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  1. Cantweight

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    Hello everyone I applied 309 offshore on 27th July 2016 Received a phone call on 5th of April 2017 Visa granted 6th April 2017 I was asked to upload form 80,get medicals, PCC and afp done after around one month which was in August 2016. Waiting period 8 months and 11 days Good luck to everyone, stay strong y'all God bless
  2. Cantweight

    Australian Partner Visa 2017 India Updates

    Hello Congratulations for the grant Would you mind sharing the complexity of your case? Thanks
  3. Cantweight

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    Hi congratulations for the grant mateYou mind explaing the complexity of your case if possible? Thanks
  4. Cantweight

    Offshore Partner Visa From India

    Hey JasonI haven't heard anything from them yet. Will keep you updated if I get anything ahead. I hope that we will get the CO assigned to our case atleast or something. Good luck anyway
  5. Cantweight

    Applying For Partner Visa But Partner Overstayed

    Hey yahooWhere did u apply from? And was ur case complicated too? 9 months doesn't sound too bad for the applicant from high risk country Like to hear about Ur story, thnx
  6. Cantweight

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    Hello Danni, I've applied for SC 309 in July 2016 as well. I was asked to do the medicals, PCC etcetra along with the email I received the time we applied. We submitted everything in couple of weeks. Haven't heard anything which I believe is pretty normal as we were told to wait for around 10-12 months. We haven't called anybody yet though. Thinking it must be pointless, been suggested by few people. I hope you guys get the visa soon by the way. Waiting sucks!! Kay
  7. Cantweight

    Partner Visa 309 Enquiry

    Dude he said they only lodged in August 2016, anyhooo
  8. Cantweight

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    And notify them by an email that youve done it (just to be on safe side so they know how to locate the forms that youve submitted) I hope u guys go through everything nice and easy without the annoying looooong ass waiting period. Good luck
  9. Cantweight

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    Hello Lisa, Download the forms, get a printout. Fill up the forms, sign them ofcourse. Scan or take a picture on any smart phone as long as its clear enough )which it is on any decent phone these days) Upload them like you upload any other documents/pictures on your immi account.
  10. Cantweight

    Australian Partner Visa 2014 India Updates

    Congrats mate, That was super quick though I've applied the same in July last week, was asked for medicals and PCC straightaway Haven't heard back from then since then Could u explain ur case a little if u don't mind? As in complexity, about relationship etc Thanks
  11. Cantweight

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    I applied in july end this year, ive been asked for form 80, medicals, AFP of sponsorer, and my PCCI in india. Does that mean ive been allocated the CO as well?
  12. Cantweight

    Offshore Partner Visa From India

    Hey Sam Thanks for your help ny the way The waiting has only begun for me Long way to go Cheers
  13. Cantweight

    Partner Visa Update's - For Applications Submitted 2015

    That's always helpful I believe