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  1. Would love to say common sense but hey it's the government we are talking about!
  2. To be honest it's mainly on the memory of an applicants post. They got a refusal initially for to they couldn't get a court order or form 1229 done so they got the parents visa sorted with the child's refusal and then down the track applied for the child after. I did try and find some sort of reference but for something so specific and unusual it's damn hard to find.
  3. No offence just because a agent hasn't told you what you want to hear doesn't make them unhelpful. Realistically you need to sit down with someone and go over all options with all evidence. And with what you put it would be impossible to give any real advice. From what you have put there is no way you can meet GTE as you are only looking to stay in the country. I might be wrong but can only comment in what you have told us.
  4. That's a very generic list that covers all visa classes. That kind of letter would be for a employee sponsored visa. Nothing to do with the partner visa
  5. And ontop of that if it lapses before the waiver is granted/refused they could also then apply for a bridging visa E to prevent major repercussions. And given the reasoning, which I would imagine would need doctors certificate for support, they should be fine
  6. From what I've been able to find the partner visa isn't quite like that. But again would need confirmation, but with partner visas it can be that the parent can get approval but the child can't. I know many like the skilled visas are structured so one fail all fail. So partner visa can be different in that it's not the whole family unit applying. Hard to find much info on it.
  7. If you are good with paperwork and research then you can apply on your own. You working won't impact things. If you apply offshore then for your partner to come to Australia would have to get a seperate visa and abide by its conditions. To apply onshore your partner would need a visitor visa without the 8503 condition. After applying you get a bridging visa which will only kick in after the tourist visa terms have lapsed, once the bridging visa is activated then they can work
  8. I can't really comment too much but from what I can see the Por Kor 14 seems to be primarily for passports. I'll leave this for the experts @Bridge @AFV and not sure who is might be across the Thai legal side but just from what I've seen and some quick research some notes below. To be honest it's not much different to Australia, if you don't have formal legal custody then you can't remove the child from the country. It's just that normally in Australia legal custody is sorted early. Part of the intent is to prevent child trafficking and that sort of thing There is a form for consent you can get the father to fill out and in a country like Thailand yes the other parent does use it as a chance to get some easy baht. Whatever you do to obtain it document every step. If you can't get in contact with the father you need to prove you made every effort. I believe it's form 1229 that you need. Also if you haven't yet have a read here: Attached Department of Home Affairs Child Migration Booklet 1128.pdf
  9. Quality over quantity. Combine files together into one PDF. Don't upload individual photos, you only reply need 20b or so photos total they are only secondary evidence. Use one to die the relationship over time. Put them in a word doc and you can write a line about it and save it as a PDF. Also don't uploaded evidence more than once.
  10. You can either do the statements or fill the boxes in the application. If you do statements no need to upload them together.
  11. That's not really correct. You are still within the standard processing time as the average times are based on business days. Unfortunately sponsored tourist visas (that's what it sounds like you have applied for) take longer to process and it's a busy time of year for tourist visas so they tend to take longer. At least with him being in Australia and lodging in Australia he would of gotten a bridging visa to cover a gap if there is one between the old visa and the new.
  12. It's 100 under the applicant and 100 under the sponsor. Realistically if you are looking like you're using more than 50 I would reevaluate how you are presenting your evidence.
  13. That's actually a great point that doesn't get raised often. For any long term visas the dating period means next to nothing, they are looking from when you committed to each other. However if they were to come over here they would need to declare you and that can help later on down the track, omitting can cause issues if it contradicts dates you put in your future application.
  14. No the visa she is in Australia on most not have condition 8503. It prevents applicants from applying for another visa while in Australia
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