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  1. Aussie_83

    Permanent Partner Visa Assessment (100,801)

    When you are asking across multiple threads you can turn yourself around and get confused as you don't necessarily give all relevant details. For example that thread you mentioned was about the first stage and you didn't specify that you were at the second stage.
  2. Aussie_83

    Permanent Partner Visa Assessment (100,801)

    That new application for sponsor is done at the first stage. You said you are at the second stage. Works fine for me. You might need to clear your browser cache. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/partner-offshore/migrant-100
  3. Aussie_83

    Permanent Partner Visa Assessment (100,801)

    Yep that's the one. Keep in mind it is a stat Dec so needs to be certified.
  4. Aussie_83

    Permanent Partner Visa Assessment (100,801)

    For stage 2 there is a specific stat Dec you need to fill in. Can be a normal one but the immi one guides you to what info they want. If you google it and go to the dept of home affairs link
  5. You don't need to pay the fee to see the full form, what you can see is the full form. Are you using a current checklist? If you are using a paper 47sp then that is the source of your confusion as if you submitted a paper application then things needed to be certified, you can't submit by paper anymore. There is no need to get anything certified apart from the 888 forms. Not as sure on photos anymore. I don't think they are required anymore but wouldn't hurt to do them if you are worried.
  6. Aussie_83

    Previous Relationship Registration

    Given you said you uploaded it implies you did the paper form. You'll need to use the form 1022 notification of incorrect answer.
  7. Aussie_83

    Statutory Declaration or Statement

    That's for the second stage
  8. Aussie_83

    Do we meet De-facto requirements?

    Nothing needs to be certified when applying online. Just need clear good colour scans.
  9. Aussie_83

    Suggestions of proof to upload

    The is no requirement for it to be equal share. It is how you combine your finances.
  10. Aussie_83

    When to apply - not too early or not too late

    How longs a piece of string?
  11. That is my biggest issue with wanting to change the citizenship to needing 4 years PR. Well and good if you enter on PR. I wrote a letter to my MP but didn't even get any courtesy of a reply, not surprising as he was a useless........... Who retired knowing he would loose this one. Keep in mind it's 75% in 26 months so it can be anytime within then. Off memory our 100 came in at 15 months when the advertised 75% was 20 months
  12. The second one. Your eligibility date is 2 years from when you applied for the 820/801 and the processing time starts from then
  13. Aussie_83

    Permanent Partner Visa Assessment (100,801)

    Have a look on your second attachment to the left down the bottom 😛
  14. Correction it is only the 820 you have to be inside Australia for the decision. The 801 you can be anywhere. I believe the only difference is of you are offshore and it's refused then the is no avenue of appeal.
  15. Aussie_83

    AFP NPC requested for Stage 2 Partner Visa

    Get the 888's done immediately. The only thing you shouldn't have already done for the second stage is the police checks as they aren't always required. Technically there is no requirement for the department to request information they can just make the call with what you have provided