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  1. Some of the developers I have been looking at have some condo units that are a lot cheaper, they tell me they are Thai name ones, there is up to a 20% saving, is it safe to buy one of these and can it be done?
  2. Hi, We are (my wife and I) are looking to buy a condo in Thailand instead of a Timeshare property, Can we own the condo outright? is there a special process that is needed to buy a condo, we are looking at Hua Hin as it seems a better area than Pattaya, we want something close to the beach.
  3. I have been looking around at buying a car since I got back here and found Vicroads have significantly increased prices for passenger cars for registration, these fees include the TAC (transport accident charge). Vehicle location Total cost Metropolitan area (High risk zone) Current: $757.70 From 1/7/15: $771.60 Outer metropolitan (Medium risk zone) Current: $706.00 From 1/7/15: $719.90 Rural (Low risk zone) Current: $647.70 From 1/7/15: $660.50
  4. Try Office works for the printers, they have very good prices for Fuji Xerox and the consumables for them are well priced too, both are about 1/2 the price of similar Brother units. They also have have self service printing where you can do an A4 for 8 cents per page or get them to do it on slightly better A4 at 10 cents per page.
  5. My friend did that, the airline wouldn't let her fly, so immigration extended the tourist visa due to medical reasons, that was a few years ago though
  6. Is a TB test required for an Australian Tourist Visa? If it is what are the requirements?
  7. Can anyone give me info on TB testing, if its needed, can you do it anywhere if needed for a Visa to the UK and is it needed for all applications?
  8. With the 1270 odd quota for Thai Partner visas, about 1,000 my guess being lodged offshore, this makes $2 million dollars extra a year just on Partner visas, but I see no improvement to the service or speed, thanks Mr Abbott
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