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  1. All good, got it. Nevermind, it just clicked what SRV stands for 👍
  2. And so if my partner gets the 8503 on the visa (no further stay), it's best to then apply offshore ASAP given the lengthy waiting periods? I'll be returning home within 3 months and aren't keen on having to double back and forth every 3 months but if that's what's required then... 😂😭😔
  3. Thanks again. Yes referring to my son. I've heard recently of two families who weren't allowed to exit due to not having the exit visa even with dual nationality. He has a VN passport. I am not sure what SRV means? Tried google. I also read Australian immigration may waive the long waiting period if the relationship is longer than 5 years or a child is involved (great if true).
  4. Ok, thanks for that advice. It has not changed since the post? Yes, our ultimate plan is to settle as a family in Australia. We recently spoke to the Visa agent we used for her 3 month tourist visa in 2017 and they said we could apply for the 3 month tourist visa and do the onshore PV in Australia. This would be great if true, as I am now at the point where I want to return to Australia permanently with occasional visits to Vietnam. Our sons citizenship is still being processed (some delays this year, that's life) but I provided everthing they needed and expect/hope it should be approved some time soon. I would then also need to obtain an Australian passport for my son from Australian Consulate in HCMC if the citizenship is approved... correct? And then an exit visa for him also I have heard recently. Merry Christmas.
  5. Long story short. I traveled to and met my girlfriend in Vietnam early 2016. In 2017 we went to Australia for 3 months. 3 month tourist visa was no issue. Then back to Vietnam we came. 1 month ago we had a son and are in the process of organizing his citizenship for Australia. But what happens if we want to move to Australia next year??? Am I just to go back with my girlfriend on another 3 month tourist visa then return back to Vietnam?? I'm looking at buying a home back in Oz eventually so living between the two countries is appealing to us until it is time to decide on our child's education. But I need to figure out my options and if there is anything I should be doing or planning on. Kind regards MH
  6. Thanks for the info. As I will be heading over to Aus and back to Vietnam with her for what ever period of stay is granted, do you think I should mention that? I'm also not sure as to what accomodation I should say I should provide. I'd like to do some travelling back in oz myself with her, so maybe a trip down to Tasmania, North QLD etc... I did speak to my mum earlier today about staying at hers when we arrive and using her address as a landing point but we wouldn't be staying there that long. Also, if we were granted a 12 month tourist visa, is it possible to apply for a PMV after the 3 month, or 6 month return interval (I see when granted you are only allowed to be in Australia for 3 month stays), or do we have to wait for the 12 months to expire? Also is it correct that once we apply for a PMV, we can then apply for the tourist Visa and fly to OZ, and carry on with the whole process. Thankyou! MH
  7. First up, thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and thanks again if you respond. This is slightly overwhelming process to look at going through, but I am up for the challenge. I am looking to return back to Australia January 2017 if it is possible for me to take my girlfriend with me to visit. At this stage we are hoping looking to get a 3-12 month Tourist Visa. When that runs out I will be returning to Vietnam with her and taking things from there. I can travel and work anywhere but would ulitmately like to settle back down in Australia and spend time each year returning to Vietnam. I am aware of the partner Visa and PMV visa. Am I correct it would be most logical/affordable with respect to what I want to do and being only in the early stages of a relationship to apply for a Tourist Visitor Visa soon with a Journey time starting around mid January? Will the PMV Visa/Partner Visa still be available down the track if we go for the Tourist Visa and everything works out well and want to get married? Yes she would marry me yesterday but marriage is something I don't take lightly. Is an agent recommended when applying for just the tourist Visa or it is pretty straight forward. We had a good look at it today and everything seemed pretty reasonable. Should we get her a letter from her mum to accompany documentation? I will no doubt post some more questions in the next coming days, but wanted to get a bit of info out there and see what I am up against. Thanks, MH
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