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  1. Yes, we are are Second Stage. Tried in more than one computer in our home, and it doesn't work in Chorme. Just tried IE and it worked. Duh.
  2. Thanks @Aussie_83. Someone on another thread said I should go on my applicant Immi account and "Once you log in and you're on your applications page click "new application" top left hand corner. Then click "Family" Then "Sponsorship for a Partner to Migrate to Australia (300,309/100,820/801)"", which is different than what you said (and is what we tried to do on my sponsor's Immi account. I still can't access anything about Partner Visas on the Dept Home Affairs website, and this is so confusing. Is this other information outdated?
  3. I would say you make sure to submit payslips, tax returns, identity documents like passport, drivers license and birth certificate, basically you need to prove that you are financially able to live with your partner, and show proof of identity and of commitment with each other. You can also submit a separate statement describing your relationships and your plans for the future as a family. You have to fill the Sponsor Statutory Declaration as well (old form 40sp).
  4. Thank you @Aussie_83! I had tried getting more info from the Dept of Home Affairs, but their link to the document/attachment checklist for partner visa is broken, and I am taken to the front page every tim,e I searched in the past 2 weeks. I just searched and found this: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/stat_dec_sponsor.pdf It looks just like the old 40sp form. I assume he has to print, fill and sign, then we have to upload it on the area "Additional Documents " onthe bottom of the sponsor document upload area (see print). And the bottom grayed inactive button is for me to click after sending any additional information the department may request in the future (when our application is being finally processed)?
  5. Hi @Aussie_83 and @AFV, I am tagging you because maybe one of you can help me. We are having trouble finding how to submit the online sponsorship form on my partner's Immi account. After Aussie_83 pointed out above on the button I was missing to submit all my individual evidence files, we tried to do how we did in Stage 1: my partner to logged on his Immi Account to fill the Sponsor part of my Stage 2 (801) application. However, we cannot figure out how to see or access it, the only options available are completely new visa applications. We checked on my Immi account (applicant), and the only reference is an area for the sponsor to upload his own documents at the bottom of the list after I click on "Attach Documents" on the left side of the second image above. Could you please direct us on how to find the online form 40sp that my partner needs to submit?
  6. cltxclt

    Previous Relationship Registration

    @SammyJ coudl you direct me how to access the sponsor online form within my (applicant) Immi Account, please? I can't find it.
  7. Do you have photos of you as a couple, or evidence of joint travel or joint activities? I submit tickets and proof of trips, as well archives with photos of us during different points in time. If you have spent time apart, you better submit all you chat or online call logs for the periods you lived apart.
  8. @joe19 my pleasure. Best of luck.
  9. cltxclt

    Suggestions of proof to upload

    That is a relief! Thank you. In the first stage application when the case manager contacted us, they seemed concerned about my ability to pull my way financially, hence why I felt you needed to share finances close to equally.
  10. I read some people discussing what to upload, and I am concerned with not being apple to provide enough proof on the Nature of the Household and financial aspects of the relationship areas. I (the applicant) have been employed for two years (and earning little), but suffered a work injury and have been out of work and waiting on a worker's compensation case result. As such, my partner has been paying for all our bills for some months, and we are disclosing this in our 801 application. Due to this, we do not much proof of an equal share of our household expenses. I am sharing what we have uploaded below, and would welcome any ideas anyone may have on what else to use on the Nature of the Household and financial aspects of the relationship. Nature of the couple's household, Evidece of: Home utilities - in both our names Proof of mortgage, in the name of sponsor Recent payslip sponsor Recent payslip applicant (shows $0 and that I have been on medical leave without pay) Government contract for applicant, showing period of employment Joint car registration Joint car insurance Joint Health insurance Nature of the couple's mutual commitment to each other, Evidence of: Legal Will sponsor, shows applicant as beneficiary Superannuation death beneficiary of sponsor: applicant Superannuation death beneficiary of applicant: sponsor Evidence of social activities together: tickets 2016-2019 Form 888 (x4) Evidence of joint travel (multiple trips) 2017-2019 Evidence of relationship: photos together 2017-2019 Couple living together, Evidence of: Utility bills in both names House and home contents insurance in both names Payment summary 2017-2018 - sponsor, shows same address Payment summary 2017-2018 applicant, shows same address
  11. Honestly, you can't control the dates, as we only have estimates. It canbe quick, or it can take long. My advice would be to Apply now, as soon as you can. And when doing so, make sure to upload Statutory Declaration statements about your plans to the future and when you want to move to the country with your partner. Make sure you reference this timing more than once where possible. That is the best you can hope for is that your partner will receive the visa within a workable timeframe. I recommend you do not buy any plane tickets yet, until you know. Depending on your country and procesing centre, you may be asked toprovide the police checks and health check straight away, or the application will say for you to wait until they request you to obtain these documents.
  12. I arrived and got a fully funded PhD position, so for years I avoided doing the partner visa route wsith my ex-partner, even though I could. If I knew it would be this hard, I would have done it as soon as I could. This month I completed 8 years living in Australia, so if I have to wait two more years just for PR, I am very concerned. I have the impression that your country of origin influences the waiting times. I have a friend from Europe who lives in Sydney and their 801 was granted TWO MONTHS after they sent their Stage 2 application, in 2018. Another friend from my country, also in Sydney and employed, waited over a year.
  13. Thank you @Aussie_83 ... I am suitably horrified.
  14. Hi, I see the mention of the wait times on the Immigration website and on people's posts, and I wanted to clarify if these waiting times for the processing of the Stage 2 (801) visa of 26-28 months are counted from the submission of the Stage 1 (820) or from the submission of Stage 2 (801)? In other words, are they saying I will have to wait another (or additional) 26-28 months for my Stage 2 to be processed AFTER waiting the 24 months for elligibility to apply for Stage 2?
  15. Hahahaha OMG I have been looking and these didn't look like links to me. Thank you very much.