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  1. I would get someone else to translate the foreign documents. Select what is actually rlevant, and adds new information. No reason to present every card you received regarding the sme event. Also, are the flight conformations from other people or regarding flights you two have done together? You can prove travel together with hotel reservations, flight details and photos, so the flight details may be a smaller detail in these.
  2. Hi @Lovebirds thank you so much for sharing your experience, it gave me some hope, as I have been waiting and have had my skilled employment options limited due to lacking PR. I actually front loaded my application by applying and providing tha AFP and the Brazilian Police checks early April, hoping to speed my processing whenever possible. Just read below your residency has just granted three days later from this message and I want congratulate you! This is amazing! Cheers!
  3. Updating my situation, since I posted back in 2016. Anyone who applied for visa 820 in June-December 2016 have already received their visa 801 decision? Visa: Partner 820/801 Me: Brazilian Citizen Spouse: Australian Citizen Current residence: Australia D.O.L.: 19/07/2016 online, onshore Bridging Visa Granted: 22/07/2016 Request for more information 12/05/2017 Extra evidence provided: 30/05/2017 AFP police check: 30/05/2017 Health check: 30/05/2017 Visa 820 Granted: 18/07/2017 Advice of elligibility for permanent stage processing: 02/07/2018 Submitted docs: 13/02/2019
  4. Hi @shanegbrady. There is no point in applying for a Partner Visa, paying $7,160 AUD and then cancelling the application because you got a job overseas. Without a visa that allows you to work in Australia, it is hard to find a job in here, if you are looking for qualified, registered work. You should think and consider the conditions of the visa against what your overall plans for the future are. If you intend to migrate to australia to stay with your family and find work here, you should appply for the partner visa and remember it will take around 1 year for the visa 820 to be granted (temporary), and after 2 years from your application, you can apply for Stage 2 (801), which should take around another 2 years for the grant of permanent residency. If you apply for a partner visa, you will be granted a bridging visa that will allow you to stay in the country to take care of your family for now, and help to find work.... while on this visa, you can later leave the country (on Bridging Visa B, or apply to go overseas if holding a Bridging Visa A), if you need to go work overseas for certain periods. However, you should look at the details: for the Stage 1 visa (820), you must be in Australia when you apply and when they finally make the decision about your visa, which could mean you would not be able to take any long term jobs overseas while waiting for this visa. For the Stage 2 visa (801), you do not have to be in Australia when the decision of this visa is made. More info: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/partner-onshore/temporary-820#About https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/partner-onshore/permanent-801#About
  5. As @AFV said, and from personal experience, the statements need to be signed and dated, but do not need to be in statutory declaration form. Print your Word doc, sign and date, scan as a PDF and upload the PDF files.
  6. Hi @Chelseaspie did you click on the bottom left "Attach Documents" and uploaded all your documentation/proof of continuation of your relationship? It looks how the application should look, but make sure you have uploaded the documents you needed, because the less extra information they have to request from you, the faster they will process your application.
  7. Visa: Partner 820/801 Me: Brazilian Citizen Spouse: Australian Citizen Current residence: Australia D.O.L.: 19/07/2016 online, onshore Bridging Visa Granted: 22/07/2016 Request for more information 12/05/2017 Extra evidence provided: 30/05/2017 AFP police check: 30/05/2017 Health check: 30/05/2017 Visa 820 Granted: 18/07/2017 Advice of elligibility for permanent stage processing: 02/07/2018 Submitted docs: 13/02/2019
  8. Yes, follow @AFV suggestion and put all your photos in a single PDF file. @Bridge is right that you should also provide context of the photos, with dates, places and what you were doing in the photo. However, you need to make sure to provide more than just social media photos. I separated the files. I did one file with photos of me and my partner over time, in social situations. Added the photos to a Word document, wrote the context under them, then transformed the Word file into a PDF. You can use online websites to transform or join multiple files in single PDF documents. I use https://www.pdf2go.com/ I also created a separate file of our social media activity together, for example, showing our friendship page on facebook and other media platform. Then I created a separate file for evidence of travel together (plane tickets, hotel or airbnb reservations, and photos of us on the place. I made sure to organise the files well, and chronologically. We had files that showed evidence of living together, like utility bills in both our names, letters that show we live in the same address, prof of joint insurance for home and for vehicles, as well as any files that show joint financial spending. Another cool proof was a file with Christmas cards and Party invitations that addressed both of us, and had dates in them. We also created a file with the emails from both of our acconts that showed all the tickets we buy to do social activities together (courses, parties, movies, theatre, adventures, etc...) Hope this helps.
  9. @Coconut24 I have estranged family members, one of my parents, who has a new family (partner and kids). On my Stage 1 visa (820) application, I wrote a letter, printed, signed and scanned, and uploaded as a document describing it as "Statement of family situation". @AussieDude suggestion of doing this via a Statutory Declaration is more formal, but serves the same purpose. I agree that you should just make a proper statement in either form, explain you are no contact or estranged and the reasons, and add to your uploaded documents.
  10. Can we use this to figure out effective waiting times for these visas, or is there another thread doing so already?
  11. Yes, we are are Second Stage. Tried in more than one computer in our home, and it doesn't work in Chorme. Just tried IE and it worked. Duh.
  12. Thanks @Aussie_83. Someone on another thread said I should go on my applicant Immi account and "Once you log in and you're on your applications page click "new application" top left hand corner. Then click "Family" Then "Sponsorship for a Partner to Migrate to Australia (300,309/100,820/801)"", which is different than what you said (and is what we tried to do on my sponsor's Immi account. I still can't access anything about Partner Visas on the Dept Home Affairs website, and this is so confusing. Is this other information outdated?
  13. I would say you make sure to submit payslips, tax returns, identity documents like passport, drivers license and birth certificate, basically you need to prove that you are financially able to live with your partner, and show proof of identity and of commitment with each other. You can also submit a separate statement describing your relationships and your plans for the future as a family. You have to fill the Sponsor Statutory Declaration as well (old form 40sp).
  14. Thank you @Aussie_83! I had tried getting more info from the Dept of Home Affairs, but their link to the document/attachment checklist for partner visa is broken, and I am taken to the front page every tim,e I searched in the past 2 weeks. I just searched and found this: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/stat_dec_sponsor.pdf It looks just like the old 40sp form. I assume he has to print, fill and sign, then we have to upload it on the area "Additional Documents " onthe bottom of the sponsor document upload area (see print). And the bottom grayed inactive button is for me to click after sending any additional information the department may request in the future (when our application is being finally processed)?
  15. Hi @Aussie_83 and @AFV, I am tagging you because maybe one of you can help me. We are having trouble finding how to submit the online sponsorship form on my partner's Immi account. After Aussie_83 pointed out above on the button I was missing to submit all my individual evidence files, we tried to do how we did in Stage 1: my partner to logged on his Immi Account to fill the Sponsor part of my Stage 2 (801) application. However, we cannot figure out how to see or access it, the only options available are completely new visa applications. We checked on my Immi account (applicant), and the only reference is an area for the sponsor to upload his own documents at the bottom of the list after I click on "Attach Documents" on the left side of the second image above. Could you please direct us on how to find the online form 40sp that my partner needs to submit?
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