Dec from Mother, Aunt and Sister Confirming we are in a Genuine Relationship and Defacto more than 12 Months Stat Dec from 4 Individual Long Term Friends Confirming we are in a Genuine Relationship and Defacto more than 12 Months Letter of Support from Myself Letter of Support from my Mother Letter from Employer confirming my Employment and Salary. National Police Clearance (Myself) Approx 250 Photos on DVD of us in her home Town, Bangkok, Chang Rai, Australia which range from Cruises, Tourist Activities to Normal Everyday Life! Original Letter from Australian Doctor confirming Blood Test (Positive Pregnancy). Letter from Hospital in her home Town Confirming Complications leading to the Miscarrage of our last Child (Translated). Letter asking for Visa to be Fast-Tracked for Compassionate Reasons. Facebook Logs of our only periods away from each other in 1.5 Years (3 Months and 3 Weeks Total) Photos of Engagement Ring. Receipt for Engagement Ring. This is my first Partner Visa Application (Obviously) so I am sure I am missing something... if anyone can see something that is missing please do not hesitate to Inform me Thanks Shauno!
  12. Congratulations Confused! I Hope you both have a wonderful time while she is in Australia. As I stated above the Australian Embassy will not issue a 6 Month Visa for a Thai Girls First Visit to Australia (Only 3 Month) After she has stayed the 3 months and returned home, she can then apply for a 6 month Visa. Shaun
  13. Im flying to Thailand on the 23rd (Sunday), spending a day in Bangkok and then we are both flying back to Australia on Tuesday the 25th! Her return ticket has her back in Thailand on the 20th of December.
  14. Yes she was. 6 Month Tourist Visa Granted -NO FURTHER STAY -NO WORK -STUDY LIMITATION ^^ Standard Conditions
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