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  1. Great News Everyone! Visitor Visas along with an Array of other Visa's for Thai Nationals to Australia can now be Submitted Online. This should make the entire Process a Little Easier! Shauno
  2. I thought you needed to be an Australian Citizen or Perm. Resident to sponsor a Partner Visa for your Partner to Australia? Not trying to Confuse anyone here but... How can someone on a Student Visa sponsor a Perm. Visa? Or am I not seeing this Correctly!
  3. I thought you needed to be an Australian Citizen or Perm. Resident to sponsor a Partner Visa for your Partner to Australia? Not trying to Confuse anyone here but... How can someone on a Student Visa sponsor a Perm. Visa? Or am I not seeing this Correctly!
  4. They rang her Back! Explained that as she has had a 6 Month Tourist Visa to Australia before they cannot Grant another 6 Month Tourist Visa. New Visa Rules state 1x 6 Month Per Applicant and after which they can only ever get 3 Month Tourist Visas, no matter the length of time the last 6 Month Visa was Granted. They then said they can Offer her a 3 Month Visa but she cannot apply for Further Visas in Australia while on that 3 Month Visa. They told her 3 Working Days and she will have the Visa. From that it sounds like she has been Granted a 3 Month Visa but not the 6 Month we Applied For. They also informed her that the next Visa she makes an Application for needs to be a Partner Visa.
  5. Hi All, Long time no Speak. I have Submitted a 3rd Tourist Visa Application for my Thai GF and a Citizenship by Decent Application for our Son. I will make a post and go into Detail about the Applications, What is Involved and Documents we Submitted. My big Question however is Today (9 Days After Tourist Visa Application 6 Months) the Thai GF Missed a Call from the Australian Embassy and she is unable to Return the Call She believes they will not call back and will Reject her Application because of No Contact! Has anyone Experienced this before? do they call back and does it effect the Application?
  6. Update Everyone! We have abandoned the Condition 8503 Waiver Application, even before posting in the forum I had grave doubts about it being Waived. Long Shot... that I would rather not waste time on! Instead the Girlfriend is returning to Thailand next weekend and we are going the "Partner Visa Route" with the Request for Priority/Fast-Track Processing as layed out in this Thread: The Australian Partner Visa Application Thanks Guys, this Thread can be Closed!
  7. I have successfully Applied for and have had Granted 2 Tourist (Visitor Visas) for my Thai Girlfriend. She is 20 Years if Age. Australian Tourist Visas (Visitor Visas) are in my opinion rather easy to Obtain PROVIDING you do your research into what is Required in the way of Evidence and address all the points required by the Case Officer assessing your Application. Here is a Link to the 3 Month and 6 Month Visa Applications I made (and were Granted) for my Thai Girlfriend. In those Threads I have listed Everything I provided to ensure the Application was Granted. Thai girlfriends tourist visa submitted 2nd Tourist Visa Application Shauno
  8. Hi Everyone, In this Post I am going to Document our Attempt to have a Condition 8503 - No Further Stay Condition Waivered. The Girlfriend is worried about the Protests and Political Situation in Bangkok as documented by the Media. We are placing the Application based on the fact that Compelling and Compassionate Circumstances have developed while she has been in Australia which are outside of her control and have created a major change in her Circumstances She is declaring that she has grave concerns regarding her Safety upon arrival in Bangkok due to on-going Anti-Government Protests and a High Risk of Civil Unrest resulting in Violent Confrontations within the City. Included in the Application is: Certified Copy of her Passport Personal Particulars Page Certified Copy of her Visa Approval Letter Certified Copy of her Australian Entry Stamp Stat Dec stating she Believes Circumstances Exist, and Declaring her Grave Concerns as Above. Media Article - Suthep vows to Escalate Anti-Government Protest at Ratchadamonoen (14/11/13) Media Article - Fearing Protest Esculation, Bangkokians Stockpile Food (12/11/13) Media Article - Bangkok Protests raise Fears of Violence (12/11/13) Media Article - Suthep resigns to head up Civil Disobedience (12/11/13) Media Article - Red MP says Dem Protests will Spur Coup (12/11/13) Media Article - 61 Police Companies for Rallies (12/11/13) Media Article - Protesters converge at Democracy Monument (11/11/13) Media Article - Police Brace for Protester Clashes (11/11/13) Media Article - Red Shirts rally to Protect Government (10/11/13) Media Article - Groups escalate push to Oust Government (10/11/13) Media Article - Red Shirt rally call Sparks Fears of Confrontation (8/11/13) Australian Government Travel Warnings for Thailand Highlighting Risk of Civil Unrest and Current Protests Not sure if this is enough to build a case for the Waiver of a Condition 8503 but all we can do is Try! Shauno
