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  1. Thank you very much ashish.. hope u ll also get the reply soon..
  2. Passport- main 2 pages of all of us. my kid's Birth certificate.
  3. Yesterday i got a message from DIBP to upload some more documents. it seems that, they are started to process my application..
  4. http://india.embassy.gov.au/ndli/students_home.html
  5. Actually i applied Student Visa (500) with dependent in Single application. * That status from Australian High commission - india website..
  6. Todays DIBP delhi status. DIBP New Delhi office is currently processing applications* lodged on or before: 16 December 2016.*Subsequent entrant applications may take as long as four months.
  7. HI Asish.. Sure i ll update it.. you too update ur status..
  8. Hi to all I have applied for student visa (with dependent - spouse+kid) 500 on 30/12/2016. I have got offer from University Of Western Australia for my Master's degree (MPH) starring from Feb 2017. i need help in the Following 1) How much time it will take to process the student visa? (in real situation) 2) Can i check the visa status by online? (i applied through education consultancy) 3) What is the percentage of refusal for student visa 500?