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  1. Surfer, thanks for posting the steps you and your girl went through. My Thai girlfriends tourist visa was refused because the Embassy in Bangkok didn't believe that she was a genuine visitor. As I have previously posted we rushed the application without much thought going into it. Basically the only thing that was submitted was the Form 48R application form which she completed. I foolishly didn't even provide an invitation which I see you did. We are currently working on a second tourist visa application and yes, I will provide an invitation this time. We are just making sure the second application is as thorough as can be and that we cover all bases. On my girlfriends refusal notice it says that if new information is not provided, then from experience the result will not be any different. We will be so gutted if the next tourist visa application is refused also. Surfer you haven't mentioned it, but did your girlfriend provided certified copies and translations of her documents from Thai to English? Please keep the forum updated as to how your girlfriends application goes, as I will be following this thread closely.
  2. A very provocative view on Thai and Farang relationships from one of the Readers Submissions in a recent Stickman weekly column. apparently the person who wrote it is Thai: Farang Men Who Hate Farang Women
  3. Can I ask for them not to put condition 8503 on the tourist visa? That way if she was in Australia on a tourist visa she could then apply in Australia for a partner visa without the hassle of having to fly back to Thailand. Just a though?
  4. Pattayaman interesting post. I am glad your girl got the visa. My Thai girlfriend put her application in about the same time as yours did, but her tourist visa application was refused by the Embassy. She handled the application all by herself, and I didn't give her an invitation which I should have. In hindsight I now know where we went wrong with the application. For all of you out there, just submitting the Form 48R by itself without any supporting documentation is just not enough. We are now working on a second tourist visa application addressing the reasons for the refusal of the first. The DIAC refusal notice in fact states that unless new information is submitted that addresses the reasons for the refusal it is unlikely that a subsequent application will be successful. We are of course both very nervous about this. Fingers cross. I will keep you updated.
  5. I usually drink at Gulliver's on Soi 5 but would rather find a NICE bar on Sukhumvit anywhere from Nana to Asoke that has a decent happy hour and a good vibe. Gulliver's is quite okay, but I am over the freelancer bars. Especially when I want to have a quiet drink by myself and not get harassed.
  6. Okay thanks for clearing that up Kanga. So if you are from a high risk country like Thailand then you have to go through the hassle of applying and providing a truck load of documents just to visit Australia on a tourist visa, whereas someone from Malaysia can apply electronically. It doesn't seem fair.
  7. Hehe after reading this I am a little bit less worried about sending my Thai girlfriend 15,000 baht per month. Sounds like this guy may have some deep rooted psychological issues. If something bad doesn't happen to him, he will definitely fall on a heap when all the money is gone.
  8. I have been with my Thai girlfriend for 8 months. When I first met her in Pattaya she was working in a beer bar off beach road, earning 6000 baht per month plus on average about 2000 baht on tips, so 8000 baht per month total not much at all. Her room that she rented with three other girls was 1500 baht per month each, and she sent 3000 baht each month back to her mum in Udon Thani. That gave her about 3500 baht per month to live on for food, clothing and all expenses. In Aussie dollar terms she had just over $100 to live on each month. She never asked me for money at all, but I felt bad that what she lived on for an entire month, I would spend at the pub with mates in just one night. I earn very decent money so I decided to give her some money, $500 per month, so about 15000 baht. I know some of you will think this is way too much, but I can afford it and I know she really appreciates it. I would be very interested to know what some of you other guy's send your Thai girlfriends.
  9. So what does this mean for my Thai girlfriend is she wants to apply for a Australian tourist visa.
  10. Hi, great forum. My Thai girl and I have been together for 8 months now almost to the day. I have spent a total of 4 months in Thailand with her during this time. I work offshore on a rig doing two weeks on, two weeks off. I have been travelling back to Thailand during each two week period that I have been off the rig. My girl has never traveled outside of Thailand and lives in Pattaya. I am getting a little tired of going back and forth from Australia to Thailand and with all the airfares the costs have stacked up. What I want to know, is whether there are any partner visa options for my girlfriend so that she can come to Australia. Any advice appreciated.
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