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  1. Angel1992 Thank you for your input on this thread. I wish you a happy and joyful time in Australia. My partner will apply for tourist visa so.. fingers crossed
  2. Very grateful, thanks. Last count on msg correspondence was pushing almost 500k and video call hours approximately 400 hours lived with her family basically for 6 weeks on two occasions. Engaged in Viet Nam 400 witnesses (like a wedding ceremony but not sign wedding certificate ) is why i would like my partner to visit my family and parents as they were unable to travel to Viet Nam. And my parents have only seen my partner via video call. Will be 12 months in January... just would have really loved for her to meet my parents before actually marrying... but so be it. Can only try. Thanks heaps. Have a good Christmas ✌
  3. Thanks for your in put and time. Suppose we just battle through the BS... yay.
  4. Odd... you suggest Partner visa, i find it odd that Australian Immigration would evaluate evidence of a relationship without one party visiting Australia. The basis of myself wanting my partner to visit me is because i have visited her several times during the relationship but she can not visit me? But if i provide sufficient documentation to support a relationship she can come on a Partner visa... wtf?
  5. JaiDee, thanks for the reply. Yep, that's my concern, providing sufficient evidence of returning to Viet Nam. I have written an invitation letter stating i will meet all living cost for my partners stay in Australia and accompanied supportive documentation to demonstrate my claim. Furthermore i have willing agreed to a secured bond if necessary. As for the partner visa. Yes that's on the next list as in Viet Nam we are recognized as engaged and my partner can provide documentation to support the claim.
  6. Greetings, My partner is currently applying online for a tourist visa from Vietnam and we're a bit stuck on a question given she is unemployed. The question asks for validation in regards to personal assets, mortgage documents etc. However she is currently living with her parents and can not provide proof of assets. Any ideas around this?
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