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  1. Hi everyone, Hope you're all well. Hoping someone could clear up the timeline confusion for me. Does the 2 year waiting period start after I submitted the Partner Visa 820 or does it start after I submitted prospective marriage visa 300 Visa? Thank you!
  2. Hi, quick question. My partner and I are filling out a PMV at the moment. I will writing most of it with the help of her input. In terms of discussing our relationship and so forth, which point of view would be preferable? The sponsor or the applicant? Thanks
  3. Sorry another question, how would I go about proving her family is still living in her home country?
  4. Thanks for the advice Aussie, didnt think of that last point. Point noted!
  5. Hello folks, Long story short, I've been living with my girlfriend overseas in Macedonia for the last year and a half. I will leave soon and hope to bring her to Australia to meet my family and stay for three months on a Visitor Visa Subclass 600 as soon as possible once I get back. Now to my understanding, I must show significant evidence that I will be able to support her. At the moment I have no savings but I have an approved loan of 10k and will be employed by the time I send the application. Can I use the loan as means of evidence for supporting her and if it would be enough? She will be living at my family house which incur no board/rent payments apart from utility bills. Appreciate any help and feedback!
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