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  1. Hi Everyone, First time poster, but just need to say a big thank you to, these forums were a Godsend when applyimg for my pmv. My wife and I got married in September and I was rather fortunate in that my visa was granted in what appeared to be record time. I had an answer within three weeks. We are now about to embark on the next part of our migration journey, the application for a partner visa/bridging visa. I am not too concerned about this as we have been pretty diligent getting all our bank accounts sorted and basically documenting our married life together here in Australia. My query is about what comes next? We are thinking about starting a family, but would also like to spend some time in my home country. Aside from the time it takes which is two years I believe, is their any requirement on how much time I actually need to spend in Australia, or is holding the visa enough? We want our children to have Australian passports and I would hope to get citizenship, but how long does this take? Are we stuck here until this is awarded? Many thanks in advance, Wes
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