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  1. I was born and raised in the UK (a British Citizen). My parents are from India. About 14 years ago I got an OCI card, which gave me a lifelong visa for when I visit India. I moved to Australia 4.5 years ago on a Prospective Marriage Visa. After I got married, I applied and was granted the temporary Partner Visa (820), then after two years I applied for the permanent Partner Visa (801). The 801 visa was granted just over 1 year ago. As I've been residing in Australia for 4 years and have held a permanent visa for over 1 year - I am now eligible to apply for Australian Citizenship. Before I do so, I just wanted to check whether or not having dual citizenship (UK and Australia) will affect my OCI status. My understanding is that India does not consider OCI status to be status of citizenship. Also the OCI is registered with my UK passport, so I will only be able to travel to India using my OCI with a valid UK passport. I would prefer to become an Australian citizen, but only if it doesn't affect my OCI status. If it does, then I guess I'll just have to renew my Permanent Visa status every 5 years. Any help/advice on this subject will be greatly appreciated.
  2. To clarify your issue: You have used up all 60 slots of your upload allowance. When your partner logs into their ImmiAccount, they don't see an 'Attach Documents' button? When I did my application, I was able to upload mine and my sponsor's documents from my ImmiAccount. When you log into your ImmiAccount, on the left pane, do you see your name and your sponsor's name listed? On my ImmiAccount, on the left pane I see: My name My date of birth [Attach documents button] My sponsor's name My sponsor's date of birth [Attach documents button] Also, what format did you upload your evidence in? I used pdf as you can upload multiple pages in 1 file (1 upload slot)
  3. After you submit your application, the next page will be the payment page (where you enter your debit/credit card information). When you click Submit for the payment, it will show you a page stating that the payment has been completed. When you click Next for the payment confirmation, it will take you to the evidence upload page. If you haven't read it already, I recommend you having a read of the Partner Visa Evidence Upload Guide - which gives an approach for categorising your evidence to help you with the upload pages.
  4. Summarising for my own understanding.... Sponsor is from Adelaide Applicant is from Syria, now residing in Germany Applicant has known the Sponsor online since 2008 Applicant physically met the Sponsor for the first time in June 2016 Applicant applied for a PMV 300 in February 2017 Sponsor and Applicant had their first child in March 2017 Medical was done in July 2017 According to the Prospective Marriage Visa page, processing time is between 13 and 18 months (for up to 90% of cases). So you're looking at March 2018 to August 2018 for a decision to be made on your application. Medicals are valid for a year, so hopefully you'll have a verdict by July 2018
  5. When you arrive in Australia on a PMV, you will NOT be eligible for MediCare. After you get married, you will be able to apply for your Partner Visa 820/801. Once this has been submitted (ie you get the instantaneous automatic Bridging Visa A) - you will be able to apply for MediCare. Health Care timeline: as soon as you arrive in Australia, get some "visitor's cover" from a private medical insurer once you've applied for your 820/801 visa, go to a MediCare office and get yourself onto MediCare (see "what should I bring to MediCare" section of MediCare eligibility link below) call your private medical insurer, inform them that you are now on MediCare and change your policy to a supplemental policy (since around July 2016, there is a requirement for everyone to have supplementary private cover to MediCare, otherwise you pay more tax, or something like that) To be clear, once you have applied for your 820/801 visa, you will have satisfied the 2nd bullet point on the MediCare eligibility page "an applicant for a permanent visa (some exclusions apply) who has the right to work in Australia or who has a parent, spouse or child who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen (who is an Australian resident)"
  6. If you haven't read it already, I recommend you having a read of the Partner Visa Evidence Upload Guide Use filenames that clearly describe what the file contains - the aim is for the CO to know the contents of the file by just reading the filename. I used the same format as the Sample Listing
  7. Very useful videos, thank you for taking the time to create them. I'm sure they will help many people with their applications.