  9. Thanks Aussie! I am learning more every Day! Great Advice! I will make sure that all documents are Certified Copies (By Western Australian Police) however some documents such as the House Book and Letter from the Hospital regarding her last Pregnancy will need to be Translated and Certified in Thailand (Not sure where this is Done?) Yes, a total of 10 Form 888's are being completed by Family and Friends. I do hope so. We are very concerned that the same thing will repeat itself and the entire family (both hers and mine) would feel better about the baby being born in Australia. Since she is already 2 months Pregnant and would be due in May-June of 2014 we are extremely worried about how long the Visa may take... Her Chest X-Ray for her current 6 Month Visa was conducted less than 1 year ago (4 months ago), as such -if- the Visa is Fast-Tracked it should still be valid on Grant (unless they decide against Prioritizing the Visa). Other than the X-Ray the rest of the medical should be fine! Can this medical be conducted in Australia prior to the submission of the Visa? She is heading back to Thailand in 2 Weeks (1 Month before her Visa Expires) as she requires Ultra-Sounds which are costing around $400.00 a pop while over here. It would be nice however to sort the Medical Requirements out while she is still in Australia. Thanks, Shauno
  10. Great News Stevie!!! I am about to embark on the Partner Visa Application *Ugh* I have a Headache Already! All in all from what I have learned... if you do your research and address everything that is required by Law, be friendly and ensure you work on Providing more than is Required instead of doing a Half-Assed Job! chances are you will be Approved. Congrats and let us all know how she likes Australia! Shauno
  11. Hi All, Shaun again, after an exciting 5 Months we are now preparing our Partner Visa Application! I will keep a complete Log in this Thread from Preparing the App to Submitting to Approval The Girlfriend is now Pregnant and this is her Second Pregnancy. I am going to include a Letter asking for the Application to be Fast-Tracked for Compassionate Circumstances not because she is Pregnant but because this is our Second Pregnancy and the First Baby she Lost at 5 Months. Grounds for the Compassionate Circumstances Fast-Track Request will be "Emotional Stress of being apart during the final leg of this Pregnancy due to the Previous Pregnancy which Miscarried at 5 Months and the fact that due to the Complications of her last Pregnancy we are wanting her current Pregnancy to be handled by Australian Doctors. Not sure if this is classed as Compassionate Circumstances but hopefully its enough, and if its not, they are setting the Bar very High! So far the following Documentation has been Compiled: Form 47SP Form 40SP Complete Copy of 3 Month Visa Application (Was Granted) Complete Copy of 6 Month Visa Application (Was Granted) Copy of All Flights for both of us To and From Thailand (Proof of Travel) (Itineraries) Still to Come: Copy of My Passport (Certified) Copy of Her Passport (Certified) Copy of Visa Stamps in and out of Thailand for Myself (Certified) Copy of Visa Stamps in and out of Australia for Her (Certified) Copy of Her ID Card (Certified) Copy of Housebook (Certified) Copy of Housebook (Translated) (Certified) Copy of ID Cards for Immediate Family (Father, Mother, Sisters) (Certified) E-Health Check (She had this Completed for her 6 Month Visa (Is this Enough?) Thai Police Clearance (Original) Birth Certificate for Myself (Proving Australian Born) (Certified) Birth Certificate of Her (Certified) Document confirming she is Single (Not Married) (Original) Stat Dec from myself confirming we are in a Genuine Relationship and Defacto more than 12 Months Stat Dec from Her confirming we are in a Genuine Relationship and Defacto more than 12 Months Stat Dec from Mother, Aunt and Sister Confirming we are in a Genuine Relationship and Defacto more than 12 Months Stat Dec from 4 Individual Long Term Friends Confirming we are in a Genuine Relationship and Defacto more than 12 Months Letter of Support from Myself Letter of Support from my Mother Letter from Employer confirming my Employment and Salary. National Police Clearance (Myself) Approx 250 Photos on DVD of us in her home Town, Bangkok, Chang Rai, Australia which range from Cruises, Tourist Activities to Normal Everyday Life! Original Letter from Australian Doctor confirming Blood Test (Positive Pregnancy). Letter from Hospital in her home Town Confirming Complications leading to the Miscarrage of our last Child (Translated). Letter asking for Visa to be Fast-Tracked for Compassionate Reasons. Facebook Logs of our only periods away from each other in 1.5 Years (3 Months and 3 Weeks Total) Photos of Engagement Ring. Receipt for Engagement Ring. This is my first Partner Visa Application (Obviously) so I am sure I am missing something... if anyone can see something that is missing please do not hesitate to Inform me Thanks Shauno!
