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  1. MarkMark

    309 uploading now, a question and a tip ...

    Sure, but had i packaged it properly, I may be a lower count than 30. Still some more to do, but going away for 2 weeks so i wanted to get all the main important documents up just in case someone actually looked at it, yes I believe that's extremely doubtful in the next 3 weeks or so, but just playing it safe anyway. Thanks again for your replies.
  2. MarkMark

    309 uploading now, a question and a tip ...

    I lied, I have a 2nd question today ... Where do you upload the Personal Statements? The only choices seem to be within "Nature of the Couple's commitment to each other, evidence of" or "Other Documents"?
  3. Alright, thanks to the help here for my less than satisfactory intelligence levels, I am well underway uploading items for the 309 application today. Quick review: 1/ Get all your documents ready first and into digital form on your computer ready to upload, but not yet, hang on to them for now. 2/ Do the Main Applicant's application (aka 47SP), check over carefully and submit with your $7000+ money. This is the ONLY thing you do first. 3/ After being accepted, only then will you have provision to attach/upload your documents and do your Sponsor Application (aka 40SP). My question for today: A number of the uploads require doubled up info, example an National ID carries your Date of Birth of course, but they also ask for Date of Birth evidence, do you just upload to one of them, or both of them wasting an extra upload item each time of your maximum? My tip for today: I made a mistake thinking that the upload document maximum was 100 meg of info, which saw me last night madly downsizing many pictures, however in fact it is 100 items. I didn't realise this until I saw my number of items was up to 70, and you can't delete them and do them again. How you can save on items is to package things like your 888 statements into a single PDF rather than do what I did and upload seperate page scans, so there alone is 4 or 5 .jpg items that can be presented as one .PDF item allowing you to offer more info later.
  4. I have all the application done and ready to submit/pay these days, but we are also going to Oz next week for a short break/Xmas family tour. Is it ok to put the 309 application (outside of Australia) in and still do the visit (She is on a1 year tourist/family visa that expires in 3 weeks), or do we wait until arrive back in this country in 2 weeks time?
  5. If he is in your country for 2 years, then no, he is not "usually lives in Australia" (sic) currently. I have been living in China for over 13 years, I am sponsoring my Wife for the same Visa, I haven't come across that issue, only that I am an Australian Citizen - regardless of my homebase.
  6. MarkMark

    next step?

    Ahh, I thought (that's the dangerous part I guess) the Sponsor and the Main application had to go in together. So it's just the Main 47SP and the money with nothing else first?
  7. MarkMark

    next step?

    So I am onto the sponsor form now, any idea at all why it will not let me pass here? There is nothing wrong with my information, reviewed and reviewed the info ..... Oh and one other question, I'm going to try and get this in this week, then going away for 2 weeks likely with little online access, is that an issue immediately after submitting?
  8. MarkMark

    next step?

    Once again, thank you. I always feel like a lost idiot filling these things out.
  9. MarkMark

    next step?

    Awesome, so I'm not crazy after all! When does the 40SP Sponsor form go?
  10. MarkMark

    next step?

    As always, thanks for the quick replies. I am trying to see wher to attach documents, can't see a thing, do I submit just the 47SP and the money first and upload documents later? I would have thought they would want ID at least now?
  11. MarkMark

    next step?

    Ok, just finished the 47SP form online and when submit it it asks for money, no problem there, but that's all i have done, no 40SP or attachments (they are all scanned), so don't want to pay yet as it's rather incomplete, is that correct move?. It seems I need to do these, but I am worried about losing all the 47SP info, do I merely click on "New Application" and select Family - Stage 2 and proceed filling in that without danger to the 47SP? thanks again.
  12. Well it's 13 years for me now. Her father passed last year, we're getting older so now time to make hay for both country's access. I don't know Thailand, but quite happy here in the middle of China, in beautiful Sichuan Province at the foothills of the Himalayas. Mind you after 40 years of being able to walk to the beach, being inland is a bit of a shock, especially the humidity at night that doesn't go away with sea breezes. It's oddly bizzare having 4 directions in which to travel after a lifetime of only 3! (I always had the ocean in one direction). China is larger than Australia, and has every weather and landscape type known, and a large variety of peoples/cultures, so there's something for everyone somewhere here.
  13. She couldn't leave at the time (elderly parents), so I chose to stay in China and make my way, and it was damn difficult and I gave up a lot, just to be with my "loved one". ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Recently on Youtube I have been watching UK Border Force, I believe there are plenty of case examples there to learn also how not to approach a visa application.
  14. MarkMark

    lived in a country for longer than 12 months ..

    Thank you Zoltan. I am honest, but a number of the questions are ambiguous, or simply not clear, like this one. Why couldn't they just ask "List all countries you have lived in for more than 12 months within the last 10 years". Why is it so hard?
  15. Another strangely worded question. Has my Partner lived in a country for longer than 12 months in the last 10 years? Well of course she has, she has lived in her own native country for the last 10 years for a period longer than 12 months, but she has not lived in another country. Is living in her own country the suitable answer? I can't see how 'no' could be an answer.