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  1. 1. What exceptional circumstances would you be using to request the waiver? 2. no need to go to the UK just need to leave the country. 3. Not sure what the question is.
  2. Not sure why you would go to a travel agent for migration advise. You can be anywhere in the world and apply for a visa. You don't have to prove that you will return to your home country just that you will leave Australia.
  3. You aren't a PR until it's approved. 75% are processed within 22 months 90% within 26 months from eligibility, so for you that's next month.
  4. Failed to research is a big one! So many times people have applied and after it relise that you need to have more than just a marriage certificate. Or people complain that feelings aren't taken into account when obviously the Dept MUST be objective.
  5. If they are Australian citizens or PR then form 888. If not they can use it for a guide
  6. I suggest you read the citizenship requirements as you won't meet the criteria
  7. Don't need to stay in Spain but get what you mean and fair enough, sorry thought you were looking at staying out of the country longer.
  8. Yeah state thing and not all states do it and they all have different requirements
  9. There is no template as all circumstances are different. There has been a few posts on here including some recent ones from AFV
  10. ? Are you planning to leave the country and enter using the same visa? Then yes. If you don't then no
  11. 2015 was 2 50% increases part of it was hockey couldn't get his budget passed so it was a easy cash grab that didn't have to go through the senate. Waves don't get made of it because people don't care until it effects them.
  12. I'm not sure what answer we can give, they are clear with what they want. You need to provide those reasons
  13. Not an issue, you can send them evidence that you've applied for it
  14. There is no requirement to stay in the country however BVB's are normally only for 3 months. Is there a reason you aren't going to apply as offshore?
  15. No one can answer something like that
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