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    Aussie_83 reacted to SammyJ in Travel rights after applying 820   
    Yeah that logic is wrong. They can refuse entry into Australia if you don't satisfy the genuine tourist part of the TV. There is also the 12/18 part as well. You can't spend more than 12 months in Australia in an 18 months period on a TV.
    Immigration really don't like Tv's being used like this and it would bring up a red flag
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    Aussie_83 got a reaction from Electric Sheep in Por Kor 14   
    To be honest it's mainly on the memory of an applicants post. They got a refusal initially for to they couldn't get a court order or form 1229 done so they got the parents visa sorted with the child's refusal and then down the track applied for the child after.
    I did try and find some sort of reference but for something so specific and unusual it's damn hard to find.
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    Aussie_83 got a reaction from Jackie in Form 80 mandatory?   
    That's a very generic list that covers all visa classes. That kind of letter would be for a employee sponsored visa.
    Nothing to do with the partner visa
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    Aussie_83 got a reaction from visa123 in Partner Visa   
    If you are good with paperwork and research then you can apply on your own.
    You working won't impact things.
    If you apply offshore then for your partner to come to Australia would have to get a seperate visa and abide by its conditions.
    To apply onshore your partner would need a visitor visa without the 8503 condition. After applying you get a bridging visa which will only kick in after the tourist visa terms have lapsed, once the bridging visa is activated then they can work
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    Aussie_83 got a reaction from Flemingo in Applied for daughter tourist visa subclass 600 through immi account on 3rd dec still no response   
    That's not really correct.
    You are still within the standard processing time as the average times are based on business days. Unfortunately sponsored tourist visas (that's what it sounds like you have applied for) take longer to process and it's a busy time of year for tourist visas so they tend to take longer. At least with him being in Australia and lodging in Australia he would of gotten a bridging visa to cover a gap if there is one between the old visa and the new.
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    Aussie_83 got a reaction from Kimchi1988 in Criteria for partner visa while on BVE 050   
    Realistically you need professional help as you'll need to meet schedule 3 criteria which is stringent and a massive issue.
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    Aussie_83 got a reaction from Luke G in Partner Visa - sponsor   
    There is no requirement for the sponsor to be employed and isn't an issue.
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    Aussie_83 reacted to SammyJ in 820 Partner Visa Applying Onshore - Usual Country of Residence and Address?   
    Australia and your address here
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    Aussie_83 got a reaction from visa123 in Final Questions before Submission   
    Seeing there is a 3 month stay on entry it's at the end of the 3 months
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    Aussie_83 reacted to AussieDude in Final Questions before Submission   
    Thanks for the correction.
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    Aussie_83 reacted to ralexander in Offshore Partner visa applied - Visitor Visa extension - 8558 applicable?   
    Hi All,
    We were contacted by immigration just few days before my wife was planning to leave Australia as her visitor visa was coming to an end. The immigration was ready to finanlise the application and was asking her when she is leaving Australia. Once she left Australia, the next day itself they granted the offshore partner visa.
    Application submitted: 13 Nov 2018
    First communication from Case officer: 18 Sep 2019 (requesting to upload any pending documents before they can look at the file)
    Second communication : 9 Oct 2019 (requesting additional medical tests)
    Third communication: 22 Nov 2019 (requesting to go out of australia).  Applicant left Australia on 2 Dec 2019
    Visa granted: 3 Dec 2019
    Thank you
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    Aussie_83 reacted to SammyJ in Online 309/100 visa document uploads   
    You're wasting your time getting things certified. For an online Partner Visa nothing is required to be certified. Just clear colour scans uploaded is all they ask for.
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    Aussie_83 got a reaction from Josie in Bridging Visa for 801/820 application   
    Just a slight addition to the wording. It comes down to the individual visa conditions.
    Visitor visas can have stays of 3 months, 6 months or 12 months from entry. 
    3 months is by far the most common and likely though but just adding some clarity as people have been caught out before
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    Aussie_83 got a reaction from Illusiionist in Long delay for Visitor subclass 600 Family Sponsored   
    That's 75% are done within 30 business days and 90% are done within 40 business days. And 10% take longer.
    Expect the delay to extend, just that time of year
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    Aussie_83 got a reaction from Aussie_OiOiOi in HELP PLEASE! Date Committed to Shared Life?   
    Therein lies the rub, without seeing it it's hard to really say. 
    One important thing to remember is the partner visa is a time of lodgement type of visa, meaning you have to meet the criteria when you lodge it and not rely on future plans and events.
    Photos are only really secondary kind of evidence as they are too easy to forge by posing and staging. However if you use them to show the progression of the relationship over the years then they have weight.
