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  1. Thanks for the reply. I seem to be getting even more confused now. I consulted with 3 different doctors and all recommended I declare this information. I was told that even though I am not on medication, depressive symptoms and feelings of anxiety were observed and that group therapy is considered treatment. They also advised that the medical panel can request information on any referrals relating to my record and that my doctor would have a legal obligation to disclose such information, based on the declaration I'm asked to sign on medical form 26. I was going to ask my GP to support me by stating I have received treatment in the form of group therapy for symptoms of depression & anxiety, and that: I have not been diagnosed with a psychiatric condition I’m not on medication I have never taken time off work He observes my mood is stable Do you think if I have this letter with me on the day of my medical it will still be an issue or require further investigation? I’m concerned that not declaring this information will get me into trouble. From what I understand, depression and anxiety is quite common and not a cause for failing the medical. Do you have any further advice? Thanks again for your help!
  2. My question relates to form 26 "medical examination". I have had feelings of anxiety and depression in the past but have never taken time off work and never been on medication. I received a print out of my medical record and neither were listed. I have however received treatment in the form of group sessions where I was able to talk about my feelings, under the supervision of a psychiatric nurse. This is recorded in the communication sent to my doctor, along with reported observations of low mood and feelings of unhappiness but no diagnosis of a disorder. Should a condition be declared when there is no formal diagnosis? My doctor said he would support me in stating my mood is stable. Should I attach documentation from him to my form or would they contact him directly for further information? Is it likely that I would be referred for further assessment? How exactly do the examining physicians follow up on such information? Does anybody have an understanding on the process? Any feedback welcome - thanks!
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