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  1. Given I started this thread, I should probably comment again. In our case, we were only asked the following question in the applicant section: Has any applicant ever had any outstanding debts to the Australian Government or any public authority in Australia? There was no question posed to the sponsor about any sort of debt. We submitted an online application, so perhaps this had something to do with it. I have gone through our submission just now and confirm no other mention of debt anywhere else.
  2. Old thread but same questions so hopefully someone can shed some light on this now. We applied last week and got the auto generated email to do biometrics within 14 days which we'll get dome shortly. Have also done the health questionnaire and now have a referral letter for a medical. Questions are: 1. Does the presence of referral letter suggest that we should indeed get it done, or should we wait for medicals to be requested by a CO? 2. At which stage do you we click on "Information provided"? Straight after biometrics? Thanks very much!
  3. Congrats Jasbassi! Good luck with planning the move. Did you ever have to go to the Seattle office? The reason for the question is actually to do with the documents we'll need to submit. Many of our documents are in French and the Madrid office does not need these translated into English. I'm not sure if this is the case for the London office hence why we're interested to know the process.
  4. I'm wondering how the decision gets made as to which visa office processes your application? My wife is French and we're currently based in France. Does this automatically mean Madrid office? There's a question asking which office we would like to travel to if needed for an interview and we're putting down London and not Madrid. Does this affect the office selection?
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. Looking forward to seeing v4. Good luck!
  6. I ended up calling the Europe Service Centre and since we're submitting documents from France and documents are in French, we do not need to get anything translated. Offshore submissions from France are dealt with in Madrid and they have French language knowledge and hence do not require translations.
  7. Thanks for the forum! Have recently started using it but note it's not available via tapatalk. Is this something you guys have looked into by any chance? Thanks very much!
  8. Hi all, question about which documents are absolutely necessary to get translated? My partner is French and we got married in France so we were thinking of getting her birth certificate translated as well as our marriage certificate. However different posts suggest that this may not be necessary. Any views from people? Thank you!
  9. Ok thank you. I guess as we have not submitted the applicant online application yet, I have not been able to progress with the sponsor one. Does the sponsor just state that they have HECS loan, or do they also need to give details how long they've had it, how much, etc?
  10. Hi mcwtang, I'm just wondering if you ended up doing anything about your HECS debt before applying?
  11. Is this from your own experience? That's what I am using as well
  12. Thanks Paul O. I agree, however, where is it that the sponsor should be documenting this? I can see question for the applicant but not the sponsor.
  13. Thank you KTL. That is what I thought I would need to do as well, but have seen various comments that scanned colour uploads may be sufficient for the birth & marriage certificates as well as for the passports of the applicant and sponsor. Hopefully others can also contribute their views / experience.
  14. I have a question about certifying documents for an online application. We are currently outside of Australia and are applying offshore. My question is: which documents do we need to get certified? If they're colour scan copies is that sufficient not to have them certified? I'm assuming that the Statutory Declarations always need to be certified i.e. the ID proving that the person is Australian.
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