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  1. Thanks for that, just wondering why now, when 14 months ago they didn't require one for a 12 month multi entry visa. Cheers.
  2. My girlfriend was granted a Class 600 Visitor visa over 12 months ago in the Philippines, before I met her. She was not required to undergo a medical at that time, and was granted a 12month multi entry visa. She arrived here in March, just prior to the lock down, and just before the expiration of the visa, to stay for another 3 months. But now her return flight has been cancelled, she can't get back to the Philippines, so we have applied for a 6 month class 600 visa, (just in case Qantas extends it's flight cancellation past August, we thought it safer to apply for 6 month extension, rather than 3, and she can't apply for 12 months, as that would take her over the maximum stay period of 12 months in one visit), but now she has been asked to go for a medical exam, which is going to cost us even more than the visa application. What would they do if she didn't pass the medical? Send her home? hahaha!!! I just can't see the point of asking her to do a medical now. Any ideas? And any chance that a well-worded plea to them could see them waive this requirement?? This is on top of the cancellation fees of air tickets and other expenses.
  3. Thanks, I understand the sentiment there, and I somewhat agree, but I still can't be certain one way or the other. I would rather not break it off, but just have the application refused. I enjoy visiting Russia once a year, especially in Winter, and feel that will be best for both of us. I will go and have a chat to my solicitor about the situation too. Cheers.
  4. Hi, this must seem like an odd enquiry to many on this forum, but I am wondering what I can do to ensure a negative response to our application for partner visa. You see, we already had a proposed marriage visa granted back in 2009, and my Russian girlfriend duly arrived. But as soon as she was here, it became quite obvious to me that she was here for own agenda, and I was the "tool" to get her here. She tried to get other visas while she was here, to help her to stay, but that failed, and eventually I put her back on the plane to Russia. But we rekindled the relationship, she had me convinced that my thoughts/suspicions about her were wrong, and I just didn't understand the "cultural differences" between our countries. Finally I decided I didn't want to be alone forever, and decided to sponsor her again for a PMV. We applied December 2014, and then decided to get married in Russia, and convert the application to a Partner Visa Application, which happened last May. However, I've just returned from a visit to her over there, and once again have serious suspicions about her, and I've decided that the best and easiest outcome will be if the visa application is refused. That way, I don't have to tell her I don't trust her, and unnecessarily upset her if I happen to be wrong. But I also don't want to get her here, and find out I was right! I believe we should get our answer by the end of next month (Feb 2016). I have not yet been asked for a medical by IMMI, which I was for the first application. Does anybody know if it is definitely a requirement for the sponsor to attend a medical exam before the visa is issued? Because I think that is my best chance of ensuring that I don't meet the health requirements for a sponsor. Any other ideas, short of contacting IMMI and withdrawing my sponsorship, something I certainly don't want to do, for it's devastating effect on her and our mutual friends there. We simply haven't heard much at all from IMMI about the status of the application, other than "sit down, shut up, we'll call you when we're ready".
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