  12. Congratulations Confused! I Hope you both have a wonderful time while she is in Australia. As I stated above the Australian Embassy will not issue a 6 Month Visa for a Thai Girls First Visit to Australia (Only 3 Month) After she has stayed the 3 months and returned home, she can then apply for a 6 month Visa. Shaun
  13. Im flying to Thailand on the 23rd (Sunday), spending a day in Bangkok and then we are both flying back to Australia on Tuesday the 25th! Her return ticket has her back in Thailand on the 20th of December.
  14. Yes she was. 6 Month Tourist Visa Granted -NO FURTHER STAY -NO WORK -STUDY LIMITATION ^^ Standard Conditions
  15. Hi Confused! If it is your girlfriends first visit to Australia (1st Visa Application) they tend to only grant a 3 month Visa. A Medical (Chest X-Ray) is required for all stays in Australia over a 3 Month Period. Don't stress to much about them not asking for this Medical, as it is not required for the 3 Month Visa they will Grant (if they grant a Visa) The Letter of Support is only one part of the application. If you have had an ongoing relationship with the girl and have spent quality time with her in Thailand and have proven that to DFAT I see no reason why your application would be Rejected. Shaun
  16. Hi Kangaroo, I would have to say No. I would avoid the Pattaya Based Agents that deal with Multiple Countries. In Australia Migration Agents require a Degree and a Graduate Certificate in Migration Law in order to dispense advice, something the Pattaya Agents of course do not have. They are simply attempting to fund their stay in Thailand for the most part. Should you wish to use an Agent to secure a Visa for your Girlfriend to visit or reside in Australia I would take a look at Bridge Visa. They are active in dispensing advice on these forums and are qualified to practice under Australian Law. There is also the option of completing the application yourself, depending on how much time and patience you have! Shaun
  17. Hi Everyone, Was waiting on the Visa Application to be Processed before posting my Letter of Invitation and Support on the Forum. The Visitor Visa has been processed now and the Girlfriend is on her way to Bangkok to pick up the (Hopefully Visa) waiting at VFS. (Fingers Crossed Everyone) I will know in the Morning. For everyone currently completing Applications, Here is a copy of my Letter of Invitation. Personally I think I put a little too much into the Letter and it could easily be shortened and more to the point however these long-winded Letters have served me well so far in my Visa Journey. ******************************** Example Letter of Support for Tourist Visa Application ************************************* Australian Embassy, Bangkok 37 South Sathorn Road, Bangkok, Thailand RE: VISITOR VISA APPLICATION (TOURIST STREAM) FOR MISS. LEK NOI Passport Number: ABC123455 ID Card: 123456789 Letter of Support from Mr. John Smith Australian Passport Number: ABC12353344 Address: 123 Jones St, Smithfield, South Australia Date: 1 June 2013 To Whom it may Concern, My name is John Smith and I am an Australian Citizen by Birth. I am a Graduate from the Australian University where I completed my studies in Engineering I am currently employed by ABC Pty Ltd at Adelaide as the Sales Manager. My salary is A$50,000 per year gross, plus superannuation. (Attached is a Letter of Employment from my Employer). I have been involved in the Engineering Industry in Australia for 10 Years. I am writing this letter in support of the above application for a Visitor’s Visa. I met Lek in January of 2012 in Bangkok where she was accompanying her sister in search of a University. Our relationship quickly developed and I accompanied her back to Phuket where we began living as a couple in her Parent's home for a period of 2 months. At this stage I was required to return to Australia for work purposes and left Thailand on the 10th of March 2013 (1 day after my birthday as she wanted to spend it with me.) During my time in Australia we continued our relationship on Facebook and Skype. Starting from when we woke up until when we went to bed there would be barely 5 minutes between communication for the entire 2 months I remained in Australia. I have included extracts