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  1. The are 3 ways that can be done. 1. Simply fill in the boxes provided in the online form. 2. Refer the boxes to a statement you upload. 3. Do a stat Dec (note a personal statement doesn't have to be a stat Dec) Due to people doing blogs and saying they did a stat dec people think it's required, the only required start dec is the second stage for the sponsor. In our case we just filled in the boxes provided, I remember reading a member who did a 35 page statement. Imagine being the case officer trying to sift through that.
  2. No need to be worried the refusal will be either due to not being able to show enough funds for the trip, or may of done the common practice of basically going to a loan shark to show the funds but don't explain it. Or didn't prove intent to return. If you can address the rejection reasons properly then you can get a approval. Unless they provided false documents.......
  3. One thing to be aware and careful with Thais, someone say, people say, they say........ Including "friends" helping with visa applications. They don't do research themselves and trust what people say about visas as gospel even if you can prove it contrary
  4. You still need the same evidence for family sponsored, is just that if there is doubt they can put a bond in place.
  5. A. Don't understand the question. B. No. C. Up to the individual, some do it monthly, some don't at all.
  6. It won't hurt your case at all but I don't see it helping speed things up sorry to say, the only times I've seen/heard medical conditions speeding things up are advanced terminal conditions. Won't hurt to put the request in just don't rely on a positive outcome. Also trying to plan on it being granted inside 5 months was being extremely optimistic. All the best
  7. If you are good at research paperwork and have plenty of time no reason you can't do it yourself. I spent 6 months doing research before I started to fill in the forms. An agent (it's not necessary to use a lawyer) will review your docs and make sure nothing is missing and look at your history and statements and make sure everything is done correctly and nothing missing, so there is value and they help with peace of mind. Those quoted fees seem a tad high though
  8. They have had a visa refused so you answer yes there has been a visa refusal
  9. First part, no idea sorry. It will have to all be in his name and yes will have to pay full cost. I would assume he would have travel insurance (it's too expensive to gamble not having it) under some policies there may be an offset.
  10. Don't buy too much as he can only bring in a 3 month supply and will need a letter from the dr. He would have to go to a dr, get a script and fill it. Doctors can't prescribe it to you as you don't have the condition.
  11. Thanks for the correction, for some reason the search I normally do this time have me an archived date.
  12. They post and update the average times monthly. Processing time. Stream 75 per cent of applications processed 90 per cent of applications processed 309 - Provisional visa 13 months 17 months 100 - Permanent visa 17 months 25 months
  13. There is also the planning level which does also create a backlog.
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