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  1. She's 24 year old, fully dependent with me, currently enrolled, never been married, not working at all. Lots of evidence for financial support since 2016 till now.. worried about she stopped from her studies 2015, because i went here in Australia as tourist no income to support her. Is that a valid reason why she stopped from her studies?
  2. Can you tell me please what is impossible about it? Thank you
  3. I applied my daughter through my immi account on the 20 January and got the result on 14 Feb. The longest waiting I ever had, before it took only 3 days and the saddest part it was denied. 😭
  4. Hi everyone. I am currently holding a permanent residency and planning to bring my 24 year old daughter here. I have read all the details about subclass 101 visa and believe that my daughter has passed the eligibility my questions are : 1. What are the chances to grant her a visa ? just bit worried and nervous because her visa subclass 600 which she lodge last month was decline just 2 weeks ago. 2. My husband who is an Australian citizen is not working anymore and on a sickness benefit but receiving money from his super every month, would that be a negative points too? 3. which is better I will be the one to sponsor my daughter or my husband who sponsored me before? Your response is a big help and very much appreciated. Looking forward to hear from anyone here. Thank you so much. Kind regards, Jen
  5. Hi guys. Just want to ask something about my permanent visa. I am currently on temporary visa sub class 820, last month my children got their BVA for child dependent visa subclass 445. 2 weeks later i received an email from immigration informing me that i can now lodge my permanent visa subclass 801. My question is can i lodge now my permanent visa, even my children's visa is on process? Or should i wait for 445 visa of my children so i can include them in my permanent visa 801 application? I hope someone can answer me please. Thank you in advance.
  6. jen

    Child dependent visa

    Thanks mate. My children now got their BVA, my question now is about my son who is 21 years of age, as per requirement he should be a full time student. Back home my son is a full time student, actually he was enrolled when we lodge their child dependent visa, but since he got his BVA he is not allowed to leave Australia while the visa is on process, now how can we justify that my son is a full time student if he is here in Australia. does it mean i need him to enroll here ? and his school records in the Philippines is not consider anymore because they will focus in his enrollment here? thanks again, for the reply. regards.
  7. Hi everyone, just want to ask few questions about child dependent Visa. I am planning to lodge my children's visa application, who are in Australia now, i am on a temporary partner visa, (1.) which sub class should i use, 802 or 101? (2.) Do i need to prepare individual application or just one, then 2 will put as additional. (3). If one application only on payment details, should i follow 1 main applicant the put 2 additional under 18? ( Please advise me. Thank you.
  8. jen

    Medical 501

    Thanks for that yahoo.
  9. jen

    Medical 501

    Hello,Just want to ask what does Medical 501 consists of. I already lodged my partner visa and was given bridging visa. They asked me to do Medical 501, HIV test and xray. How much it costs. Thank you
  10. Hi Dan, thanks for the reply, I have done with my history of relationship. I have seen that needs a statement from family member or from a friend, please see attached. thanks. Does it mean if we made statement no need to have signed by JP ? OOH,, i cant attached the file,,
  11. I have 2 Aussie witness already, they filled up form 888, what I need now is a statutory declaration from partner's family member or friend as stated in the checklist. Been looking for a template or form to fill up but can't find one. ????, so I thought form 888 will do.
  12. Hi, its me again, just would like to ask if statutory declaration as a witness form is the same with the statutory declaration of the partner's family members? Thanks.
  13. Hi guys thanks for the reply. All is good now, Extended visa has been approved. Just been worried before of the response of DownUnder Visa site, that my case is unusual, so i though that would be disapproved. I was given another 3months extension valid till 6 August 2015, without "no further stay condition".. meaning i can lodge my partner visa after May 26. 2015, my anniversary. If you dont mind want to ask another question again. Does statutory declaration made by me and my sponsor has to be put on the immigration form or we can make it like a statement and make the JP signed? The form is not fillable. Thanks again for the reply. Regards..
  14. Hi guys, how are you? Had to extend my visit visa which will end on 5 May 2016 due to lack of 21 days to lodge my partner visa, was able to go online and have to pay aud1040 since it was my 2nd extension, after 5 minutes submitting it online the immigration emailed me with a 28 days bridging visa. My question are; when will be my BV will take effect, is it the day after my current visa end? or the day after the release of the result of my new visa? If ever my new VV will be declined I am allowed to stay here 28 days as per my BV, can I still lodge my partner visa? Thanks for the reply..
  15. Hi, I'm from the Philippines I applied my visit visa from my country and granted 3 months, after 2 months of my stay here my partner requested for an extension and luckily I was given another 9 months multiple entry but no conditions of leaving every 3 months which others have. I think it depends with your purpose of stay here..
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