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  1. Gidday guys, I have a quick question about applying for the said Visa. Firstly I will apologise if this has been discussed/flogged to death in the past but I am only new to the forum have only been on here once previously. I am about to apply for the spouse visa to get my wife out here and I am just wanting to know who is a good company to go through. Due to my work commitments I do not have the time to do it myself through the Immigration Department. Cheers guys Ian.
  2. I guys I've just found this forum so I'm a newby. This topic is the first I have seen and is very pertinent to me as I am engaged to a Thai girl. I see the 'Australian Visa Advise' add with the administrators, is this the way to go for me to get my partner here? The plan is to get married in the new year. Cheers