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  1. Hi Coyote, Sorry to hear your news, who knows, they may relax their criteria going forward Fingers crossed Best of luck with your 801 Cheers, Bazza
  2. Hi Coyote Thanks for your advice My partner had been working as a casual kitchen hand for over 2 years, we were hoping she would be eligible for the Job Keeper, but I think (not sure) that part time workers are not eligible or 820 visa holders??? I will look into the job seeker and crisis payment eligibility criteria Thanks for keeping me posted, much appreciated, we hope you are successful Cheers Bazza
  3. Hi Forum My partner of 3 and half years applied for and are still waiting on the Partnership 801 Visa that was submitted on 15th Feb 2017 She had been working as a casual kitchen hand for over 2 years and a waitress in a cafe for 6 months. She lost her job 2 weeks ago My question is, given she happily contributes by way of tax, is she eligible to claim unemployment benefits? It seems like we have fallen through the cracks on both counts as I am a semi retired bloke who was an Airbnb host (off a cliff) and a Landlord (don't ask) and she may not be eligible for any assistance Any advice would be greatly appreciated Bazza
  4. Hi Forum OK, Jen and I applied for and were sucessful in obtaining an extension on her visa Visitor (class FA), subclass 600, Tourist Visa Her Visa conditions are, 8101 - NO WORK 8201 - MAXIMUM 3 MONTHS STUDY Everything is going great between us and now want to get information about what our next options are Jen would like to apply for a study course as a care giver We also would like to apply for SP47 but need advice on this Does Jen need to go back home, if so how long does she have to stay out of the country? What options are available to us (Jen is 32 and no children)?
  5. Well a quick update Jen is flying tomorrow and hopefully set foot in Australia on Sunday Thanks for your advice AussieDude, she has no intention of doing anything illegal during her stay including work Cheers Bazza
  6. Hi Maria Just letting you know that Jen's Visitor Sub 600 visa was granted!! She has 2 conditions, 8101 - NO WORK 8201 - MAXIMUM 3 MONTHS STUDY We lodged it on the 9th of August, said she wanted to fly on 27th August (which we have just booked now) and they gave us the good news on the 18th August...only 9 days later, that was quick! Thankyou very much for your very helpful advice Jen is asking if there is any paperwork required before she leaves? Will she need to take her bank book to show Australian Immigration? Neil and Jancy (Bazza and Jen)
  7. Hi Maria, Thanks so much for your advice, its exactly the information i am looking for We will make good use of it She's absolutely gorgeous, like all true Filipina's Wish us luck, I'll update as we progress Many thanks Neil (Bazza)
  8. Hi I'll clear the decks a little then so the answers I'm looking for become clearer Lets remove any notion of seeking a partnership visa at this stage, we dont meet these requirements (12 months together) given the short amount of time we have been together 1) We are applying for a 600 Visa (tourist) for three months but really want to go for a longer period like six, is this wise? 2) Is the only document I personally need to attach, the Letter of invitation? I ask this because the requested documents don't specify who's bank statements, who's passport and who's birth certificate? 3) If all goes well, Jen gets a Visa and we are madly in love, can we apply for a bridging Visa or an extension on her time? We have not submitted her application yet because I feel due to her not having a job to return to and no bank account, she will be seen as a high risk when the truth is Jen is not Again thankyou for your help, you have halved my questions in one post! Neil
  9. Hi forum A very quick background I'm 50, sort of financially independant, have 3 sources of income (individually small but all equal enough to scrape by) Met a very lovely lady (Jen) on Filapino Cupid (in June 2016) and decided to fly out and meet her at the begining of July 2016 We clicked in all the usual ways, met her parents (she has very traditional values), sisters and one of her two brothers (Policeman) After 10 days together, we pretty well made a plan for her to visit in Australia as soon as I returned home and been in constant communication since so all is great Issues: Jen was a Nun for 10 years (hi Jen, she's reading this too), left 3 years ago and undertook a Dilpoma in Computer Science paid for by a Catholic benefactor (Priest friend). She has no work history, no bank account and lives on the benevolence of her sister (all live with their retired parents). Here come the questions! 1) I am applying for a 600 Visa (tourist) for three months but really want to go for a longer period like six, is this wise? 2) Jen has little evidence of strong incentive to return to the Philippines and in all honesty, if we develop our relationship, I wouldn't want her to....given the only accurate option of 'Relationship to the applicant' is Fiance? 3) Do the documents requested refer to hers, mine or ours? eg do they want my passport or ours 4) is a Notary Public required? 5) Is the only document I need to attach, the Letter of invitation? 6) If all goes well, Jen gets a Visa and we are madly in love, can we apply for a partner Visa whilst she is here in Australia? I hope i havent put anyone to sleep, any advice will be greatfully accepted Bazza
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