of these communications however there are thousands of pages and including them all would be impractical. I returned to Thailand on the 30th of July 2012 and she was waiting to collect me from the Airport. From there we took a bus back to her home Province and again began living as a couple in her Parents' Home. On the 30th of August 2012 we made an application for a Visitor Visa for Lek to visit my home in Adelaide, Australia. The reason for that application was due to our relationship becoming more serious and as such we felt it important for Lek to see Australia, meet my Family and Friends and experience the Australian way of life including cultural differences between the two countries. The application was approved on the 15th of September 2012 and we booked flights to Australia. Lek and I both arrived in Adelaide on the 2nd of October 2012 (Attached are Itineraries from the Airlines). During Lek's stay in Australia (3 Months) we have engaged in a wide range of Tourist Activities including a visit to Adelaide Wildlife Park to see the Kangaroo's, Seaworld in Queensland to see the assorted Marine Life in South Australia, Shark Island for Snorkeling and Tours of the Island, Lek for a lesson on the History of South Australia, The Adelaide River by Tour Cruise, The Adelaide Valley, South Australia Entertainment Complex as well as visited the Adelaide Theatre and various Festivals including the Food and Wine Festival at the South Australian Exhibition Centre and of course Adelaide City and the Adelaide Tower. (Attached is Evidence of these visits including Photographs) Lek departed Australia on the 2nd of January 2013 in compliance with her Visa and has returned to Thailand. Initially our plan was to visit Australia jointly and for both of us to return to Thailand on the 2nd of January, unfortunately however we have had to make changes to those plans due to serious changes of my employment which saw me being promoted to regional sales manager and as such I am now limited in the amount of time I can have away from work for at least the next 6 months. Lek is now making a second application for a Visitor Visa (Tourist Stream) for a period of 6 months. We do understand that an application for a Visitor Visa (Tourist Stream) is for "Short Visits of Family and Friends or Holiday Purposes" and although she has just completed a stay in Australia we still believe this is the correct visa given our situation. I will explain this reasoning below: Our relationship is continuing to develop and we both believe it is beneficial to carefully grow as a couple and not rush into the commitment of marriage. While we are both completely in love we see it as important to build a strong foundation for a relationship. The 3 months we had together in Australia were wonderful however it was not long enough to make a firm decision on the country we wish to reside in (in the future). Lek has not had time to evaluate day to day life in Australia and as such cannot commit to wanting a life in Australia (making a migration visa pointless). 3 months did not give us sufficient time to complete many of the activities we had planned, including visiting Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. (My sister now lives in Hobart and Lek has always wanted to see the Sydney Opera House). My employer has explained to me that given my new position it is important that I remain in the country for at least the next 6 months. Being physically apart from Lek at this point in our relationship would cause a severe strain on both of us emotionally which in turn would affect all aspects of our lives negatively. Once again I can assure you that I will guarantee Lek will meet the obligations of her visa by not engaging in Employment while in Australia and exiting Australia before the expiration of her Visa. Given the fact that the possibility exists of applying for a migration visa at a later date it would be in our best interests to comply with all obligations and restrictions of any visa granted to Lek I would also like to assure the Embassy that on exhaustion of the 6 month Visitor Visa I would be returning to Thailand with Lek and at that point I believe we would be in a position to make a more permanent decision on our future. In closing