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  1. visas over 6 months as a rule require a medical including when you get a multiple entry visa limited to 3 months. Odd they didn't the first time, I would assume a oversight or maybe she just forgot at the time. Unless her first one was a ETA, I'm not sure on their requirements as never had to research them
  2. If you selected the right option at the start you shouldn't see that. Make sure you follow the advise. Use Code 33 at Question 1 on the form and include details of all names you have been known by.
  3. Not an issue just needs to be declared to the ATO
  4. Sorry for the delay but needed to respond while on the computer. Part of the reason I wasn't going to comment as I was on a phone so couldn't do a full answer. You aren't without options. But before I get into that 2 things. 1) the partner visa MUST be an objective process even though it is extremely subjective for the family, by its nature it is for families. Please note the advice I give is along the same vein and I don't believe in just saying happy crappy stuff but stick to giving facts and helping where I can and its just through my research and experience. thats not to say I'm not sympathetic. Also while it seems complicated there are many reasons including false applications. and if they were to make it so there were more options covering a wider range of circumstances it would be infinitely more complicated. part of the problem is most people have no idea about anything to do with it until they face it themselves, eg when abbot increased the price by near enough 200% most people didn't care but if they apply now can't believe how expensive it is, and most think just being married alone is a automatic grant. 2) regarding the breach of rights and ethics. they aren't separating your family. there is no requirement for a partner to move to Australia leaving the main family unit. Also it could be said that you could of applied for the partner visa previously so as to not be in that position. Thats just why I said it wasn't so simple (and obviously a million and one things in everyones circumstances). Not to worry anything else will just be visa related from now. Now thats said onto the practical side. calling immigration is useless you can talk to 6 people and get 10 answers on the same question, the staff are great people but they don't have knowledge to make decisions and many people have been caught out following incorrect advice. for professional advice you should seek a registered migration agent and as a FYI the first 2 number of their registration number indicate the year they became registered. first up the processing time you have put is way off. current averages are 75% completed within 14 months and 90% completed within 19 months, leaving an unfortunate 10% taking longer. some misread it as it takes between 14 and 19 months. Country of origin of the applicant is a factor. You will at least be spared the two factor process of getting the temporary visa first and then having to sort the permanent aspect as you should get them both at the same time due to length of time of the partnership and kids involved. When you applied for the tourist visa did you apply for the normal tourist visa of the family sponsored? You can lodge the partner application now, you could head to Australia and depending on what suits your partner travel with you now or tidies things up in NZ and follows after, while your partner wont be able to work if they need to do something to fill in time they can volunteer at a not for profit. obviously your partner would have to leave when that period is finished but once they leave they can apply for another and of course you can request a longer period. if this one has no 8503 condition then you can lodge another tourist visa onshore. The requirement is that the applicant be offshore when they apply and offshore for the decision. There are other possible options but would need to know partners age and country of origin, ect. Not to worry further replies will be much more succinct. and honestly all the best
  5. Agree with what SammyJ has put, and we know where you are coming from. (while it can seem harsh at times we just give objective advice. it's a very subjective thing for the applicants obviously but advice must be objective as with the decision) My wife and I were fortunate in the fact that 2 days after her visa approval we found out she was pregnant. To be honest your options are really limited, the restriction of travel is something you are putting on yourself as you have the due date and it is your choice to be in the country close to that date and to put yourself in that position. Another consideration for you is if bub is born and they contact you to leave the country, will you be able to leave bub behind for a week (it can take that long after you exit the country) I say this as you wont be able to get a passport for the baby that quick and wouldn't be able to travel that young. Having said all that I hope your visa is resolved before any of this becomes a chance, but need to say it as its important that try not to you both to minimise stress so just have some clear stargies in place before hand. All the best!
  6. The sooner you get married the sooner you can can apply for the 820. The evidence you submit will be from the 300 grant to the 820 application
  7. Impossible to say what the chances are based on almost no information
  8. 1 impossible to say based on what you have posted. 2 so long as you can prove that you can provide the support then no impact. 3 if you meet the criteria then you as the mother
  9. Basically you need to apply for a tourist visa and will have to see if it has the 8503 condition. If you don't have it then you can apply onshore. Be grateful they didn't try and help they often give out incorrect information, for that sort of advise if you don't have the time to research or aren't great with paperwork then you need a agent. Regarding the ethics it's more complicated then you make out. But I'm only on here to help with the visa side of things.
  10. Just to make things clear, Medicare access is immediate after applying, though you still need to follow your current visa conditions. Work rights are only available once the bridging visa has started
  11. AAT is your only option. If you feel you were incorrectly advised by the agent you can lodge a complaint
  12. With the partner visa as the letter said you need to meet the criteria at the time of lodging. So the bulk of your evidence should be provided from before you apply. That just one 20 day statement doesn't prove anything. Just because it's the 12 statement of the account doesn't mean it gets used. You could of also shown each other beneficiaries on super statements, if you were included as a second driver of the car insurance. But again that would of had to of been before you applied. Sounds like you were just trying to rely on photos and statements most of which were after you lodged the visa and only really around the social aspect. I would of been surprised if it was successful.
  13. Were they correct in saying the evidence provided was after you applied and not from before? Was it only the 1 statement that you provided? Was your agent registered?
  14. When you say they didn't look at your documents properly could you give an example. Such as the financial aspect what evidence did you provide there? Without knowing what evidence it's virtually impossible for anyone to comment much. From what you have put and what's in the letter most of the evidence is from after you applied is that correct? You can appeal but based on the information provided you would need a registered agent's help.
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