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  1. Don't double up your evidence. So long as it's clearly labelled it won't be an issue.
  2. Would be a lot better to organise their citizen by decent sorted before they come over
  3. Understand the apprehension and agree with it, but what your layer has told you I'd correct they could be refused entry. But if they enter the country to see if they like it.... Are you a citizen?
  4. Sammyj is correct that you don't have to get married in Australia. After the visa grant you do need to enter Australia BEFORE getting married. Some people enter Australia get married at a registry and have the main ceremony elsewhere.
  5. Of course but the people who answer the phones aren't qualified and many wouldn't have the knowledge to answer the question. It comes down to what the origins home country provides. That was my meaning they can't just say it's "X" for all countries.
  6. Entirely up to you. Solve just used the boxes on the online form (that's all we did) some do stat secs, some do statements. Whatever you feel most comfortable with
  7. The reason why the department doesn't have hard and fast rules on things like documentation is that every country does things differently. I agree you would be best to get a full copy not just for the visa but also for when they move over here if it is needed for any ID or passport renewal stuff at their embassy. Depending on the country it's next to impossible to get this things outside the country.
  8. You are still entitled to Medicare even if it was an offshore application. There are no bridging visa options though.
  9. Not sure where you read that, it's incorrect. The 309 is valid until a decision has been made on the 100. To be honest I wouldn't apply now given how far out before you want to apply. Based on what you have put you'll probably get the 100 granted straight away and it's travel facilities are only valid for 5 years then you need to apply for a RRV which they seem to be crashing down on.
  10. Irrelevant to the question. You can't upload evidence until after you have submitted and your payment has been received
  11. 100 percent agree that professional advice would be needed for best course of action. But about the only course of action I can see is apply for a bridging visa E to get things in order and leave the country ASAP best within 28 days of visa expiry and from then you SHOULD be able to look at options to get back in the country. But really think you should consult a agent
  12. It used to. When giving advise best not to use think. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/repealed-visas/tourist-visa-676
  13. Can't comment of back in the day but since 2014 (when I started my research) for the partner visa the sponsor can only be the spouse.
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