I would like to draw your attention to evidence supplied which shows a Genuine Relationship and a Genuine reason for Lek to return to Thailand before the expiration of her Visa. I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that Lek met all obligations during her last visit to Australia and I met all obligations guaranteed in my letter of support on her last visit to Australia. In total since meeting Lek in January of 2012 we have physically resided together for 8 months of the 10 months we have known each other and during the 2 months apart we were in constant contact. I undertake to provide all expenses and provide full lodging for Lek at 123 Jones St, Smithfield, South Australia whilst she is in Australia. Furthermore I will ensure that she does not engage in employment activities while in Australia and is covered by Full Comprehensive Travel Insurance. I can be contacted at any time on my Australian Land Line (02) 99999999, Work Land Line (02) 99999999 or Mobile Number 04000000000 I have included some background information about myself and our relationship as listed below: A Copy of my Thai Bank Passbook which Details my Support for her in Thailand A Letter from my Employer detailing my Employment. Copies of the Relevant Pages of my Australian Passport containing Thai Entry Stamps. Extracts from Facebook of our Conversations while I was in Australia. Photos of us together in Thailand and Records from our Holiday to Chiang Rai. Photos of us in Australia and Records from various places we Visited. Letters from Family and Friends detailing our Relationship is Genuine. Stat Dec guaranteeing my full support for Lek during her Australian Visit. Stat Dec guaranteeing I will assure Lek meets the obligations of her Visa.Letter from my Employer explaining the impact on the Business should I return to Thailand before the 6 month mark. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information. NOTE:- Post has been edited by Kanga solely to add fictitious name, dates and place only. ALL personal information is entirely fictitious.
  18. A Few Days Confused and I do not believe you are able to submit the Medical before it is Requested, but I could be Wrong. Question Guys: Medical was done on 15th (Saturday) and the Visa has been Processed and is ready for pickup in Bangkok Now! (Tue 18th) She simply will not fly here alone so I need to get over and pick her up before I start back at Work on Friday and she cannot get to VFS before Late Tomorrow. Would (in your opinion, and I know this is difficult to gauge) you think it an overly stupid idea to take a punt and head out on a flight tonight, before reviewing the Decision I'm fairly confident since they requested a medical, the doctor said everything was OK with the Medical and now we have a Decision (2 Working Days After). Shaun
  19. Quick Question.. The Girlfriend completed her Medical with the Panel Doctor (eHealth) (Bangkok General Hospital - Radiology). The Doctor said everything was fine and now she only needed to await her Visa. Question is... she deleted the e-mail from DFAT which had the Email Address of her Case Worker.. alas she cannot respond to him via Email and tell him she has completed the Medical...... might be a stupid question but.. does she need to? Will he be able to see her Medical is Completed without being prompted to look via a return Email? Shaun
  20. Update: The Embassy contacted my Girlfriend today and requested she attend a Medical at Bangkok General Hospital (Chest X-Ray). I am assuming they would not request this information if they were likely to refuse her 6 month Visa. Looking Good.
  21. Thank you for the replies everyone. Now that I think about it I may have overplayed the Relationship card a fair bit. I did think about this but after reading about the new Visitor Visa, the Tourist Stream is for Tourism OR Visiting Family and Friends. I assumed by covering the point that we want to Travel Further, to visit my sister in Melbourne and to see Sydney we covered the "Tourism" and by covering the Relationship side we covered the "Visiting Family and Friends". By the end of all this I should consider working in the Immigration Industry! (Laughs) I will edit out personal information and post my Letter of Invitation.
