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  1. Hi I am actually in exactly the same situation. Was on a 820 partner visa. Withdrew because of the break up. Left to go back to Germany and now I’m waiting on my WHV. It’s been 23 days and I’m just overthinking and over worrying. But I just would like to go back home.
  2. svenjawhateverr

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    Update everyone: Since our 309 got refused in July we now applied for a 820 partner visa while I am still in Australia. Whole process again. But since the processing times can be up to 15 months we just take every single detail that we can find and turn it into evidence. loyalty cards, memberships, presents and cards, photos. We also got our relationship registered. Lodged: 30th Oct 2016 BVA Grant: 30th Oct 2016 from Australia
  3. svenjawhateverr

    Processing Time For Bvb

    Hey guys, I'm now on my BVA since yesterday and applied for a BVB to travel to Germany with my partner. I said the reason was that I wanted to visit my family and I want my partner to meet them. I also wanted to show him around. I included our travel planning, like what we want to do and the invitation from my mother is that going to be enough? How long does it usually take for it to be granted? THANK YOU EVERYONE
  4. svenjawhateverr

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    That's all I uploaded. Pictures, messages and stat decs. It's not enough since it got refused! so make sure you so have bills, real estate, joint bank account and more.
  5. svenjawhateverr

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    Thanks. Yes it was for a de facto partner visa. I guess I do but I still won't have enough evidence for them to change their mind. What other opportunities do we have?
  6. svenjawhateverr

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    Hello everyone, I lodged my 309 from Germany in March and got a refusal notification a few days ago. They send me a mail of like 17 pages explanation and all kind of paragraphs for reference. I'm really devastated. I'm not sure what I can do now. Our situation is that my boyfriend is still living with his parents and while I was in Australia I was living with them. It doesn't come to a full 12 months of living together even though we have been in a relationship for this long. Also, we didn't have much evidence on financial aspects and other things because I'm not living in Australia yet. I don't understand the situation like, how are we supposed to provide all this kind of information when I'm not allowed to be in Australia with my partner yet to actually be living together and provide all this evidence? I still have a visitor visa until September and I travel to Australia on this visa in a few days until it runs out. Any advice on what the next step can be? I was thinking of entering Australia on a Work and Holiday visa, we can find a place on our own, start a joint bank account and other to collect as much evidence as possible in this year, but I don't think it will still come up to a full year of living together on the work and holiday visa, to actually apply for a partner visa again. If that makes sense? Please help anyone, I'm really struggling with the situation because I don't know what visa would work next so I can be with my partner soon : ( THANK YOU !
  7. svenjawhateverr

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    I'm really happy for you and a little bit jealous. ; ) Anything special you submitted that might move forward the application faster?
  8. svenjawhateverr

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    @yahoo Thanks for the quick answer. It's actually just a Partner Visa (de facto Partner) but I hope there won't be a difference. And I can actually only stay until 18/Sep because my Visitor visa runs out then.
  9. svenjawhateverr

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    hey everyone. I'm currently still waiting for the application to be processed (309, lodged 24/3/16). I still have a tourist (eVisitor) visa until 18th of September. Since I have to be outside Australia when the visa is being granted do you guys think that it will collide if I decide to visit my boyfriend in August to when my visitor visa runs out? So I can go back to Germany and the Partner visa might be granted sometime after? I don't want to be inside Australia in September and the 5 month are over and it can't be granted because I'm in Australia or does this have no influence? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!
  10. svenjawhateverr

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    Hello everyone. I just found this forum and just getting nervous reading through. I'm from Germany applied for 309 on 24th of March to be with my boyfriend in Australia. My question is: I attached about 57 documents to my application, a bunch of photos and messages, stat decs, birth certificates and so on. Medical Examinations are finalised too. I'm not sure if I need to fill out from 80 and 1221 for the application? I don't want to attach it now and then don't have enough room to attach documents when additional information may be required by my CO.