  8. My Partner Visa 820 was granted in May 2016 - so I still have about 8 months till I'm elligable for the 801 to be processed. I have booked 2 overseas trips for October and December this year. Under section 4, of the DIBP page for 820/801 Partner Visas, it states: Travel outside Australia: You can travel outside Australia as many times as you want on the temporary Partner visa (subclass 820) but you must let us know your travel plans before you leave Australia. As my application has been processed and granted within ImmiAccount, I have no access to the upload section of the application. Within ImmiAccount, the only options I have under "Update Us" are: - Change of address details - Change of email address details - Change of passport details - Request to cancel a temporary resident visa Does anyone know how/where I inform them of these trips?
  9. The information you have is: - they are from India - they have a national identity card - they are applying for a Partner Visa Having only this information, how can you possibly guarantee a grant?
  10. I Skype called my partner nearly every day. I exported the log showing date, time and duration of each call. For WhatsApp I exported the text file, and with some manipulation - I opened it within Excel. Then a painstakingly went through deleting all really personal messages, whilst still showing a few conversations a week (over a period of 2 years). Another (much easier) method that I've seen on other forums is to create a Word document. Add a table with 1 row and 4 columns to it. Then paste the WhatApp conversations into these columns. What is seen is the date, time and the first few words of each message. Communication during periods of separation is easily one of the most difficult types of evidence to put together. For this and other parts of the visa, it is best not to aim for the minimum amount that is required.
  11. If you feel your situation is not straight forward / complex, then the best advice is to have a consultation with a MARA registered agent (Migration Agents Registration Authority). They will be able to assist you with your specific situation. (No offense to 'Agent', but a gmail email address on a thread in a forum doesn't fill me confidence that you're the genuine article - especially as you have offered no advice on the situation). You've said yourself that you have plenty of supporting evidence in all other aspects of the relationship. When he moved in with you, all bills were already in your name - did he receive any correspondence to that address that can be used for proof of co-inhabiting? Also, he paid for things like trips, shopping, etc. A combination of these things shows that you shared financial aspects of your relationship. This combined with an explanation within your Statement of Relationship should suffice to explain the situation.
  12. The only thing I'll add is for when you leave the country for holidays/trips. When returning to Australia, some countries require to see proof that you have a valid visa for Australia. As the visa is electronic, it is recommended you print your visa grant for presenting to them in case this situation arises.
  13. I came over on a PMV from the UK I applied for my Partner Visa (820/801) about a month after getting married (2 months after we moved in together for the first time) One month after submission, the 820 visa was granted. Neither myself, nor my sponsor was requested for another medical or police check My understanding (after reading these forums) is that as you have already done the medical and police check as part of the PMV, it is not required for the 820/801 application. Additionally, as a lot of checks / processing has already been done for your relationship as part of the PMV, for the 820 application they check that your relationship is still genuine and continuing and that you have satisfied the conditions of your PMV - which is why they generally grant them quicker (1 month in my case). Gathering your evidence for the document upload will still be as stressful as it was during the PMV (looks like you have a good grasp of what to collect). I recommend viewing the following site to help you organise your evidence for the upload: Partner Visa Upload Guide
  14. I entered Australia on a PMV 300 in Dec 2015 I married my wife (sponsor) in March 2016 I applied for a Partner Visa 820/801 in May 2016 The 820 visa was granted in June 2016 My wife took on my surname and updated her passport in February 2017 When she logs into her ImmiAccount and selects 'Update Us' in the left pane, there is no option to update passport details. When she clicks the ? next the 'Update Us' title, a popup window appears showing what should options should be available. 'Change of passport details' is on the list - but the option is simply not there on her ImmiAccount page. When I log into my ImmiAccount, the help 'popup' is identical, but I do have a 'Change of passport details' on my account. When I select that option, only my name is available in the drop down list. Does anyone know if the option should be there for the Sponsor's ImmiAccount - in which case, how should we contact DIBP to notify them of the change?
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