  22. Hi Everyone, Updating this topic to keep it all contained. My Girlfriend returned to Thailand on the 1st of June 2013... She spent 3 months inside Australia and Departed before her Visa Expired. We will be going down the road of Partner Visa and I have made arrangements to stay with her in Thailand for the 8-12 Months that it takes to Process however my Employer needs 6 solid months of work from me before I make that Temporary Move to Thailand. In the interest of staying together and not straining our relationship we have made another Tourist Visa Application (Visitor Visa - Tourist Stream). I know they frown on Tourist Visas being applied for back to back, however we are appealing to the fact that a Toursit Visa is the best option for us at the moment given the status of our Relationship. Included in the Application (Submitted 7th June 2013) is as Follows: -Application Form -Copy of Passport -Copy of her Stamp into Australia -Copy of ID Card -Copy of Housebook -Copy of her Birth Certificate -Copy of Parents ID Cards -Copy of Document stating she is Single -Copy of Fathers Death Certificate -Copy of Parents Marriage Certificate -Copy of Education History and Results -Copy of her Previous Visa Letter to Australia -Letter of Invitation and Support stating I have known her 10 Months, 5 of those Months I have been in Thailand with Her and 3 of those Months she has been in Australia with me. The Letter stated we are in a Genuine Relationship but are not ready to Marry, that my Employer cannot grant me leave for 6 Months and that we have many more tourist Destinations to visit in Australia. I have mentioned a Partner Visa may be on the agenda in the Future (in which I would make appropriate arrangements for leave so I could remain with her in Thailand). The Letter of Invitation includes a Support Declaration. -Letter of Invitation from my Mother echoing my Letter but adding her Support and her view our relationship is Genuine. Both Letters explain we need to make a trip to Melbourne and Sydney to visit my Sister and the Opera House during this Stay. -Stat Dec, Stamped by WA Police stating I will provide all Accommodation and Expenses and ensure she leaves before the Expiration of her Visa and adheres to all Conditions of her Visa. I also stated I will be returning to Thailand with her at this time. - Stat Dec, Stamped by WA Police from my Girlfriend stating she will Abide by all Visa Conditions and depart Australia prior to the Expiration of that Visa. -Copy of my Passport -Copy of my Entry and Exit Stamps to Thailand confirming I have been in the country for the 5 Months I have remained with her over 2 Trips. -Letter from my Employer confirming Salary and confirming they cannot grant me Leave for 6 Months however they understand my commitment to my GF and will be happy to offer an extended leave for me to return to Thailand after a 6 month Period. -Copy of my Thai Bank Account which shows Transfers and Spending's in support of the fact I am Supporting both Her and I in Thailand. -Copy of Facebook Logs (Extracts as the Full Logs are about 10,000 Pages) about 50 Pages of Random Days when I was in Australia away from her (2 Months) -Copy of our Itinerary on a trip to Chiang Rai and Tour Receipts to Laos and Myanmar. -Photos of us in her Home Province -Photos of us in Chiang Rai -Photos of us in Australia visiting many Tourist Destinations. We are a little worried as this Visa is for 6 Months and has been applied for right after the initial Visa of 3 Months. We have however addressed in the Visa Application that: It would cause severe Emotional Hardship on both of us should the Visa be Rejected. She Successfully met all conditions of her previous Visa and Departed before its Expiration. We will be completing more Tourist Activities upon her Return including visiting 2 States other than Western Australia That my Employer cannot grant me leave to remain with her in Thailand for 6 Months That after this 6 Month Visa has expired my Employer can grant me leave to remain with her in Thailand That after this 6 Month Visa we "MAY" be ready to Apply for a Permanent visa, but at present we are not. That it would be in her best interest to return to Thailand before the expiration of her Visa or a later Partner Visa would be out of the Question. We have tried to appeal to the Emotional Hardship it would cause if this Visa was not granted while at the same time assuring the Officer we will be completing Tourist Activities and we understand the Visa is for Temporary Stays. We have our fingers crossed and hope we get a Positive Outcome... The only thing working against our Favor is the Back-to-Back Application Thanks, Shaun
  23. Partner Visa is the next step as she loves Australia.... but that damn "NO FURTHER STAY" is hurting us. It means a trip back to Thailand and an 8 month wait for the Visa. She does not want to be apart from me and I simply cannot stay in Thailand for 8 months due to Work! I am not sure if there is a way around this "NO FURTHER STAY" option, was thinking of seeing a Migration Agent to see if its possible to Waiver it! - Shaun
  24. Hey Everyone, Just an update as promised. Picked up the Girlfriend's Tourist Visa Application from the Processing Center Today! Approved for 3 Months with a No Further Stay Condition which does not bother me in the slightest! Happy Result, Thank you for all your Support. Shaun
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