    You haven't mentioned nationality. Embassies of the local area understand the cultural restrictions if you are living in a foreign country. Having said that it helps if you have proof that you observed the local cultural customs/limitations.
    Without knowing full answers to our questions it's hard to give full advise.
    For context, I knew my wife 2 years before we married I put our mutual commitment date a year before we married and lodged our application 4 months after we married. At the time of lodgement we had only lived together 9 months while she was here on a tourist visa.
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    Aussie_83 got a reaction from Ella04 in BVB question   
    And just on this bit, I maintain if someone is good at paperwork and research and things are straightforward then there is no need for a agent. 
    If things are outside the norm such as needing to meet schedule 3 which anyone on a BVE will need to do then a agent is worth it. Yes there are many out there that are shonky which is why I say a reliable MARA agent as they at least have some repercussions and protections.
    And as for me. It's all based off my own research and experience and am happy to be corrected anytime. Just let me know where I'm going wrong, as the last thing I want is to give out incorrect advise.
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    Aussie_83 got a reaction from Ella04 in BVB question   
    Again you haven't given us all the details we are asking for.
    And you need to be careful taking advice from the hotline, a lot of people have been given wrong advise which has caused many issues.
    When did he enter and what is the entry conditions? Multiple entry, 3 months each entry? 6 months each entry.
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    Aussie_83 got a reaction from Ella04 in BVB question   
    It is and it isn't. The BVA start can't be brought forward.
    It comes down to your current visa. The BVB won't delay your work entitlements starting as the BVB is the BVA just with TEMPORARY (remember that many think it's travel while on it).
    Rather than lay out all the scenarios (I'm on my phone) can you let us know the current TV conditions, multiple entry expiry and when entered the country.
    In short if you have a multiple entry and enter the country while it's valid yes it resets.
    If after and you enter on the BVB you can start work.
    But a agent consult would help.
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    Aussie_83 got a reaction from Ella04 in BVB question   
    I'll take the personal aspect out and apologise, it's been a long week with a sick 3 year old so answers have been short. And will just focus on the facts.
    First with my reply and counter suggestion where do you see the fault?
    From my side BVE should be avoided at all costs. While working conditions can be applied for easier now (given the longer processing times) there is no work around for the travel aspect. As you say if you don't plan on traveling for 3 years then that's less of an issue. However knowing someone who's father died and they couldn't attend due to being on a BVE and seeing the impact on them in a culture (Thai) that is extremely family orientated is not easy.
    We aren't always in agreement on this forum and always happy to learn and encourage healthy debate.
    Again sorry for being short.
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    Aussie_83 got a reaction from Aussie_OiOiOi in HELP PLEASE! Date Committed to Shared Life?   
    Defacto for immigration doesn't mean living together for 12 months. Is being in a committed relationship for 12 months.
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    Aussie_83 got a reaction from Aussie_OiOiOi in HELP PLEASE! Date Committed to Shared Life?   
    It all comes down to what evidence you have. If you have enough to run with 2013 then you can put that. If you aren't confident or comfortable then put when you were engaged, after would be ideal of been only committed to each other the day you were married.
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    Aussie_83 reacted to SammyJ in Pre-Marriage (300) to De-facto Partner application   
    Just have a small registry wedding first to satisfy the visa conditions then later when you have the funds plan the big wedding. That was our plan.
     Our registry wedding cost us about $250 in total. However, since then we have pumped out a little junior and life plods along and basically we said bugger the big wedding and went on a holiday instead haha 
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    Aussie_83 got a reaction from KevinD in Parent Visa to a minor Australian child   
    When things are this messy professional advise and knowledge is needed.
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    Aussie_83 reacted to AussieDude in Parent Visa to a minor Australian child   
    Agree totally.  I will go onto to say that the child's health, safety and wellbeing must be put foremost in all your decisions and actions. 
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    Aussie_83 reacted to AussieDude in Parent Visa to a minor Australian child   
    DSS Department of Social Services is the old name for the Dept of Family and Community Services (old but commonly known names) Today its the  called Department of Social Services again.  One of DSS's roles is the overseeing the very complex Child Protection Framework in Australia, which encompasses, DSS, Health, State HEalth, Police etc etc etc.
    Initially I do not think that DSS would be your best point for advice in your situation.
    The mother has several avenues available to her to join the child in Australia as the child's carer, including the new SPONSORED PARENT (TEMPORARY) VISA (SUBCLASS 870). Due to the sensitivity of cases such as you describe, I would start by contacting an independant advisor (either an immigration agent, or legal aid who will help when children are involved), before I contact DIBP. 
    Although the father may not want to be involved, he must give permission for the child to be relocated outside of their natural home. Again why I feel you should speak to an specialist.
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