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  1. Also keep in mind the criteria for the 309 & 820 are more stringent and you'll note need to meet those conditions
  2. Start with AFV they give a lot of great free advice and help a lot of people.
  3. You need professional advice, especially seeing the relationship broke down prior to the grant. The kind of advice and info you need won't be available in a forum
  4. There's been no significant changes for a fair while. In the Grand scheme of things getting married doesn't count for a massive amount. Also there is no requirement to of lived together for 12 months. It's about being in a relationship for 12 months. Might be best if you have a consult with a agent.
  5. You could have your answer in that bit, they would have record of the new trip so want it updated to include it.
  6. Put it this way, if you are living in Germany how are you applying for a onshore visa.
  7. As has been mentioned many times on here the changes haven't gone through, it isn't agents trying to scare people there have been changes approved in Parliament and the changes are coming just no one can say when. At the time of the start of this thread the April start was the official start date however they had to change it. Also just FYI the website is pretty good but not always accurate as with calling them, the people on the phone are great and try their best to help but they honestly aren't qualified and despite their intentions do give out incorrect info which has in some cases ruined people's chances of visas.
  8. When things are this messy professional advise and knowledge is needed.
  9. Not much you can do the processing times can take a month and it only gets longer this time of year.
  10. I would be surprised if you would get another one but doesn't hurt to try
  11. At this stage non really. Once you are on PR there are options.
  12. The Times shown are the current average times, so you always go off the published times. You cannot work on a tourist visa. The only option would be a WHV but that's dependant on age and nationality.
  13. The times haven't really changed much since you lodged so shouldn't be much of a surprise. They don't really work month by month, the is no way of speculating, all you can do is make sure you have provided all possible info/evidence and wait.
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